Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Ate me a cup of yogurt hoping it will help my stomach some.
I'm still feeling miserable.  It's been over a week now :0(
Here are things I'm trying or getting ready to try for the Crohn's-
When you cannot afford a doctor you become your own!

 -Grape Juice with Pectin. 

Once I run out of the kind I have I might
try the acetaminophin for arthritis.



I think I figured out how to get at least
one of the computer fans I purchased at
the flea market working :0)
I remembered having a solar powered fountain
and took out the pump and ran the wires
from the solar panels to the larger fan.
It works so that's the first part of
my solar can pop heater.
It appears that the fan is not going very fast
but it is and that's the reason for putting
my finger on it to show you just how fast
it is moving.  The digital movie
makes it appear like an optical illusion
of hardly moving.
The solar panels have gotten a little water in
them from sitting outside but appear to still
be in working order even though they are fogging
on the insides.

Now all I need to start making
the heater is a insulation panel
and some high temperature spray paint
and a piece of plexiglass.
I already have plenty of cans.
We'll see what I am able to round up and find.
Might make a trip over to
Habitat sometime to see what they have.
Trying to do this for as cheap as possible.



Supper tonight is brats with chicken flavored rice.
I only had one pkg of knorr's chicken rice
so added additional white rice with chicken
bouillion to stretch it out.
I'm only having the rice for supper.
I don't dare eat any fried brats with
the way my stomach feels.

Tony went to the doctor today.
We're FINALLY going to get his 
prescriptions he's be doing without
for about the past month and a half!
Just have to wait on the prescription
mail order company to send them.

I can't leave anything out, lol.
Kitties discovered the stool I left out
in the kitchen when looking for
something in the cupboards.
Now all I need to do is teach them
how to cook and I'd have it made!

"Hey, is that brownies in that pan?!"


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