Wednesday, September 5, 2012



Got in my truck this morning to find it
ransacked.  That's twice this week and I don't
believe it's by the same people.
It happened at 12:36am according to the
security cameras and these were a couple
of determined people.  They even opened
the barn doors to the back end of the truck
rummaging around back there.  Our motion
security light went off and that didn't do anything
to scare them off.  Neither did the blinking red light on the dash from where the radio was removed.  They did get hold of the glue
trap in the middle console and I hope like heck
they got it all over them.  I found a tissue stuck
to it from where they were probably trying
to get it off or wipe their hands off, LMAO!
They didn't mess with the one in the glove box. 

We're not the only ones they are targeting
as I could see them walking down the middle
of the main street looking for things to get into.  
They even climbed up and
tried to get into truck driver neighbor's semi truck
which parks directly under a street light
and is well lit.   
Tony mentioned something to me before 
he came in the house last night after dark
and had said there was a couple of 
hooligans that looked suspicious running
around the neighborhood.
I'm thinking about upping the ante by adding
some hot pepper powder in a container above the sun visor
and putting thumbtacks in my seat each night.
I have a tear in my seat that where I could
put the tacks under the leather.  Sure enough
though I would forget them at 6:30am
when taking the kids to the bus stop half asleep
and sit on the darn things.
Getting some more glue traps.
Hmmm, what about some flypaper, the kind that
you pull out of a little canister and hang up and is REALLY
sticky and hard to get off.

So for now I'll give them a fair warning.


Gotta spice up the truck some so I made and folded a
"bowl" out of a piece of printer paper
and poured a bunch of cayenne pepper powder
in it and put it above my sun visor.
Thieves looking under my visor will
get a face full of hot pepper.


Supper tonight is fried chicken,
scalloped potatoes, macaroni & cheese
and baked beans.
Just waiting for it all to warm up
on the stove and in oven.. It better hurry up
because I'm hungry, lol.


Got the old calipers taken back to Advance Auto
to get my $30 core back.
Took them like forever and two people
to figure out how to do it.
Getting ready to watch my new
Ghost Hunters show here in a bit.
Seems like it's been a couple months
since they've put out a new show.

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