Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Went and saw my digestive doctor today.
He said my last regular blood work tests came back normal.
I got a bunch of free samples of my prescription.
It never hurts to ask doc if they have any.
Every time I visit I ask for some.
We didn't discuss Humira shots this visit
because I told him I've been doing really good.
I've gone about 2 months now without a flare up.
Before that I was getting them every other week.
While I'm all chipper about my visit and feeling
good doc had to bring me down of course.
He looked back at my more intricate bloodwork
I had done earlier this year that determined
I had Crohn's.  He said even though I feel good now
that by looking back at those result which were not good
he was telling me will that Crohn's is not a curable disease.  You will never get better and end up getting worse.
He said in the next 10 years 
I have a 52% chance of having an operation 
(called a bowel resection)
and the percentage will rise as I get older.
Gee thanks doc for telling me that I will
more than likely need an operation 
to remove parts if not my entire colon and intestine
before I die, I appreciate that.
He said right now it is mostly in my large intestine.
Can't we just live one day at a time and not
worry me with crap like that at the moment.
Why didn't we discuss this months ago
when we first got those test results back?
Having these operations do not cure you
of Crohn's!  It only removes the damaged
and diseased areas.  Crohn's can block your intestines
and colon over time causing your intestine to 
tear or rupture causing serious infection in your abdomen.
It also makes it hard for your body to 
absorb the proper nutrients needed from food.
Crohn's is an autoimmune disorder that occurs
when your body's immune system mistakenly
attacks and destroys healthy body tissue.

Doc was discussing with me that I would need
to have another follow up colonoscopy
early next year.  I then said why can't we
make it for the later part of this year since
I have met my deductible and don't want
to start new with my insurance in January.
So now I have another colonoscopy scheduled
for December 4th.  Merry Christmas to me!
Well first I need to call my insurance and
see how much it will cost because I know
the colonoscopy place will want at least
half that payment in full at the time
of the colonoscopy and I am like broke at the moment.  
They told me I do have the option of canceling the appointment 
if I need to.


Tonight's supper is some marked down hamburgers
I found at Kroger.  I had a 1/2 block of cream cheese
leftover I cut into quarters.  I cut each hamburger in half and
put the quarter of the cream cheese in the middle
of one patty, topped with another and fried in a skillet.
Topped each with BBQ seasoning,
cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, mayo,
ketchup and mustard.
Served with a side of mac & cheese. 


This is early for me but I'm thinking about retiring to
the bedroom.  It was nice earlier.  We all sat ouside
under the carport watching the rain come down.
 I think that's one of my favorite parts about
the carport, being able to be outside in the rain
without getting wet.

My head's been hurting for the past hour
even with Tylenol.  Started getting a migraine with
blurred vision while making supper.  
The tylenol took the edge off and 
no more blurred vision or migraine pain.  
I discovered that trick years
ago that has helped a migraine from becoming full blown.
For years I would suffer days with a migraine
in a dark bedroom because I was sensitive to
light and sound.  Now at the first signs of a migraine
with the blurred vision I immediately pop two
ibuprofen or tylenol.  It goes away within an hour.
I'd rather tolerate it for an hour than for
days on end!

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