Sunday, October 14, 2012



Still have had a few belly pains this morning
that has stopped me in my tracks.
Other than that I'm doing pretty good.

Got up around 9:00am and started working
on homemade noodles.  I didn't get the chicken
and noodles made the other day and planned
to have them for supper today. 
I did one batch of homemade noodles for
the chicken & noodles then decided since
I had everything out I would go ahead and
make up a second batch, dry them, then freeze.
I think for Thanksgiving I'm going to make
up a big batch of noodles to take to my brother's.  
It's one of the traditions I started.
I didn't make any last year.  I just need to try
and stick with something I know how to do, lol.
NOT doing the deviled egg thing again this year!!

And of course Kitty Boo Boo found a noodle that
hit the floor, picked it up in his mouth 
and drug it into the living room.  He looked so funny.
Here he is under the coffee table.
I think that's a smirk on his face to say,
ha ha I got your noodle!

I know I've got laundry to do today but that
might wait til later on.  I think I want to get
out of the house for a few.
Maybe go over to Hoover Dam to check out the 
colorful leaves on the trees.  It's a little breezy out
with winds like 20-30+ mph.  
Tony has the pager so will have to play
it by ear.  He got about 6 hours overtime yesterday
with all the emergency calls he got while
we were at the wedding.  Actually he had already
left for a call before we headed to the wedding. 

Tony and Jonathan got the rest of the yard mowed.
I had them run the mower over any remaining
plants in the veggie garden and the hosta
and lily flower bed around the pine tree.
Here's a better picture of my fence flower bed
with the pine needle mulch me and Jonathan
put in it yesterday.

Got all the rose bushes covered.
I also threw a bunch of pine needles
over a potted mini rose bush and
5 Hydrangeas.
I still haven't decided where to plant these
flowers so just left them in their pots this year.
I still have to find a place this Fall
to plant 2 Heritage Raspberry plants and
60 Freesia bulbs.


Went over to Oxbow at Hoover.
It was VERY windy but we had fun on our
nature hike looking for things and
checking out the beautiful Fall colors.
Tony did find a pocket knife on our stroll.
The emergency pager has been quiet today!!

Once back home all my noodles were dry.
Got them packed up for the freezer.
I also got my chicken noodle soup
done.  We was hungry after our long walk!
Served with homemade rolls.

While finishing up supper Tony decided
to paint our back door inside and out.
The kitchen is done in a creamy white
and now the door and it's trim is white.
It's been almost 4.5 years and that
door has been through a lot.  It needed painting!

 While eating supper I turned on the DVR.
I recorded the news while out on our walk.
I saw on Facebook that Tony's cousin was 
going to be on TV for the Autism walk today.
We haven't really talked to that side of
his family for quite awhile since moving back
to Columbus. That is Tony's real dad's
side of the family.  His real dad passed around
2000-2001 and his step-mom around 2002-2003.
His real mom and step-dad
are the ones who live at Indian Lake.


Can ya guess what I'll be working on tomorrow?
I don't think I've done this the whole time
we've lived here which has almost
been 4.5 years, lol.
Found a can of Easy Off oven cleaner
the other day and figured I'd put it to use.
Got my oven all sprayed down with
it and will let it sit overnight.

Nighty Night.

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