Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Brrrr outside!
Last night I sprayed my windows with
the vinegar and water mix.
This morning I had no ice on my windows
but Tony did.  Still doesn't mean the stuff works
as my vehicle was in the driveway near the house
while his vehicle was out by the road.
Now I did spritz his windows this morning
before leaving for the bus stop
with the vinegar water on top the ice
and it resulted in a softer ice after
it sat for 15 minutes making it easier to get off.
Usually during the Winter months
I'll keep my truck under the carport
so I won't have to scrape snow and ice. 

Let's play guess where the next pain showed up 
this morning.  I still have my right shoulder pain
but no pain in my ribs.  BUT now I have 
pain in my left knee.  This is some weird crap
when it happens let me tell ya.
I know I can't explain the wandering pain
but I can tell you it's happened many, many times now.


At about 8:30am this morning me and mom
went over to Dollar General to get a few greeting cards.
Upon entering the store I was greeted with two shopping
carts and a display shelf with items that
were 70% and 90% off, mostly Spring and Summer items.
I don't care what season they are from I picked up
a few items for cheap and put them back as Christmas
gifts for the boys.  Heck one year they got 
an Intex swimming pool for Christmas.

3 blow up pool mats
was $6.00 each marked down to .60 cents each.
1 blow up adult swim ring
was $4.00 marked down to .40 cents

2 battery operated animal bubble blowers with bubbles.
Was $8.00 each marked down to .80 cents each.
Stryofoam airplane
was $2.00 marked down to .20 cents.

Soooo $40 worth of stuff for only $4.00!!!!

Once home I managed unload everything
from the truck that we found last night in the
vacated apartment at Tony's work.
That was a lot of stuff to go through!!
I got pictures of everything to show y'all
but won't be able to post them til after 1pm,
after my nap.  I'm wore out and aching.


Ok here goes with everything we got.
Some pics ain't the greatest since I was in
a hurry to take them. 
God has blessed us that's for sure!

Libman broom, dustpan and mop
with washable head and refillable bottle.

27 bottles of water.
No the one's not yellow.
It the packaging reflecting through the water bottle, lol.

Orange Glow hardwood floor cleaner,
Swiffer dusting spray,
Some kind of animal scent remover spray,
Aloe hand wash,
Large bottle of window cleaner,
Dawn direct foam dish soap,
Kroger hand soap,
Dishwasher gel,
Easy Off oven cleaner,
409 cleaner,
Glade carpet fresh.

100 count Glad trash bags,
Another large roll of trash bags,
box of 100 plastic spoons,
sandwich bags,
2 pot scrubbers,
2 packages of Solo cups,
2 boxes of Food Saver freezer bags,
box of Swiffer Sweeper refills,
a coffee cup with Grumpy on it that says "I don't do Mornings!"

Glade pet air freshener,
2 small bottles of hand sanitizer,
bottle of Old English,
bottle of Fabuloso cleaner,
Dial body wash,
Dawn dish soap,
Liquid laundry detergent,
Clorox bleach.

4 canisters of Kool Aid drink mixes,
2 containers of powdered Nesquick,
2 Nescafe coffee,
3 bottles of Coke,
bottle of apple juice,
box of 800 count packets of Equal,
Canister of powdered chocolate milk,
hot chocolate pucks.

Large bag of Jasmine rice,
3 canisters of salt,
bottle of lemon juice,
2 cans of cooking spray,
small bottle of extra virgin olive oil,
can of corn,
bottle of ketchup,
4 boxes of 8 count Knorrs shrimp bouillion cubes,
2 bottles of hot sauce,
vanilla extract,
chicken seasoning,
garlic salt,
meat tenderizer,
red pepper flakes.

9 packs of microwave popcorn,
5 pound bag of flour,
small bag of flour,
12 boxes of macaroni & cheese,
glass canister of sugar,
Honey bunches of oats cereal.

Blue necklace,
Water proof shoe spray,
Glade plug ins with refills,
scent balls,
3 different kitchen scrubbers,
sink stopper,
3 foil cake pans with lids,
large roll of duct tape.

 3 bottles of hot sauce,
Garlic powder,
Garlic salt,
2 powdered chicken bouillion,
1 powdered tomato bouillion,
1 powdered beef bouillion,
3 all-purpose seasoning,
2 season salt,
Apple cider vinegar,
Steak & meat seasoning,
Italian bread crumbs.


Pet bed with 4 small toys.

3 t-shirts
1 pullover hoodie.

3 t-shirts,
1 long sleeve shirt.

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