Friday, October 12, 2012



I know it's early but I got a tray of cookies
baking in the oven, lol.
Warming the house up, getting my sugar fix
and will have the kids an after school snack later on.
It was leftover cookie dough I put in the fridge last night.
Did you know you can make up cookie dough
ahead of time and freeze.  Some people freeze
the entire dough while others divide it up
into individual cookies so that way if they wanted
a quick snack all they had to do was remove
a few from the freezer without having
to make an entire batch.  
Another tip would be to make a batch of
cookie dough and then divide it up into
cheap plastic ice cube trays to store and stack in freezer.

My next project I got going this morning is
trying to remove what looks like permanent marker
on my son's shirt.   He doesn't have very many 
long sleeve shirts so are trying my best
to save this one I just recently bought.

Yesterday I sprayed hair spray on the marker
line and it sat overnight.
This morning I filled the sink with lukewarm water 
(not hot as that could set the stain permanently) and added powdered oxygen cleaner.  That didn't seem to even
budge the stain even with scrubbing so I added into the water
a cascade packet and some dawn dish soap
along with the shirt.  

Within about 10 minutes
this was the result with a little
scrubbing with an old toothbrush.
FYI the white spot is soap that wasn't
completely rinsed out.

You can barely see the marker.
I put it back into the sink with fresh warm water, dawn soap and
powdered cascade (from a box) to soak most of the day
to try and remove any remaining ink.


I got to wondering if it was the Dawn dishsoap
that helped remove the marker stain from the shirt above
and wanted to put it to a MAJOR test to see.
There is a nasty stain on the carpet in my son's room.
I have scrubbed it with products in the past with no luck at all.
It's an old set in stain that I gave up on.
So old I don't even remember what the stain was.

This morning I first tried a can of 
Prestones interior carpet cleaner for vehicles.
(it's what I had on hand)
Sprayed it on, gave it a scrub with the scrubber
on the can and then dabbed with a dry towel.
Nothing!  Still looked horrible!

Then I filled up a small spray bottle with hot
water and put in the Dawn dish soap.
Sprayed it on the carpet, scrubbed it and then
blotted with a dry towel.
I want you to see what the results of 
each of these products were!
Each product is next to the area of carpet I tested with them.

If only I had known what Dawn could
do a long time ago!!!
I know what I will be stocking up on!!!


This was a quick test and needs a little more scrubbing.
The results are wonderful even after a couple minutes!

DO NOT use dish soap in your carpet cleaner!!!


I researched a little further to see what
else Dawn could do when I ran across
this website call Wacky Uses for brand name products.
Here is a section about Dawn and it's uses.
I think I just might try this use tonight :0)
Wash excess hair coloring from hair. If you dye your hair too dark, wash your hair with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to lighten the color.


I've been working on putting together a wedding
present for tomorrow. Actually trying to
get the creative juices flowing to make things
look nice.  I don't have much so 
here goes with what I have come up with so far.

I took a vacuum cleaner box and turned it inside out.
I taped it all back up with some
duct tape I found the other day.  And let
me tell ya that has been the best duct tape
I have ever used!!  Really durable, sticky and holds well.
About ripped my skin off a couple times, lol.
 I cut the top off the box around three
sides to make a lid.  I'd like it to be like
a treasure chest that they can resuse
and store maybe some wedding momentos
in after the wedding and honeymoon.

I used the gift wrap I got from the thrift
store that has a lace print on it and
cut it out to fit the inside of the box.
I still need to tape it all on.

I then plan to use a bolt of this
shiny, wedding like fabric, Tony found me
last week in an apartment to cover
the outside of the box with.
I'll probably hot glue that on.
Then use a roll of lace like ribbon
around the box and to maybe make some handles
on the sides.

 And that's about as far as I've gotten.
Gonna be a long night, lol.
I've already gotten a gift to put inside
but may try to do something else
like make a Marriage Survival Kit
that I thought would be cute.
You'd have to Google it to see what
that is.  Time for supper.


Went over to Kroger. Spent $28 since it's payday.
Got pop, milk, cookies (YEAH!)
along with these mark downs I found.

Cheeseburger mac bowl .59 cents
Velveeta bowl .49 cents
3 cans tomatoes .59 cents each
1 can green beans .29 cents
Egg noodles .59 cents

And the funny part...
these were all found in the stand alone
cooler in the middle of the isle by the milk.
Why, I have no idea.
Gotta look even harder for the deals now, lol.

 5 bottles of Everyday Living fabric softener $1.39 each.
These weren't in the cooler, lol, but in the 
actual mark down area.


Finally got the wedding box made
and the survival kit done.
It'll be like a treasure hunt in that box, lol.
Kinda like digging around in an Easter basket.
Remember I told ya I had my step-dad
shred a bunch of newspaper up for me, lol.
Gotta make it a little fun right.
Right now I have my camera
battery charging so no pic of the box.
Getting ready to grab some cookies
and milk and head to bed, 
ahhhhh my cooookies finally!

Is it me or did this wedding come up
really fast.  Nothing like doing everything the night
before and the day of, lol.
Time has flown by.
I don't even know what me and the kids
are wearing tomorrow.
I'm sure I'll figure it out.
Wonder if I have time to give
the kids haircuts tomorrow.
They could really use a trim
but I would have to fight them tooth and nail.

Night night.

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