Tuesday, October 23, 2012



I haven't done much today but rest.
Everyday I see some improvement in my aches and pains.
My right shoulder seems to be improving
while my left is still being stubborn.
Last night I took a very hot shower and
set the shower head on pulsing massage
and let it massage into my shoulders and neck.
 It helped for the moment but it's
still hurts a lot when laying on it when I sleep. 

I've been studying lots of videos and 
google searches as to how to make
a solar pop can heater.  
I don't have to worry about collecting
aluminum cans for this, lol.
Got my own stockpile going considering
we collect them to recycle.


Supper, something easy again :0)
Pizza Chicken Pockets.
Whatever you want to call them since
I just thought them up and threw them together.

-Can of pizza dough.
I've had this in my freezer awhile.

-Spaghetti sauce .05 cents

-3 packets Apriva sweetener .10 cents
(used to sweeten spaghetti sauce)

-1 cup shredded cheese $1.00

-4 pack breaded chicken patties $1.33

-2 ham slices was free
(used to make Tony a ham & cheese
pizza dough roll up for lunch tomorrow
since I didn't have enough chicken patties)

Total cost to make $3.48 

Divide pizza dough up into 5 pieces.
Place a couple teaspoons spaghetti sauce on one
half of the dough, sprinkle with cheese,
top with chicken patty, a couple more teaspoons of sauce
and more shredded cheese.
Fold other half of dough over top
and pinch together sides.
I mixed together a little parmesan cheese,
basil, oregano along with other seasonings
and added to the tops.  Then spritzed tops
with some cooking spray to hold it all on.

For Tony's ham and cheese roll up
I sprinkled shredded cheese on top 
the entire length of the dough, a little ranch dressing,
added 2 ham slices, more shredded cheese.
Then starting at one end and rolled everything up.


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