Monday, October 29, 2012



My furry alarm clock went off at 5:40am this morning,
about right on time.  We even had our bedroom door
closed to keep the cats from coming in 
and jumping on our bed.  Boo stood outside our door
meowing and clawing the door.  

We now have a high wind warning in affect
from noon today to 6:00pm Tuesday.
Wind gusts could be 55-60+ miles per hour.
I got my camera battery on charge
to document anything that may happen. I
may be without a computer but not my camera.
I had to bring in my table full of cans for the 
solar heater I'm making.  I
 was afraid they'd all blow away sitting out
under the carport. 
Praying we don't lose power! 


Weathermen are having a hard time prediciting
snow or rain fall amounts from this storm.
Right now we're looking at up to
two inches of heavy wet snow BUT it could change
any moment.  Not all trees have lost their leaves
and wet snow on them could cause them
to topple over from too much weight.


Got a first aid and toiletry kit packed into
a soft sided cooler bag.
Body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
peroxide, rubbing alcohol, deodorant, razor,
hand soap and hand sanitizer, denture adhesive, acetaminophin,
aloe gel, pepto bismol, bandages, cold and flu meds, scissors,
zip baggies, wash cloth and plastic grocery bags.

Everything's right where I can find it
and should we need to get up and leave
I can grab it.  I also have a rolling suitcase
I can use to put clothing in and another
soft sided tote sitting out to put 
prescription medicines in.
I also have a couple of bath towels.
We have a large cooler to put some
food and ice in.  A large 24 count package of water
is in the truck already and have enough space
in there to throw pillows and blankets if need be.
This is if we would lose power and would
need to go to Tony's work to stay
in an empty apartment.
Plus I have a tote of food with manual can opener that
doesn't require refrigeration or cooking to eat.

In my freezer I put 20 ice packs to freeze.
These white ice packs were bought at
Marcs 5 for $1.00 back when we went on our Michigan trip.
I also have two bags of ice in the larger freezer.

You can never be too prepared!
With as many power outages that we have gone 
through that can last for days or weeks
it's always good to have these items ready
at a moment's notice.  There have been times
we have had to leave home and go elsewhere.
A clock radio is another thing that is on
my list to take if we have to leave.

So go ahead and call me Gloomy Gus preparing
for the what ifs.
I am prepared along with candles and a lighter
along with having all our Winters jackets,
gloves and head gear out of the basement storage.

If nothing comes from this, oh well,
I can put everything back away.
But if the shit hits the fan I won't be one
of the people running around in 10 different
directions wondering what to do like trying to
line up at a gas stations looking for gas, looking for food
or ice in stores that are closed or sold out of supplies.


I now have my left arm in a borrowed sling
to take any strain or pressure off my left shoulder.
Don't know if  I could get used to this or not.
Doing whatever  I can to let my shoulder heal.
It's not Crohn's pain.  It feels like I seriously hurt the muscle around the shoulder which is in severe pain at times.
I can't get a glass out of the cupboard,
brush my hair, take my shirt off,
can hardly put on a coat or just lift my arm above my shoulder.
Mom says I should go see the doctor.
The word doctor, makes me cringe.
All I see are dollar signs.  I don't have any!
I said mom, how do you expect me to go to
a doctor when I'm still trying to figure out
how to renew 2 car tags
and figure out which bills to cut short another
month because I depended upon a large amount
of bonus money from Tony's work which
we only got about 1/4 of what we should have gotten.
I've been waiting and hoping for that money
for three months only to be let down
by his employer.  Normally their big bonuses
come right on time and at the amount stated.
This one was very different, much , much lower and has
made an impact with our budget at the moment
til tax time.  We are trying our best to get by.
We even put our truck up for sale but this
time of year it seems like everyone is struggling.
Everyone wants to trade something for it.
Lots of responses to the ad but no one
has showed up to look at it to take further interest.
We're even taking a loss
on the truck to try and sell it for cheaper
than what we got it for just to have some
money in our pockets.
I guess the best I can do is try at the moment.


When it rains it pours and I'm not talking about
hurricane weather either.
Mom just reminded me that my license
expires this year on my birthday ($$$)
and Tony just called to say his car won't start
at work because of the battery ($$$).
He hasn't charged it in a couple days.
But lucky for him he's got a battery charger
at work.  So he will be a little late.
 I saw that Columbus City Schools called
the house phone.  Of course my cordless phone
is a piece of crap and died when trying
to answer it ($$$).  I'm thinking it was probably
a recording talking about the schools and weather. 
And here I sit with my arm in a sling ($$$).


I am noticing that the cell phone service is taking
a toll in these winds.  So far I've gotten dropped
calls saying "signal faded" or "out of range".
That is not normal for our phones.
When we do get a moment of talk time
it's distorted, cutting in and out.


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