Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Oh yeah the morning is off to a good start.
Got the kids taken to the bus stop.
Didn't have to pick up the one kid because
he has a dentist appointment this morning.
Anyways got home to see Tony off to work...
his car won't start.  So I gave him the keys
to my truck to take to work today.
I'll just have to walk to and from the bus
stop this afternoon.
Well here goes with paying the bills for the month.
I shaved half off my electric bill and
won't be sending the gas bill since it's only $27.
If God can get me through another 4-6 weeks
til bonus time I might be able to hang in there
til tax time.  I still have to worry about
paying for any prescription meds and I have 
two vehicle tags to renew by my birthday next month
which is $109.74. 
Got the bills done and sitting in the mailbox
for Mr. Mailman.  
I feel bad for having to short my electric
bill and not pay my gas bill because I haven't
had to do this in such a long time.
Ok, once in awhile I would forget to pay a bill
that completely slipped my mind,
but that's not the same thing and I double paid it
the next month in full. 
I ALWAYS pay these bills in full each month
because there would be no way to short
them without penalties, late fees or immediate shut offs:
-Car Insurance
-Wow (cable, internet & phone)

Time to address the problem of money
and try to fix it for the future.
Just like last year, we struggled so much
at Christmas time with little or no money
and I addressed that problem this year by opening up
a savings account in January and started putting back $25 out
of every paycheck into it to have money
for each Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
The bank puts the $25 in the savings for me
from each paycheck that is put in electronically. 
It's a traditional saving's account, not one
specifically for a Christmas account that I think
you can open up at your bank.
Now I need to work on building that saving's account
up a little more for times like these
when we are running on empty and I have
to short my bills.  My plan of action for
next year will be to take $1,000 from our
tax refund and immediately deposit
into our saving's account.  Our rules will
be that it cannot be touched for wants and
must be used for only needed items
if money should run short again.
Needs include any bills, doctor's visits, medicines,
clothes & shoes, car & home repairs, food, vehicle gas.
If it's something we can live or do without
then it's considered a want item.
Another thing I do in case of emergencies
is to pay all my bills by check through the mail.
Every once in awhile I may pay bills by electronic billing or over the phone with a debit card but it's where I choose
to do so, when I want, and not something taken
out of my checking automatically every month.

I do not have any electronic billing where
it is set up to have your bills paid automatically
each month through your checking account.
I do this because, once in several blue moons,
I may need to short a bill and need
a little extra money in our pocket.
I was paying extra money on our mortgage each month.
Haven't been able to do that much this year though.
The bank saw that I was paying an extra principal
and wanted me to sign up for a different
program with my extra payments 
by breaking it up into two payments
every two weeks.  While it sounded wonderful
and it was a way to shave off so much more
interest off the house payment over time
I just couldn't commit myself to doing it.  
Making my extra principal
payments I knew wouldn't be an all the time
thing.  I do it when I can and with however
much I can afford.  If I can't afford the extra
payments then I just don't make them
and it won't hurt me in the end. 
I know I am very worried about getting through
these hard times at the moment.  I am not perfect
and we all have flaws and there are things that cannot be avoided
like car repairs and doctor bills.
I am trying to
show you what I do to get through it
whether it's good or bad, this is how
I am surviving and trying to make it
the best I know how.  Everyone has their
own solutions.  I don't recommend shorting
your bills because it will eventually catch up
with you but in hard times you do what you
have to do.

