Monday, September 17, 2012



This morning I got the kids off to school 6:30-7:00am.
Mom stopped by at 7:30am to pick up the 
cookbook magazines I got yesterday to go through them.
At 8:00am me and Tony headed out, stopped
by the bait shop at Central College and
then went fishing at a couple places at Hoover.
Got home around 1:30pm.  
I didn't get a bite once when fishing and
Tony caught a sunfish and a blue gill.
Asked other fisherman if they were catching
anything and they weren't having any luck either.
We did enjoy our time together and went on
a few nature walks around the water.
We like to see if we can find any fishing supplies
from snagged lines when the water was much
higher.  When it's low you can find lots
especially in the live trees, fallen dead trees and branches
and rock areas. It's great exercise and you
get to replenish your tackle box for free
with hooks, sinkers, swivels, lures and bobbers.
We also now look for old bottles and
have a small collection of them we started last year.
Here's the two we found today.

Not sure what bottles these are.
The soda bottle one as a Pat number
and a G in a square.
This was made by the 
Glenshaw Glass Company.
This mark was used between 1932 to 2004.

I suspect it might be a Pepsi bottle because
of the raised swirl pattern on it.

The triangular bottle has an A in a circle
with a slash under it.
This means it was made by 
Armstrong Cork Company (Glass Division)
in Dunkirk, Indiana.
It was made between 1938 and 1969. 

You can look up a bunch of glass manufacturing
marks HERE.

 Pics from Oxbow.

Not sure what these brick things were found
while walking in the wooded area of Oxbow.

My two Shakespear poles.

Saw this neat little rainbow in the clouds.
Look above the jet trail.

Morning clouds

Tony's Blue Gill.

Twin Bridges

 Me fishing off the rocks.

Tony's Sunfish


I made mini pizzas for supper with
Grands biscuits, spaghetti sauce, 
shredded cheese and pepperoni.

So tired.  Might go lay down a little bit.
I still have to make a cover and a pillow
case for the wedge pillow I made
for my step-dad.  His birthday is tomorrow
so need to get this done asap!


I started feeling a tickle/scratchy in my throat
and a little runny nose.  GRRRR!
I took a Zicam at 6:30 and
are due for another one at 9:30pm.
Well, let's see if this stuff will work on me
as I have only tried it on the kids
with good results.  Don't ya just love
when the kids go back to school
and share this stuff with ya.


I just now told Tony this, lol!

I think there are wireless sensors in my butt cheeks.
Every time I sit down it emits this invisible wave
to alert kids that I am sitting down.
I mean what else can it be?
I can be up walking around and do stuff
and no one bothers me.  It's the moment
I sit down that I start hearing, "mom",
"mom can you?"  "mom I need"
"mom where's my?" and the list goes on 
and on.   


Time for a Zicam to fight off this cold.

I've been trying to research this one soda bottle we found today.
I am no expert when it comes to this stuff
and are only learning as I go.
But anyways I think the soda bottle I found
is a 6 1/2 fl. oz Pepsi bottle from 1958.
That is based upon the markings on the bottom,
the weight on the bottle and the raised swirl design.
 Hoover Dam in Westerville, Ohio was built in
1955 so this was three years after the dam was built.


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