Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Moving mighty slow this morning with body aches.
I'd been having some coughing fits at night.
Last night I put Vicks VapoRub on the bottoms of my feet
and then a pair of socks.  I don't recall waking up
in the night coughing.


Well ain't this just the coolest truck?
I'm am fascinated by the littlest things, lol.
I've seen trucks carry fork lifts on their
beds to unload things but never have
I seen the tractor with a built in
fork lift where the trailer attaches.
According to its mudflaps it's from Menards.

I never knew this truck was out front of our
house til I was going to go outside to check
a couple of our boulder rocks on the corner.
I guess when I was at the bus stop this morning
and Tony was getting ready to get in his
car and leave for work, 
a car (probably
with not very cleared off windows.  Sure as heck
would be from blinding sun at that hour of the morning
when it's still dark out.)
rounded our corner a little too short
and ran over them!!  Tony said he heard
the crunch and the guy had gotten out to inspect
his car.  Why someone would cut their
wheels that sharp to round a corner is
beyond me.  It's not like these rocks
are sitting along the very edge of the road!
I think the rocks won that battle.
They didn't budge, lol.
We have buses and semi trucks (obviously)
that come through here
that don't even do that with their turning radius.
In the second photo you can see the tire
track coming from the yard out into 
the street.  Now one morning last
year during blinding sun we did have a car
going down the street slam into the back end
of a parked car.  Messed it up!


Be sure to check out 10TV's meteorologist Chris Bradley's facebook page tomorrow.
He just sent me a message saying he was going
to post a Fall photo I took at Hoover this past Sunday.
He's been requesting Fall photos so be sure
to send him some you may have taken
and he might pick yours to be on his Facebook page! 
I sent him this photo with all the beautiful colors on the trees.


Chris Bradley ended up posting my photo
on his Facebook page today instead :0)

Didn't get a nap in.  I tried but had cats going
full speed through the house making noise.
Got back up and called mom and we
went to a couple thrift stores instead.

I found Christopher a couple pairs
of nice jeans for .99 cents each.

 A Case It 3 ring zippered binder with strap $1.91.
Found an identical one on Ebay selling for $27.00!
I've been searching for awhile now for
another cheap binder for him.   
Even the cashier was jealous that I found it 
saying her son has been needing one.

Got Tony another lunch container for .90 cents.

And lastly I bought a baby comforter
with a matching bumper pad.
Well it wasn't actually the long part of the bumper
pad but the padded part that goes at the head
of the crib that was a little bigger.
Each of those were .90 cents.
I got them to insulate mom's cat house.
LOL, sounds like a prostitution ring or something.
I found her a cheap litter box with top
and we have converted that into and outdoor
cat house for her stray cat to sleep in.
I wrapped the bumper pad around the top, sides and back of the
cat house and put the comforter in the bottom of it.
He should stay pretty warm in there this Winter now!!
Mom was wondering what I was buying
baby stuff for, lol.  I was originally on the hunt for
a bumper pad since it has thick batting
inside it.  I thought it would be a good insulator. 
To find a matching comforter was a bonus
and it all worked out perfectly!
I'll have to get a picture tomorrow
to show you the cat house I made for her
for around $5.00 including the insulation
and box.  It's weather proof also
considering it's plastic or like 
a rubbermaid product. 


I got the coolest idea for gifts to make
for the maintenance guys at Tony's work
for Christmas.
What about little toolboxes 
(will have to check Dollar Tree and
thrift stores for cheap ones or something
similar to make look like one) 
and fill them with sugar cookies
shaped like tools.
I might check The Cake Craft Co. store
to see if they have any tool shaped cookie cutters.


Back in about June/July when I signed up for 
Wow cable, internet & phone I heard through
the Wow saleswoman that Time Warner was buying
Insight.  We have not had the option all these years
of having Time Warner cable in our neighborhood,
only Wow or Insight.  I was wondering if Insight
had changed over to Time Warner yet?
The reason I'm asking is that if we have the option
of getting Time Warner now I'm ready to sign up!!!
One of the perks at Tony's work for employees is free cable,
and possibly free phone and internet but it
is only for Time Warner.

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