Saturday, October 27, 2012



Got up and went to the scrap recycling place earlier
this morning.  We didn't think we'd get much
and had guessed $20-$30 for what you see in
the two buckets below.

We were all happy when we made $50.40 off that little bit
of metal!  When you are broke $50 looks like a thousand dollars.
That could mean a trip to the grocery store,
gas in two vehicles for a week, payment towards
a utility bill or half way to being able to
renew two vehicle tags.

They now have a new policy at the recycling place
as of September 28.  Along with getting a thumbprint,
showing a photo id, and getting your plate
and vehicle recorded, they now take a picture of you!

Right now I am at a standstill with making
the solar heater.  When making it I want it done right.
I want to make a larger one because it produces 
more heat.  So will be patient and wait for
the supplies that can be found cheaper.
This isn't a one time thing and can be used
for many years.  


What, we're all good now after 
24 hours of pure hell?!
It got to the point that the bigger kitty
spent the night in the basement.
I called it his solitairy confinement.
There was no way I was gonna listen
to him last night while sleeping!
He has been better today.
I didn't say 100% better though.
I think they are all catching up
on some missed cat naps.
Much more quiet than yesterday.


Since I have no more supplies to make
my solar heater I decided to go ahead
and drill three holes into the bottom of each
can.  I got almost 60 cans done so far before
having to head into the house to warm my
hands and nose back up.
The reason they say to put the three holes
into the bottom of the cans is to create turbulent
air through each can when stacked together, kinda like a vortex.
This will swirl from the forced air from your
fans causing air to flow all around the inside
of each can to pick up as much heat as possible.


I told the kids today Halloween,
trick-or-treating could be canceled this year
if we get high winds, cold temps, rain & snow.
Me nor hubby has ever remembered having to
worry about weather conditions like these,
especially snow for Halloween. 


We have been getting some interest on our truck
for sale.  But like I say about craigslist you gotta
weed out about 95% of the goofballs on there
to find the right and more serious buyers and ones who won't
jerk you around like people who want to offer
$500 less that haven't even seen the truck.
People who want to trade a Fiero or
even an 86 Bronco for it.  I don't think so!
A Fiero is similar to the MR2 I had.
Every time it needed worked on you had
to take it to a shop where they could drop the
rear motor to work on it.  That doesn't sound
like something a backyard mechanic could work on.
As for a an 86 Bronco, I'm not trading
down 10 years, they've lost their mind!
That would be like me seeing is someone 
would trade their 2006 truck for my 1996 one.
With this recent posting on Craigslist it
seems like we are getting a lot of folks
from out of town which would make sense.
If you live in a small town or out in the country
those smaller car lots out there are going to be high priced,
especially ones that have trucks.
Trucks are valuable to those who live
in the country people who need them as work horses.
If we should sell the truck in the near future then
I would consider going back to Habitat Re-Store
to get that $25 storm door glass insert. 
It's still priced too high if ya ask me
but it is much cheaper than buying 
glass or plexiglass from a home improvement store.

I did finally get my dryer vents out of the back end
of the truck from yesterday.
I was doing a little experiment to see how they
would work in the sideways window.
Now this window still has it's screen in it
so how I have them in the window is backwards.
The pipe part will face outside and will have a dryer hose
attached to it running to the solar heater box.  I'll attach a board
in the middle of these with some weather stripping
to keep the cold air out while the solar heater
is in use.  The second picture shows 
the front of the vents that I can open and close.
That part will be facing in the room.

These two buggars cost me a $10 splurge but
I think they will work nicely with this project.
I still saved $2 to $4 by buying them used at Habitat.


