Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Got everyone off to school and work.
Here in a few I'm going with my step-dad to 
look for a battery for his vehicle.
 Heard this song on the radio the other day
and just saw it for the first time on CMT videos.
Love it and the Chevys!
I know I'm in a video mood today.
Just trying to take my mind off the stress and worries
and trying to think happy thoughts, lol.

This ranks up there with another favorite of mine, 
Redneck Woman, lol.
Another Chevy gal.

Then ya got your Ford trucks.
My first favorite truck song. Love Toby Keith!

And then there's Pick Up Man.
(should be woman, lol)
and yes sir, I literally got rid of my Coupe Deville
for my first pickup truck, lol. 
I would rather own a truck than a car any day!
Muscle cars are an exception though :0) 
My last daily driver car I owned was back
in 96 and it was an 86 MR2.  And that was
the same year I bought my first 75 Chevy pickup truck.
Never bought another daily driver car
for myself after that!
Now hubby on the other hand is a different story, lol.

Her Favorite Color is Chrome.


Back from going to a couple of battery places.
At Interstate Battery I had them
check my step-dad's battery.  He's had it checked at
a couple different parts stores who said it was bad.
I didn't believe it so wanted an actual battery
place to test it to see what they said.
They told me that the battery was still good
and all it needed was charged up some more.
So tonight I'll have Tony go down and
hook the charger to it and let it charge overnight.
I'm hoping to of saved my step-dad $60 to $80
at the moment.

I also stopped in O'Reilys to pick up
a new brake like switch retainer.
Cost $3.00 which wasn't too bad
considering my pocket book is running on empty.

My brake light switch does work but I wasn't
able to completely get the old retainer back on
and there's a little gap that every once in awhile
would cause the switch to move and then
once again not have brake lights.
I could temporarily fix it by reaching up under
the dash and pushing the switch back in it's place. 
So hoping to get that fixed tonight on my truck as well.

Well I think I'm gonna go take me a nap.
I was plum wore out yesterday from not getting
a nap in and the running around we did.
I went to bed early last night and missed 
a couple of shows I usually watch.
I was bummed.


Wanted to show you what hubby brought home
for me yesterday that he found in an empty apartment.

 2 bottles of nail polish,
one gold and one silver that says it's magnetic.
Why would they make magnetic nail polish???
Do secretaries somewhere have paperclips
magnetized to their nails, lol.
I know it's not a strong magnet but I made
the comment to Tony that I should of had
some of this on my nails when I lost
a metal clip under the dash and was feeling around for it.

Con Air battery operated trimmer.

Remington Epilator.
Now I tried this lil buggar out and an epilator does
not cut the hair it PULLS it out!!  Yowza!
I have been working on my fur coat for Winter
on my legs so trying it on long hair hurt like heck, lol!
It supposed to take a longer time for hair to
grow back when plucked out rather than cut off.

Wall surge protector.

The boys are home chilling after school.
Jonathan is laying on the floor and Kitty Boo Boo
keeps messing with his feet when he moves them.

Here he is licking his sock, lol.  Ewww!

And by the look on his face in this picture
I hope he learned his lesson, LOL!

I was telling mom the other day that each of our
kitties has their own bed pillow at the foot of our bed.
When we go to bed, they go to bed and lay on their pillow.
Here they are last night getting ready for bed on their pillows.
Our bed looks funny with two pillows up top and
two pillows at the bottom of the mattress.
I did this because I got tired of them climbing on us
during the night to snuggle on our pillows.

 Kitty Mow Mow is pissed because Kitty Boo Boo
is on his pillow.



For supper we're having BBQ baked chicken, 
Texas Roadhouse style mashed potatoes
which are lumpy and with skins,
and stuffing with apple pie filling mixed in it.

To keep the chicken from getting
greasy while baking I put a metal cooling
rack with the chicken on it over top
a casserole dish.  

We turned the furnace on tonight but only for 

a moment to check to see that is was running right.
Don't ya love that burnt, dusty smell, yuck!
Starting this weekend and into next week
overnight temps are supposed to be in the 30's
and highs will be about mid 50's.
 It's good to check your furnace ahead of time
to see if it may need any repairs before the cold
temperatures set in.  Oh, and also be
sure to check your furnace filter and 
replace it if need be.

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