Saturday, September 8, 2012



It's Saturday morning and I should be sleeping in right?
Oh no for some reason I was up at 6:45am
watching the rain and wind blow through.
What I can't figure out is the radar is showing
the rain and clouds moving North and Northeast
but I see the clouds outside moving South and Southeast.


Got the house tidied up, a load of laundry
in the washer, Tony cleaned the kitchen
and did dishes then we went out on an
emergency call for his work.
After that stopped by Kroger to
do our weekly grocery shopping.
Now Jonathan and Tony are working
on getting his truck back together,
wheels and lines put back on.
I pray to God that what we've done
to that truck lately will help the road wander it has. 
Kroger deals I found-

20 pound bag of cat litter $1.69

5.13 pound seasoned chicken leg quarters 
$3.53 @ .69 cents a pound.

4.37 pound chicken leg quarters
$3.01 @ .69 cents a pound.

Loaf of bread .49 cents (was .99 cents)
2 more cans spaghetti sauce .57 cents (was $1.00)
Bob Evans maple sausage roll
Free with coupon (was $3.00)

24 pack Big K diet cola
$2.49 (this is the price of a 12 pack!)

Barilla Rotini .69 cents (was $1.34)
Fruit & grain blueberry bars $1.09 
I get things like these for Tony to keep
in his car when he gets low blood sugar.

My rock garden has been filling in quite nicely
from where I planted an assortment of different
kinds of Zinnia seeds.
Tony was helping me last night with adjusting
the rock garden and he smashed a finger between two rocks.
Looks painful!
I noticed the bruising last night right before bed.

Finally after a couple years of trying to grow
flowers in the rock bed I am able to enjoy
them for the first time this year.
Our lovely neighbor behind us just decided to
dump all these large rocks in our back yard
a couple years ago claiming he was going to
make a flower bed out of them.  Yeah right!
They weren't exactly in a real circle to start with
and quite a few rocks were just laying around 
the yard.  It looked hideous and I didn't appreciate
him dumping them in our yard and I couldn't
really pick them up to move them due to their size.
I tried to cope with it and plant flower seeds
in it to make it look decent only to discover
our backyard neighbor was putting weed killer
spray on them and killing off any starts to the flowers.
Well earlier this year that neighbor lost his house
due to foreclosure.   I didn't hesitate to try 
and get that rock garden built up and look
nice and have flowers in it for once
since I'm stuck with the large rocks.
Someone has actually bought the house
and are rebuilding and redoing everything on it
and in it and making it look so nice compared
to the way the other guy kept it.
They even removed the ugly so called fence
the other guy put up.  I called that fence a hitching post
because it only had posts and cross boards
but no actual fence boards on it like a normal fence.
Picture something like this below.
bamboo fence frame
No one lives in it yet though which makes
me wonder if the people who bought it
are house flippers.  I hear rumors of someone buying
up the cheap foreclosed houses and renting them out
around here.  I can't imagine doing all that work
to this house to rent it out and that's why
I was thinking maybe they are flippers. 

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