Sunday, September 16, 2012



Went down to the flea market this morning.
Found 1 Trans Am Matchbox car for .50 cents
and 3 Camaro Hotwheel type cars for .50 cents each.

4 bottles of BBQ sauce .50 cents each
1 box of Wheat Thins .50 cents
2 boxes Frosted Flakes $1.00 each
Large basket full of 53 Pillsbury, Betty Crocker,
Taste of Home, Better Home & Garden
and Favorite Brand Names mini magazine
type cookbooks...ALL for $2.00!!
I have a VERY large collection of these.
300-400 maybe.  Plus I'd say most
of the Taste of Home magazines.
To find them for about .03 cents a piece
plus get a free basket with it is 
a heck of a deal!
They sell for at least $4 each at the store
so worth at least $212!


Eating lunch, supper, whatever you want
to call it at this hour of the day.
I fried up the leftover meatloaf,
put it on buttered bread, then topped
with mashed potatoes and a tomato gravy.
Kids made a comment about wanting to go
to Bob Evans sometime, yeah right,
their too expensive.  So here ya go with
something similar to what you would find there.

For dessert is the layered dessert I made
from graham crackers, pudding and frosting.
Everyone seemed to like this so it's a keeper,
and easy & cheap to make.

I helped Tony work more on his truck today.
He put on the new master cylinder.
He test drove the truck and the steering
doesn't have any more wander and
the brakes seem to be working.
I know I'm tired of seeing this truck under
the carport being worked on and hope
it is fixed!  We've owned it since April/May
of this year and have yet to drive it anywhere
other than home when we bought it.

I crawled on the floor board of my truck
to see if I could find the brake light switch.
I found it, now trying to figure out how
in the world to get to it and replace it.
This isn't going to be easy because
the steering column blocks it from view
making it hard to get your hands up in there
and see what you are doing. 


Working on a simple supper.
This morning while at the flea market
they always have a food vendor out there
and the food smells so good, about
like fair food.  The kids were wanting
these fries they had with cheddar cheese and bacon on top.
At $4 a piece times two kids for $8.00
I had to tell them no but promised to
try and recreate the same thing at home
for supper.

1 large bag of fries $1.28
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese $1.15
1 pound bacon chopped up and fried $1.49
& a tad of these- seasoning salt, onion powder & salt


So for the price of one serving of fries at the flea market
I was able to recreate it at home and be able
to make 4 or more servings!
And mine has bacon chunks in it instead
of bacon bits and real cheese not processed.

Running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off.
Earlier me, Jonathan and two cats all
laid down in my bed and took a couple hour nap.
Now I'm behind with getting laundry done,
supper made, dishes done, and getting
things ready for school tomorrow.

Tomorrow after the kids get on the bus
me and Tony are going fishing.
Time to get away from the house and
enjoy a little peace and quite time.
I plan to pack a picnic lunch of salami
& cheese sandwiches, chips and a cooler
of canned pop to save money.
Only have to buy some night crawlers
and wax worms.  Should still have a variety
of dough ball still in the tackle box,
anise, cheese and bubble gum scents,
oh and have some shrimp in the freezer
that I found at Dollar tree to fish for
carp or catfish with as well.
Which reminds me, I need to go pull
that outta the freezer to thaw out in the fridge overnight. 

Time for Christopher to take a Zicam tablet.
His cold started Friday evening with a 
very runny and red nose.  Today as I type this
his nose is almost cleared up.
Still sneezing at times though
but I think the worst of it is over.
But anyways I believe the Zicam
works for us and I will still continue to use it.
You have to start taking it at the first
signs of a cold though to stop it early.


Last loads of laundry in the washer and dryer.
Time to set out clothes for tomorrow
and throw kids in the shower, oh
and make up some sandwiches for
our outing tomorrow.
Starting to wear down even after having a nap today.
I enjoy a little quiet time in the evenings
in my bedroom being able to watch some
tv before bed.  I get so tired of seeing the same
stuff on tv with reruns and watching most
of these reality shows (except for a few on Sci Fy,
Discovery, NatGeo and channels like that). 
knowing how it's going to end.
So now I've been watching shows that I've never
really seen before even though they may be old
like Little House on the Prairie and 
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.


Finally got everything done and are
able to rest for the evening!
My goodness I have been running full speed around here.
I even managed to get a shower in
but of course I couldn't just take a shower, lol.
While taking a shower I cleaned the tub and walls.
Hey, it's easier and faster this way!
No leaning over the tub and getting your clothes
wet.  Get in, suds up your old pouf, 
clean your shower and tub & rinse, then get your good
pouf and clean yourself.
I have an old raggedy bathing pouf,
that is a different color from the good poufs,
that I use to scrub the walls and tub with.
I then just hang it from one of the hooks
on the shower caddy to dry.
All in one convenient place.

Got all the clothes laid of for school tomorrow.
I noticed a couple shirts were a little wrinkled.
I have tried putting clothes back in the dryer
but that required a trip back downstairs to the
basement wasting my time and energy
(not good when you have body aches like I do),  
I've tried the steamer which takes too much time
to haul out in a very rushed morning, fill with water, wait for it to warm up, then carefully steam everything front and back
only to end up with a damp shirt to put on.
The best thing I came up with to solve this issue
is to fill a fine mist spray bottle.
(I use an old Febreze bottle)
with a little bit of liquid fabric softener
then fill the rest with water.
The night before, spritz the clothing that is wrinkled,
give a little tug here and there to smooth out
and hang to dry overnight.
Makes the clothes smell good too! 

And lastly, because I am very rushed in the mornings
to get kids up and ready and believe me they
don't like to get up let alone move too fast in the
mornings, I put portioned out cereal in reused
cool whip bowls and put the lids on them
and on the counter ready to go with spoons and cups.
All I have to do is take the lids off,
pour some milk on them and give them
to the kids to eat for breakfast.
Any time I can shave off mornings is a plus
whether it sounds crazy it not it seems
to be working for me.



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