Monday, September 3, 2012


Hubby has to work today.
Kids are out of school for Labor Day.
Today is laundry day for me.
Don't that sound like a fun way to celebrate a holiday.
Might try out my Cake Pop pan also as
I found a strawberry cake mix in the pantry
along with some white baker's bark to dip them in. 
Just got done making some grape jelly.
I hope I did it right as I've never made it before.
I plan to freeze the jelly until needed. 
Place the jars into old, clean socks
to keep them from breaking and clanging against one another.
Use socks that you can't seem
to find the mate for and don't know what else
to do with single socks. 
I kinda followed THIS RECIPE 
and THIS RECIPE for freezer jelly.
The grapes were free and boxes
of fruit pectin I got from Kroger marked
down to .25 cents each.
So this made for some really cheap grape jelly.
Got them sitting on the counter for
about 24 hours.  I keep hearing "pop"
from the lids sealing.
Now I only wish I had the energy to
make some homemade salsa.
Got a large bowl of garden tomatoes
that keep staring at me.


Started feeling really tired and laid down
to take a nap.  Body's a little achy but nothing major.
Just so tired and feel like I could of slept the rest of
the evening.  I went to bed at a reasonable hour
last night, slept through the night and got up at 6:30am. 
Gotta finish up my laundry.
Got a load in the washer and dryer and
maybe one more load yet to do.
Then comes the fun of matching up outfits for kids and putting everything away
and getting everything laid out for school tomorrow.
Don't have anything set out for supper tonight
or know what to make.
Still waiting for rain they call for.
Nothing.  It seems like once the rain reaches
Columbus it goes another direction or disappears.  

Taking a break and decided to add another tab up top
for cheap and/or easy holiday recipes.
Ya know I started seeing Halloween things out
about a month ago and just started seeing
some Thanksgiving items this past week.
Crazy I know but y'all know it'll soon be here
and I need to start planning my menus and
buying things little by little for the holidays now
so it doesn't creep up on me all at once with
a large grocery bill. 


For supper I made sloppy joes over toast.
The kind you eat with a fork and
not pick up as a sandwich.

1 pound deer burger- free
1 can diced tomatoes with liquid- .39 cents
Fry together in skillet until meat is cooked.
Add in 2 can tomato soup- .99 cents
and a 1/2 bottle of bbq sauce- .12 cents
Franks Red Hot Sauce to taste- free

Serve over 2 slices of toast- .25 cents, for each person.
Add a slice of cheese on top- .45 cents

.55 cents per serving.

And while making the sloppy joes
I made up some of those cake pops.

You have to tweak the cake mix

recipe according to the cake pop directions
in order to make a denser cake.

1 cake mix (I used strawberry)
1 box pudding (I used banana)
4 eggs
1/3rd cup oil

To make getting the cake batter into the pan
much easier since it was so thick, I put the
batter into a zip bag and cut off the corner
and squeezed the batter into each cup.
I filled the cups up about 3/4's of the way full.

I baked at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.

Since I was just experimenting with my
new cake pop pans I decided not to
dip them into chocolate once baked.
Maybe for the holidays I will.
But today I rolled each one into powdered sugar.
They look like large donut holes.
To make them for a nice presentation
for a potluck, gift or holiday you may
have to trim the cake around the sides
and top to make them more rounded because
they can form a lip around the middle
or a nipple top, lol.  I pulled the first pan
from the oven and showed hubby them
and said look, BOOBIES!

  Well I'm tired and have to change laundry over
and get it put away.
Hubby got home not long ago
and is now working on putting the steering
box in the truck.  He has the work pager so are
hoping it stays quiet for now.  Hopefully he gets the 
calipers off so we can take those back to
Advance Auto for our cores.
The calipers were each $15.99 and
the core was $15.00 each!
The set on the truck was very rusty and
the brake pads weren't hitting the rotors right.
The rotors still seemed to be in good shape
and don't appear to be warped or pivoted.
If need be we could always have them 
turned instead of buying new if 
we had to go that route.
Turned is around $15 or so at Napa (161) compared
to about $40+ to buy new for each one.
When we bought the truck the front end
had a lot of wander and the brakes
where really sticky or gripping too much.
That's the reason we haven't drove it.
Plus the gas tank strap broke off
sine we bought it but fixed that for $5.
I don't remember when we purchase the truck
but I'm pretty sure it was right after we got
our tax refund which was many months ago.
Now are trying to get it road worthy
for Tony to drive to work this Winter
consider it is a 4x4.
I told Tony we need to put push bars
and a winch on our 4x4 trucks that way
we could make a little extra money
during the Winter months pulling out stuck cars
or pushing disabled ones.


Last load of laundry in dryer thank goodness.
Got the rest of the clothes hung up
and outfits matched up and hung on hangers.
That makes life so much easier for me
in the mornings!  
Time to relax and maybe get a shower
in before my Lizard Lick comes on.
I saw on a preview that the guy who wants
to buy Lizard Lick might be doubling his offer
and I want to see if they will sell the company
to him.  That would suck to lose the show but sometimes
money talks at the right offer that can't be refused.

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