Monday, September 24, 2012



With Fall now being here I need to worry about
getting the flower garden prepped for Winter.
I planted 14? rose bushes this year. 
They did not grow or bloom since it was so
late that I planted them that I have my fingers
crossed for next year.  
When visiting Innis Woods Park there were lots
of volunteers taking care of the plants.
One man pruning the roses said to me
that one secret he had heard about growing
better roses was to use alfalfa meal and kelp.
I have also used epsom salts, banana peels, 
tea bags and egg shells in their soil.
This Fall I plan to run my rabbit style wire
fencing along the back fence where
the rose bushes are.
Once the leaves start falling I plan
to put them in the fenced area over top the rose bushes
to protect them from the harsh Winter.
And I will also put the containers
of Hydrangeas in there as well. 
Here is an example below.

It was a little chilly in here this morning.
While the truck's temperature gauge
said it was 40 degrees out at 6:30 this morning
the house temperature was 68 degrees.
Still have yet to turn the furnace on.
Maybe I'll fire up the oven to make
some cookies to heat the house some :0)

Everyone seems to be doing better around here with colds
and taking Zicam fast dissolve tablets.
Christopher's was wiped out in just 2 days,
mine in about 3 
(just the runny & stuffy nose, still have the major coughing)
and Tony started getting watery eyes and
a runny nose Saturday and popped a couple tablets
that same day, every three hours and 
by Sunday it was cleared up.
It sucks this time of year with back to 
school germs and the cooler temperatures.


Getting ready to make supper.
Tonight we're having Little Smokies in Blankets.

-1 pkg little smokie cheese sausages
-1 can biscuits cut into quarters

Wrap a piece of biscuit around each sausage and bake
til golden brown.  Serve with ketchup or ranch dressing.
Easy peasy.

Then while making supper I went ahead
and made breakfast for the next two days.
Sausage, egg and cheddar cheese tortilla roll ups
with leftover cream cheese and salsa spread.

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