Sitting here wondering what my son is in the kitchen
 doing.  He is a creative one just like me :0)
But I figured I would get up and partake in
whatever it is he was doing.  He is wanting to make
wax pucks for his skateboard and was chiseling
candles with a knife.   Me, I was picturing a child
missing a few finger tips, ahhh.
He even cut a pop can in half to put his wax bits
in to melt them down.  How he planned to melt them I do not know.
I took over and took a votive candle and shredded
it up on my slicer and took a knife to another
candle in a jar to fig out some wax.
I put them in a cupcake pan. 
He added some broken orange crayons
to the candle wax to give it some color.
I then added a little olive oil, maybe a 1/2 teaspoon
to the wax.  Now I've got them in the oven
around 200 to 250 degrees melting.
Once melted and cooled somewhat I'll
put them in the freezer.  Tomorrow we'll
take them out and wack the pan on the ground
to remove them. 
My son seemed so amazed of how I knew
how to make melted wax pucks like I've made
them before.  I remembered seeing online
where people were taking 
to make new crayons. 
The house now smells good
melting down some of my good scented candles :0)
This is below smells like spearmint.


I know I should be in bed by now.
I took a nap earlier.

I wanted to show you a couple of things
before heading to bed though.
Here are the wax pucks I made for
my son's skateboard.
I ended up setting them outside to cool
and harden instead of the freezer.
They popped out without a problem.
Nothing like a good smelling,
skateboard wax puck, lol.

And here's another thing I came up with
when looking at my blanket/pillow inventory
for the upcoming storm.  Remember those
pillows I made from the cheap bean bag chairs
I got at a church sale?  Well they weren't
being used.  I decided to use them in front of
the doors to cut down on any drafts.  They
could also be used in window sills and made
from long tubes of filled fabric.
I don't think we have any bottom door drafts
due to rubber stripping around the doors though.
Doesn't hurt to put them there just in case.
I should light a candle to see if there
are any drafts though even though I don't
feel any with my hand.
And yes those are a couple of baseball bats 
I keep behind my door.  If a stranger comes to
my door and tries to start something I'm grabbing
a bat to beat the crap outta them.
I hear about too many home invasions.
We also have a taser that just the sound and
sight of it will make people jump back and think twice.
Some of the rubber weather stripping started
coming off the side of the door.  
We used flat headed thumbtacks and a hammer
to put it back into place.  Worked like a charm
and beat having to buy new.
Now I do have to put some weather stripping
around the top of our back door.  
There is a lot of air that comes in at the top
so be sure to not only check the sides
and bottom but to check the top as well.

Tomorrow along with some laundry I might start

making some bread.  I'm down to about 1 loaf
and with a major storm possibly coming and
causing power outages I would like to have
a couple extra loaves of bread on hand to have
to make sandwiches out of.
I'll use this recipe-
Best Bread Machine Bread
with a few changes I made to the recipe after
reading some of the comments.
I'll have the bread machine do all the mixing
and kneading for me then will put the dough
into loaf pans when done.  I don't like
the shape of the loaf from a machine nor
do I like the paddle impression in the
bottom of the loaf when done.
Split dough loaf down the middle lengthwise
and put dabs of butter where you split it.
Then brush the entire top of the loaf with melted butter
before baking.
If baking in the oven bake
375 degrees for about 30 minutes.
As for the recipe these are the
recommended changes,
you can use regular flour,
use 2 teaspoons of fast rising yeast from a jar
if you don't have packets,
you can increase sugar to 3 tablespoons,
and increase salt to 1 1/2 teaspoons
to keep the bread from falling in the middle.

A jar of yeast was one item I did splurge to buy this week
at the grocery store for $3 to $4 for the Kroger brand.
I knew if I had yeast I could make breads, rolls,
pizza crusts, buns, you name it.
This one jar of yeast will last me a long time
and will make many baked goods.
I also found a 5 lb bag of wheat flour marked
down to $1.19.
I have lots of flour stored in my pantry along
with sugar and vegetable oil, most of it was free, to make
doughs from.  So the $3 to $4 for yeast is nothing
when I have all the other freebies thank goodness.

a 5 pound bag of flour has 17 to 20 cups in it.
It depends upon if you scoop it out with a measuring cup (heaviest),
spoon it into a measuring cup or sift the flour (lightest)
first before using.
It all has to do with how much air is in it.
a 5 pound bag of sugar has 10 cups.

So you can make about 6 loaves of bread
from one 5 pound bag of flour.

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