Friday, September 14, 2012



I went back to bed this morning about 9:30am.
I don't know why but today I felt sooo tired.
I feel better now, a little refreshed.
Got all the dirty laundry rounded up and tossed
downstairs and got the dishes unloaded and put
away in the dishwasher and reloaded it up
again and another load going.
1 1/2 hours til Tony goes on a week's vacation.
Not sure what we're gonna do during his time off
next week but it needs to be things that are cheap.
Maybe some fishing?   Maybe some yard sales on Friday?
Even if that means I have to take money from
the Christmas savings account to find 
some cheap yard sale Christmas gifts to put back.
It's just a matter of time before yard sales
will be winding down around here
so need to take advantage of them while I can.

Gotta go back to Kroger this evening because
I forgot to get cat food and Tony's deodorant last night.
Can't have starving cats or stinky pits around here, lol.

On Fridays which are paydays we usually splurge
and order pizzas.  Not this time around.
They cost $20+ for two one topping pizzas.  
So instead I thought about
getting a couple frozen, rising crust, pizzas at Kroger
which should cost about $7.00 providing
they are still on sale at $3.33 each.
A $13 savings. 


Been trying to catch up on doing some online surveys.
Some from tv stations, radio stations, restaurants,
grocery products, etc etc.
It won't make you rich over night but any
free money is good money!

Today I did a survey for Bob Evans and 
my compensation for that will be 
a snail mail $5.00 coupon off any Bob Evans item.
That will make two of them coupons I will
have gotten in the last month from them!
$10 worth of free meat, heck yeah!

I try to sign up for any and all samples,
sometimes even full size products as much as I can.

Here's one today that I found.
If you submit an idea for a cleaning tip
to Soft Scrub they might send you a full size bottle.
Sounds worth a couple moment of my time
for something that could be free.

I find that I can get a lot of free items off 
Facebook through different manufacturers on there.
Just this past month I've gotten coupons
for a free Aussie conditioner and 
a leave in spray Aussie conditioner.
It was actually a coupon for a product 
up to a certain amount.

It gets kind of depressing going to you mailbox
finding nothing but bills.
It's kinda nice seeing what kind of
other goodies the mailman brings me
that I don't have to pay for.

Here's another contest on Cool Whip's Facebook's page.
Fan Dessert of the Month's Contest.
Prize $500.
Submit a photo of your dessert using Cool Whip to enter.


It's 61 degrees out.  The temperature has
dropped lots around here compared to 
yesterday's 85 degrees.  Feels kinda nice and refreshing.
Some people I know are ready to turn their
furnaces on!  I don't think so, not around here
just yet.  I tell my family if they are cold to
throw on some pants, longs sleeves,
a sweater jacket, socks and/or slippers
to keep warm and take the chill off.
No need for the furnace to be on,
layer your clothing and take off and put on as needed.
I'm just not ready for a large gas bill just yet.
I'm happy with the $25 one I have at the moment.
Still trying to get my electric bill to come
down after months of running the air conditioner
with the extreme heat we had.
It's nice for once not to have the air conditioner
or furnace on and have the windows
open with fresh air coming in.


Went to Kroger. 
I picked up a couple things I found marked down cheap.

70 page spiral notebooks .17 cents each, bought 10 for myself
and 3 for mom.  I have a good supply of these notebooks
as they are something I use on a daily basis to keep
track of any notes, recipes, plans, you name it.

3 packs of 10 count Bic pens .25 cents.
Bought 2 for mom and one for the kids.

As we were leaving Kroger we noticed a cop
car sitting in the bank parking lot next to Kroger.
We then went right across the street
to a store Tony wanted to stop at.
We stayed in the truck while he went in.
And as we're sitting there we see the police
helicopter flying overhead in circles
over this shopping center.  Then another
cop car and a paddy wagon comes cruising
through like they are looking for someone.
All I kept thinking was that hubby better
hurry up as I was getting nervous sitting
in the parking lot!  As we pulled out of
our parking space and just started out of the shopping
center a cop car pulls up and grabs a guy
and puts him in cuffs.  That was enough
for me to quickly want to go back home!
A little too close for comfort
when the guy they was looking for 
was standing right outside the store Tony went into
and a matter of feet from where we were parked! 

We, as in the family, are getting sooooo
freaking tired of hearing sirens and helicopters
and seeing them on a daily basis.  Constantly dreaming of living
in the country not being bothered by people or crime!!
People around here are so rude from driving,
to no respect and manners for anyone.
Yesterday I was in Kroger dealing
with the cashier and another person in charge
of the checkout lines.  I wasn't rude or anything only questioned
why my coupons didn't double. That supervisor ended up
throwing a phone of some sort across the
scanner area of the checkout and if it wasn't
for the lip on the side it would have jumped up
and hit me.  I mean what the heck.  Even supervisors
or managers don't care about customers.
It wasn't me he was even upset at.
Another cashier had called him on his phone,
while he was in my checkout, requesting
a band aid of all things and this pissed him off
causing him to throw the phone. 
I mean come on now, when managers or supervisors
are throwing temper tantrums in front of customers,
what will be next?
Sometimes I will drive a 10+ mile round trip
to go to another grocery store or Walmart
when we have TONS to chose from around here
just to have better service, people and stores. 


While in Kroger tonight getting hubby's deodorant
I was checking out the shampoos.
Hubby has been wanting a new body wash
because he hasn't liked the ones I've been
getting him.  I thought why not just use
a bottle of shampoo?  But as I looked at shampoos
and seen how much they cost was ridiculous.
I remember when you could pick up a bottle 
for $1.00 or less.  Suave is about $1.50 a bottle
and I'm sure the bottles have gotten smaller
than what they used to be.  VO5 is .79 cents a bottle.
I just saw someone post on Facebook that
you can go to Walgreens and pick up two
bottles of Suave for $1.00 each and you
get back a $2.00 register reward.
A register reward is a printed coupon at
the checkout that you can use on your
next trip there for money off your purchases. 
I don't think you can use that register reward
on more bottles of Suave though.
If you get the register reward for a certain item
you cannot turn around and use it on the same item
the next time you visit the store.
Might have to remember this next week
when Tony is on vacation and we are out and about
passing by the numerous Walgreens around here on almost
every corner.  Can try looking
for scents like waterfall mist or ocean breeze, a manly scent.
I don't see why he couldn't use it as a body wash
as well as a shampoo.  I've actually seen men's
body washes that said it could be used
for hair and body.

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