Monday, October 15, 2012



Nothing like cleaning your oven first thing in the morning, lol.
It's been a long time since I last cleaned an oven.
I noticed they must of changed the formula for oven
cleaners because the last time I used them
they were really smelly, would irritate your eyes and throat
and would burn my hands if I had the slightest paper 
cut on them.  I used to have my own business and
cleaned vacated apartments for a living.
The apartment complex had a high turn over rate
at about 400 apartments that needed cleaning
among us contractors in a matter of about one to two months.
Many ovens looked like something exploded and
burned in them! Others had grease so thick
on the stove tops where foods were fried.
Believe me, most college students are NOT
neat freaks!
I learned to spray the ovens ahead of time.
Be sure to place a towel on the floor under the door
because oven cleaner can drip on the floor
once the door is closed.  Yeah, I have seen brand
new vinyl floors ruined because of it and
it was not something I did thank goodness.
But if it had that's where that 
million dollar insurance policy I had to take
out to be a cleaning contractor would have 
come in handy!   That's how much was
required to be a cleaner.  I guess they feared
someone would burn down a building or something, lol.
To make reaching in the oven much easier
I would remove the door.  Open oven door some
and pull up on door to remove it from it's hinges.
Very easy to do and put back on.
Keeps you from having to lean over the door
and get a backache!
Scrub with Brillo pad, wipe off with wet rag
then wipe with dry towel.  Rinse off
Brillo pad and wet rag occasionally.

Before & After


Here is how I use scented candles to keep 
the house smelling good...
I find cheap candles at yard sales,
thrift stores and flea markets.
Some are burned down and others are new.
Doesn't matter to me as long as they are
under a buck and smell good.
I scrape out some of the candle wax
into a potpourri crock.  As the crock warms
it smells wonderful.  Want to change out candle scents?
Turn off crock and allow wax to harden.
Scrape out old wax and add new.
The one candle was free and the
other was only .10 cents.


My next project I'm working on is making
some body wash for Tony and the boys.
First off take about one and a half to two
bars of soap and shred them into a large pot.
I used Dial and a bar soap from Avon,
Wild Country to give it a manly smell.
I also added a little cologne to 
make the smell stronger.

Add a gallon of water over medium heat
until soap shreddings have melted.
If you use 2 full bars you may need 1.5 gallons of water.
Allow to sit for about 12-24 hours.
Use a blender or mixer to mix it together
because it will gel up.
Pour into containers for the shower.
Shower gels and body washes can run
$2.00 - $5.00 a bottle.  By making your
own out of ordinary bar soap can save
you so much money!!
This makes a gallon to a gallon and a half
of body wash!


Is it reach out and touch someone day, lol???
I laid down to take a nap and in literally 15 minutes
time the phone rang 6 different times! 
I'm back up, decided to skip the nap,
and guess what, the phone hasn't rang once!


Still experiencing belly pains and bathroom trips
two days after the wedding.
I'll sure be glad when this goes away.
Stops you in your tracks or midway
through a conversation til it passes.

For supper tonight I pulled the meatloaf and mashed
potatoes from the freezer.  Will probably
serve with some mac & cheese.


Went over to Microcenter this evening
in search of a flash drive.
Tony's boss said if we got a flash drive
he would share movie with us.
Originally picked one up in the store for $6.99 for 8 GB
then found a 16 GB one for $8.99 at the checkout.
I went with the larger one. 

I'm about ready to retire for bed.

My whole body is starting to ache and I just popped some Tylenol.
Women's issues + Crohn's = not feeling the greatest!

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