Wednesday, October 24, 2012



After this morning I am now out of breakfast burritos
and had to look for something else to make
for breakfast for the rest of the week.
I have cereal but it's nice to have something
other than cereal every once in awhile
to keep from getting bored of it.
Plus something warm on a cold day
really hits the spot in the mornings.
Not that today is cold with temperatures
reaching around 80 degrees.

I had found a couple rolls of pizza dough in the freezer.
I used one yesterday for homemade hot pockets.
Today I am making cinnamon rolls with
the other roll of dough.

I unrolled the dough and rolled it out some more.
Rubbed with soft butter and then
sprinkled brown sugar, cinnamon,
pumpkin spice seasoning and chocolate chips on top. 
I then started cutting strips from
the longest side of the dough with scissors
and rolled up each strip and put
into a greased cupcake tin.
Baked for about 15 mins at 350 degrees.

I had a smidgen of leftover frosting, not enough
for the cinnamon rolls though so
I added some powdered sugar, vanilla
and milk to it to stretch it further.

I spread this on top of the rolls
and put back in the oven for about a minute.

I told y'all I've been studying information online
about making a solar pop can heater.
Well I'm outside fiddling around with
my solar panels and computer fan
and checking the yard to see if I would have enough
wood to make this thing or two if I went this route
with wood.  Then the light bulb went on :0)
I spy with my tiny eye a couple of aluminum and
copper coils that we haven't been able to turn
into the recycling place due to not having
an HVAC license.  Hmmmmm and the mind starts to wonder. 
Wonder if I can use these instead of the pop cans
to conduct solar heat???
No need to drill or punch holes in pop cans
when these coils have copper tubing running through them.
Sure wish I had some furnace a-coils instead
of air conditioner ones.  They are flatter
and would be easier to work with.

So I researched about copper and aluminum.
Aluminum heats faster than copper, which is 
good considering it is on top the copper piping.
But it also cools down much faster than copper.
Copper retains heat longer and more evenly.

I have 2 air conditioner coils.
One broke in half when I pulled it apart. 
You would still need to spray pain them
a flat black high heat paint.  You don't want
any shiny surfaces that would reflect the heat away.
You want to absorb it.

 The copper tubing running through the aluminum.
I can either try to clean them out really
good or pinch them closed.

 And if for some reason I can't get it
to run off a solar paneled fan then
I think I can use this double fan.
Each fan is separately controlled
and can flow in or out at different speeds.
If I use these fans then I might have
to make an outdoor solar heater,
not one that sits in the window
and maybe run some dryer vent
tubing from the solar heater to the fans
for intake and outake of the air through
the solar heater.

 A video I found about how to get
copper out of radiators from cars,
air conditioners or furnaces.
Since they won't take whole ones at
the recycling center without a license
then I would be willing to spend a little
time tearing them apart to get to the copper.
Copper is worth more per pound anyway
than what they would give you for
the copper and aluminum radiator as a whole.
FYI this dude has a potty mouth.

Oh yeah I can definitely tell when the
tylenol wears off.  I feel like crap!!
My shoulder hurts like someone is trying
to rip my arm off me!!!  I can't lay on it at night
to the point of sometimes not getting enough 
sleep from tossing and turning. 
Same thing happened today when trying
to lay down and take a nap.  I got back up
and didn't get a nap.

Now I have to figure out something for supper. 
Oh yeah you can bet it will be something easy.
Got some bread out of the freezer and grabbed
a 2 pound butter container that was 3/4's
full of beef stew  (beef, carrots & potatoes).  
I threw the 1/2 frozen stew 
that I nuked in the microwave in a saucepan
and poured a large can of tomato soup
with 1/2 can of water on top.
I will make some grilled cheese sandwiches 
to go with the soup and call it supper.
I feel like crap and feel as though
I could lay down and not wake
up til tomorrow morning.
I know Tony's gonna want to make a run
to his work this evening.  Yesterday we cleaned
up the yard and threw a bunch of stuff 
including branches into the bed of the 
truck we're selling to take to his work to 
dump.  I didn't feel like doing it last night.
My shoulders hurt so bad that I would bring
the things to the back of the truck but could
not lift them up over the tailgate to put
those items in the bed.
Well I'm off here to start making grilled cheese
sandwiches and give my soup a stir.
Tony should be home soon.
Sooooooo tired!!!


Somehow I'm still moving.
Acetaminephin must of kicked in
and has took the edge off.
Took the truck over to Tony's work and
got it all unloaded.  We still had a pile of
tree branches in our yard from the major
storm this past Summer that we never got
rid of!  Finally gone!

Did I see WBNS 10 tv's Chris Bradley's 
weather outlook right on Facebook?!
He said we could see rain/snow mix
before Halloween!!!  Halloween is
a week away.  We've been 80 or so this past week
with another 80 degree day tomorrow.
Only in Ohio is all I can say that you
can see Summer and Winter all in one week.
Got a couple blankets in the washer
and will probably throw in a couple more
tonight and tomorrow to be able
to hang them outside to dry.
Saving money by not using the dryer
and taking advantage of these warmer days.

Tony saw some of my supplies out in the
yard today for my solar heater.
I think he thinks I'm nuts.
I hope I can make it and it works.
I'm willing to give anything a try
to help cut down our utilities this Winter.
Wondering if I should make two of them.
One for the morning to noon sun on the side of the house
for the living and dining room and one
for the afternoon sun from noon to about 5pm in the back bedroom
for all the bedroom areas. 
I don't know, we'll see just how energetic I get.

HERE is another cheap way to insulate your home
during the colder months,
put bubble wrap on your windows!!
Cut bubble wrap to fit your window.
Then spritz window with water and apply
the bubble wrap on top of the water spritz.
I might just give that a try this year also.
It says you can put 2 -3 layers on your windows
and storm doors.  I read it supposed to be better
than the typical plastic you can put on windows
due to the air pockets in the bubbles.
They suggest the large bubble wrap
but small will do. 
The only downside is you can't see out
the windows with bubble wrap too well. 
You could do only half ofyour window panes if seeing out them is an issue.
Something is better than nothing. Might give this a try on the basement windows.
Right now I have pieces of styrofoam over
the windows.  The bubble wrap would allow
some natural light in during the day as opposed
to no light at all with the styrofoam.



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