Thursday, October 18, 2012


Oh what a struggle this morning.
My whole body hurts so bad and is stiff
that it took me a couple of minutes just
to get out of bed.  I could barely move.
And when I did it was really slow holding
on to everything in my path just to walk,
cringing in pain with every step trying
to loosen the joints up.
I feel like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz
who needs to carry around an oil can because of rusted joints.
I wish it were that easy though.
I haven't felt this much body pain
in a long time. 
People take for granted having the ability to do the simplest
everyday things, I know I do
and don't realize it til the pain and stiffness kicks in.
Things like rolling out of bed, bending over
to feed and water the cats,
walking up and down stairs, climbing in and out of a truck,
going to the bathroom,
to just plain and simple walking upright without
being hunched over.
Going to get a drink of my pectin grape juice
which I forgot about already with
everything else I do.


Go to Gas Buddy to be able to check
gas prices at nearby gas stations to get the best price
by typing in your zip code. 

Yesterday evening while shopping at
Kroger I had Febreze Air Effects on my list.
It was on sale for 3 for $11.  I was going
to give it a try to get rid of cat odor
after seeing the commercials on tv.
That would have been a splurge.
God must of been looking out for me again
because I found two bottles of 
Hartz Nodor litter spray for $1.59 a bottle.
I got two bottles of this spray for less
than one bottle of febreze and this stuff
is made specifically for cats unlike the febreze.
I'm not sure that the before price was $3.19.
You can't always go by that because it's inaccurate at times.
I found bottles on Amazon for $7.99 a piece!
It ranks 4.6 out of 5 stars with good reviews.
It says you can
-spray in litter box before filling
-spray on litter after filling box
-spray on litter with poo and pee
and I have sprayed in other areas as well
like on the carpet around box.
Seems to be working some because
the smell was getting pretty bad!!
It's supposed to get rid of the smell 
not mask it like typical air fresheners.


This is what I am making for supper,
  • Smoked Sausage Alfredo
-1 pkg smoked sausage ($1.00 at Save A Lot)
1 pkg noodles (.59 cents Kroger)
1 jar alfredo sauce ($1.00 Kroger)
1 pkg broccoli (free)

Total cost $2.59 cents


Well me and Tony's along with
his coworker's bubbles just got burst this morning.
They were told their bonus is going to only be
1/3 of what it usually is.
It's their last bonus before Christmas :0(
 Sooo many workers were looking
forward to that money for Christmas.
I hope and pray it's only a rumor but it
was said by a supervisor.

It's a good thing I opened a saving's account
for the upcoming holidays.
Gonna have to keep on struggling for awhile,
Tax time is about 3 months away :0( 
Thank goodness the weather hasn't been too cold
that the furnace hasn't been running a whole lot
to keep costs down.  I turn the heat down
to 69 when I'm by myself during the day.
Yeah it gets chilly in here some days but
I throw on long sleeve shirts, sweaters,
socks and so on to keep warm.
For every three degrees you can cut back
on your heating & cooling can help cut costs.

Gonna have to call and cancel my colonoscopy
that was scheduled for December.
I can't afford it.

Oh and that deer that my sister-in-law
said my nephew got not long ago?
It's like one of those fish stories you hear.
You had it hook line and sinker
then snap went the line.  Same scenario here.
Sure you can shoot a deer with a bow
but when you can't find the deer and bring
it home then it doesn't count as getting a deer!
So that's another thing that sucks.
Praying for some better hunting trips
so that me and mom can fill our freezers.


Got my mail order prescriptions today.
That was an oucher at almost $200.
With the mail order prescription
company I am saving $100.
Woo hoo, they are still expensive for
people with tight budgets and who pay
what seems like a fortune for health insurance.

Depressing day!


For breakfast and after school snacks
I've been making sausage sandwiches.

Breakfast includes egg while
the after school snack does not.
Both served with 1/3 to 1/2 slice of cheese and mayo.

1 bag of Kroger bakery dinner rolls $1.19
1 box of 8 count sausage patties $1.00
2 eggs .28 cents
mayo .10 cents
4 slices cheese .44 cents

Total cost  for 8 sandwiches $3.01 or .37 cents each.


So I got 18 movies loaded on the flash drive I
purchased the other day.  Now I can't figure
out how to play them on the tv.
I thought it would be a matter of plugging 
the flash drive into the usb port on the
surround/dvd player.  Nothing.
Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Popped the flash drive into my computer
to see what movies were on there and
just my luck about 99% were guy movies.


Still creaking like an old rocking chair.
I'm moving around more than when I
first crawled (putting it mildly) out of bed.
Still have all the aches and pains
in my legs, hips, neck, collar bone, back, ribs, shoulders and arms,
hell you might as well say my whole body at this rate.
It's like a party going on only I don't feel
like celebrating!

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