My electric bill all of a sudden seems super high.
It jumped up about $20 more than last month and
I don't know why.  I don't recall having the 
air conditioner on in the last month because it's been cool, heck
I haven't even turned the heat on for the first time
during this cooler weather roughing those couple of 
39 degree nights
with an extra blanket and clothes.  Our heat is gas but
does require some electric to run the blower
for that heat to come out the registers.
My gas bills are still low like I mentioned earlier
at around $27 a month only going up $1.00 since last month.
The only gas I am using at the moment is for the
water heater. 
Anyways I went around our home today to see if I could
find anything that would cause this extra jump
in our electric bill.  I could not.  Everything
is the same as it has been for a long time.
I did unplug a few things that weren't even on
but were plugged in like a DVD player in our
bedroom, the microwave, a clock radio in the kitchen
and an extension cord running to Christopher's train
set in the basement.  I did this because I thought
maybe some things were using phantom power.
Things that have clocks or remotes use this power
even though they are turned off, they are still
drawing some power not even being used.
I wouldn't think those couple of items would cause the
electric bill to be so high though. 
I use florecent bulbs all throughout the house
to cut down on electric. My outside lights
are motion detected so aren't on all the time
and those have florescent bulbs and I have solar path lights, a solar shed light and a solar security light which uses no electric.
 My major appliances include the stove, fridge,
washer, dryer and freezer and those need
plugged in all the time.
The rest is lights, fans, tvs, dvr, security dvr and monitor,
laptops and cable modem and wireless modem.
The kids have been in school the past month
so I would have thought the electric usage would have
gone down since it's only me here during the day.
No extra tvs, lights, laptops or games on.
When the kids played their video games, which
wasn't a whole lot, I would get after them to
not only turn them off but to unplug them
when they were done. The computers automatically
goes into energy saving mode when not in use.
So what the heck gives as I do not know
and are ready to pull my hair out trying
to find out why my electric bill is so freaking high.
 It's so high you would have thought I have
been running the air conditioner for the last month straight.
I compared my bill to last years bill at the 
same time and it's showing I used 
477 KWH more this year.  Where, is what I would like to know
as things are still the same around here as last! 
I'm in a rambling mode today because my stress
levels are up.  Gotta chill out somehow because
stress can cause the Crohn's to flare up
and I'm feeling my body throb just a little.
I have only 4-5 more doses of my prescription
medicine left from the sample my digestive doctor gave me. 
My mind is running in 10 different directions
wondering what to do about things. 
My nerves are on edge as you can imagine
with the stress and my body that is starting to throb. 
Jonathan got home and got his drift trike out
and was out riding it in the street and church.
Truck driver neighbor's kid kept bothering
my son to ride it (about 4-5 years old
and is waaay too small to even reach the pedals!).
I'm sure you seen him try to get on it yesterday
in one of the videos I posted. 
And when Jonathan tells him no this little
kid kept ramming his toy bike or whatever it is
into the back of Jonathan's trike to the point
of putting a hole in the seat and bending
the front forks somehow.  Now let me tell ya
this has not been an easy project to put this
trike together.  Even Tony had made the comment
it would have been much easier to work
on one of our vehicles.
So when Jonathan got upset at this kid
and yelled at him to stop, well the dad
yelled back at Jonathan and told him to go home.
Ok, for starters you can tell my kid to go home if
he's playing at your house or in your yard.
You can't tell him to go home when he's
playing in a city street or a church parking lot.
I don't know what wild hair has crawled up my neighbor's
ass today but he's pissing me off and I'm trying
to stay inside and not say anything to him
at the moment biting my tongue. Jonathan tried to tell the neighbor
what his son was doing and that he broke his
trike but all neighbor dude did was still
yell at my son when it was his son's fault.
I see on the security camera that one of Jonathan's friends was
coming over and was walking up to the door underneath
the carport.  Well following behind him was 
the little boy, truck driver's son wanting to play in
our yard.  I say to him, "can I help you?!"
"You got my son yelled at for something YOU did and your
dad told him to go home 
and now are wanting to come over here and play?!"
My body is throbbing and the pain is starting to kick
in so that means my tolerance level with people
is ZERO at the moment, especially ones that
are pissing me off.  
Needless to say he took off running after I spoke to him.
Probably running to tell on me.  I don't give a crap.
I'm so tired of all the freaking drama around here
with people starting crap.
Oh now Jonathan says truck driver neighbor's kid
is mad at me and threw the book bags that I gave
him into our yard.    
Whoopty Freakin Do!
You promise you'll stay mad at me and don't
want to come near me, LMAO.
Good then I won't have to tolerate your crap anymore.
I'm on a roll today so anyone else want to bring it
go ahead, only kidding, LOL! 
This is what pain does to you. 
You would think it's that time of the month for me
when it is not.  The neighbor knows I have Crohns
and knows I've been in the hospital and how
it makes me feel when I get a flare up.
So now I'm outside trying to mend the situation
with the little boy who is throwing his book bag I gave him
on my front step and stomping on it and kicking it.  
(someone put me outta my misery because I feel 
like God it testing me today for some reason)
I told his little sister, ok she's about 8 maybe,
that I'm going through my Crohn's flare up
and I don't mean to sound mean.
She says, I know that you have this sickness.
I said you go back over to your house and give
your little brother a hug for me and tell him
not to be mad at me.  When I'm in a lot of pain
I probably say and do things I shouldn't.
While actually I'm trying to keep the peace with neighbors that
I have to live with for a really long time
I still know it was wrong of the neighbor to
yell at my son like he did and I won't argue
or confront anyone over a stupid situation to begin with.
I just want kids to stay away from other kids
while fighting until they can figure out how
to get along with one another. 
I don't understand kids now a days.
My son can get off the bus with another neighborhood friend,
be the best of buds playing and the next moment
they are in a tiff about something,
won't talk to one another for a day then
next thing I see is them outside playing like nothing
even happened.  This is a daily thing and it's
getting on my last nerve!!   
 Earlier I was sitting in my chair in the dining room
on the computer.  I heard a couple bang noises outside
which caught my attention for a moment
then went back to doing my thing.
You hear so many sirens being in between two stations
and helicopters are a daily occurance flying overhead.
Heck the one day when I was at mom's waiting on the boys
to get off the bus a couple years ago and saw a helicopter
flying over the neighborhood I thought nothing about
it til I returned home and found it it was my house
they were flying over!!  The neighbor called police
about people stealing things from our back yard. 
The noise I hear had to of been gun shots.
Even the kids said they remembered hearing them. 
It all makes sense now after checking Facebook
and seeing this story on channel 10.
Belcher Rd. is NOT a good street
especially at Cleveland Ave and Belcher
near the apartments and the carry out!! 

One Critical After Shooting At Northeast Side Apartment Complex

My throbbing body is starting to feel better.
I took a couple tylenol and a hot shower.
This is why I don't want to do Humira shots
at the moment for Crohn's.  I'm still learning how
to deal with it.  I'm learning how to make some of my flare ups
go away on their own by watching the foods I eat
and trying to keep my stress level at a minimum.
Ok, still working on the stress level part, lol.
But once I get calmed down and more relaxed
the throbbing seems to lesson.  I don't want to have
doctors pumping me full of drugs until I learn
how to deal with my sickness first on my own.
So far I am only on one medication that seems
to be keeping my diarrhea under control.
I know that sounds gross to discuss but I was going
4-6 months with nothing but constant diarrhea all the time
several times a day causing dehydration. 
So I need to tell doc that I am doing a trial and error
to see if I can detect what may be causing the 
flare ups in my body before trying to cover them
up with a bunch of pills or shots.
Well it's been a long day and I'm gonna head to
bed soon to watch some Little House
and Dr. Quinn. 


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