Thursday, September 6, 2012



Not starting off the day well.
I'm experiencing pain in both shoulders
and can't turn from side to side very well
or lift my arms without my shoulders hurting.


Started making a peanut butter cake.
I wanted to experiment some before
the holidays get here and try out some
recipes (some of which I made up)
that I would like to give as Christmas gifts.
So today I started making a peanut butter cake
using a yellow cake mix.
I didn't get very far with making it as mom called and
wanted to go to the thrift store.
But anyway I was hoping to make peanut butter
cake pops with a peanut butter and chocolate chip
filling.  Then once baked, cooled and refrigerated
I wanted to coat them with chocolate
to resemble Buckeye candy.


Just back from one thrift store, Goodwill.
 Not my favorite because I think they 
are overpriced on many items but I wanet
along because that's where mom wanted to go.

I found a mini crock pot for $2.49.
I have one already but use it to put
cut up scented candles in to make the house smell good.
I bought another one to use to melt
chocolate in for dipping cake pops,
cookies or other candies in.
I've tried the microwave route but you have
to constantly warm the chocolate to keep
it melted, and I have another thing
where you put a candle under it and it melts
the chocolate.  The mini crock is the perfect
size for melted chocolate and will keep
it at a steady temperature.

I've been hunting for Christmas gifts now
that the kids are back in school.
I found these items below at the same
thrift store that will be put up for gifts.

New in box double nerf blaster guns with 10 whistle darts.

A Matchbox garage playset for $1.99.
These go for $36 at Toys R Us!!

And lastly a stuffed teddy bear in a Victorian,
frilly and lacy dress and hat with collector
tags from Hollywood, CA.
Still had price sticker of $38 on it! 


Well I was gonna lay down and thake a nap
because my body has been hurting but decided
to get back up and work on supper and the cake pops.


1 can sauerkraut
3 brats sliced up
1 small bag red cabbage shredded
4-5 large carrots sliced
4 potatoes cut up
 1/2 small onion diced up
brown sugar
better than boullion chicken
2 cups water 
soy sauce

At the moment are working on getting some
peanut butter cake pops baked.
We'll see how they turn out as it
was something I threw together.

3/4 - 1 cup peanut butter, I used chunky honey peanut butter
cream together with 1/2 cup butter softened.
Add in 4 eggs one at a time.
Then add in yellow cake mix
and 1/2 cup milk alternately.

Spray cake pop pan with cooking spray.
Fill cake pop pan half full with batter.
Push peanut butter and chocolate chips
into center of batter.  This is where I would 
liked to of used a Hershey's Kiss in each one but didn't have any.
Then spoon more batter on top to cover the chips.
Bake 325 degrees for 15 minutes. 


Today in the mail I received a coupon
for $5.00 off any Bob Evans product.
Got this off Facebook. 


For the last batch of peanut butter cake pops
I mixed up about a 1/2 cup peanut butter
and about 1/2 cup give or take, powdered sugar
and formed into teaspoon sized balls.
Filled the cake pop pan half way,
pressed in a peanut butter ball,
then put a dollop of batter over top to
cover up the peanut butter. 


Got all the cake pops dipped in chocolate 
and are now waiting for them to dry.
I loved how the mini crock worked
to keep the chocolate warm to
dip the cake balls in!!!

Cake Buckeyes
(about the size of a ping pong ball)


Here's the cute Victorian bear I picked up
at the thrift store today for $1.99.
It's a collectable bear made by Bearly People
and has handmade clothing according
to the information I researched about it.
Still do not have the actual name for this bear.


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