Thursday, September 27, 2012



Got supper made. 
I made potato & sausage pot pies.
This is my own recipe.

Top- completed pot pies before baking.
Bottom left- pot pie without topping.
Bottom right- pot pie crust.

Cut up 3-4 potatoes with skins into small cube pieces
and put into a pan of water and boil til tender.

In a skillet fry up a pound of maple sausage with
1/2 a small onion and some chopped celery.  Drain.
Add in 2 packets of sausage flavored country
gravy and 4 cups water.  Stir over medium
heat til gravy thickens.
Stir in potatoes and some canned peas.

In a medium sized bowl mix together-
1 1/2 cups flour
4 tablespoon milk 
1/2 teaspoon salt
and about 1/3 cup oil

Press this no roll pie crust into mini
pie pans and bake 350 degrees about 5-8 minutes.
Just enough to make a little crispy to hold
the filling.  This makes enough for 4 mini pot pie crusts.
There is enough pot pie filling leftover that you will
need to triple or quadruple the pie crust recipe
and make in different batches each time.

Spoon sausage, potato & gravy mixture
into pie crusts.

In a small bowl add a tablespoon of melted
butter, dry stuffing mix and parmesan cheese.
Mix together and sprinkle over top of
pot pies.

Bake 350 degrees until everything is
warmed through and topping is crispy.


I made 5 more pot pies in a jumbo muffin tin.

I still had enough filling leftover to make
another 4-5 pot pies but decided to put
it back for some potato soup another day.


Kids got their interim report cards today.
All seems to be going well.
One child did so well on his OAA test
that they gave him a $25 Target gift card!!
AND his bus driver gave him $1.00 for
his good report card. 

Working now on trying to find some yard sales for
me and mom to go to tomorrow.
As far as I can tell it's not supposed to rain.
I made $20 this week so have a little money
to go to sales with.  The neighbor gave me
$20 gas money for the month for taking
her grandchild to and from the bus stop.

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