Saturday, October 20, 2012



Kids decided to tell us today that their friend down
the street had a birthday party at 2:00pm.
That's nice!
Well there went an extra expense.  Sigh.
Ran over to Dollar General.  That place sucked
for finding a boy a present.  Ended up going
to Roses and found a couple cheap dollar toys
and a baseball t-shirt for $4.00.
The kid is highly into playing baseball so
that was a good find!
While there at the party we're heading to
Tony's work to feed one of his coworker's fish
who lives on the property.  He is on vacation
and out of town this week so we are on fish duty, lol.
Might head to Kroger on that end of town
while there to pick up some pop and look
for some mark downs and see if they
have any samples out.  They are good
for samples on the weekends unlike our
neck of the woods.

I started my grape juice with pectin about
2.5 days ago.  Not sure if that is working
but I can say my hips are starting to feel better.
Not 100% but better.  Enough to be able
to walk around without looking like
the hunchback of notre dame.
My shoulders are still sore and feel like
someone has punched me.  Not even
the medicated pads are working for them.


Just got home.  Tried to hurry before the OSU
game let out.  Did start seeing a little traffic for
those that left a little early.  We used to live
about a mile or 2 from the stadium and you knew
not to go out to do things on game day because
of the traffic.  Got home and listened
to the last couple of minutes of the game 
in the truck.  Boy that was a close game in the end.
The Buckeyes won!

Found a few mark downs-
Loaf of bread .39 cents
hot dog buns .69 cents
little over a pound of ground sausage $1.80
imitation crab meat $1.99
braunschweiger .49 cents 
lunch meat .99 cents

Not marked down-
Kroger yogurt .33 cents each
Kroger 1/2 gallons of milk $1.25
(cheaper to buy 2 half gallons 
than a gallon save .29 cents that way)
Tombstone pizzas with $1.50 coupon found in store $2.16
hot dogs $1.00 
24 slices Kroger American cheese $2.00 


Putting Dodge Ram 4x4 with 4 inch? lift on Craigslist.
$1500 and we're taking a loss on it!
Need rid of it to save on insurance, tags and need money for bills!


I don't think anyone believes me when
I say my cats sleep on a Scooby pillow each night, lol.


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