Tuesday, September 18, 2012



We've been having internet problems.
I got everything shut down and rebooted
and that seemed to work.

This morning I took Tony to Tee Jays to eat.
I figured why not splurge one day on vacation to eat
out at our favorite place. 

 Didn't really do much of anything else today.
I spend a couple hours sewing a pillow
case for the wedge pillow.
Tonight we're going to mom's for my
step-dads birthday.  

Got a bunch of freebies in the mail today.
-Free Scotch Brite sponge
-Coupon good for a free box of Plum Kids.
-can of Progresso Soup Starter.

Got tomorrow's supper planned in advance.
Grilled cheese on Kroger brand Texas garlic toast
with Swiss cheese slices from a block of
Kroger brand Swiss cheese.
Serving with Chicken, brocolli,
potato and cheese soup.


Had to lay down and rest my eyes a few
after the birthday party.
Along with the wedge pillow I made
we also gave my step-dad a thermostat
he's been wanting with a larger readout 
and a lit display.  Tony installed it for
him while there.  Plus we gave
him our leaf blower & vac with attachments & bag
whether he wants to consider that part
of his birthday or not.

Feeling like poo.
Got a head cold with runny nose/congestion.
Still taking the Zicam and just took a hot bath.
I love hot baths when I don't feel good.
The hottest I can stand with shower curtain closed
so steam can help with any congestion.
Plus I've been dealing with acid reflux,
especially in the middle of the night
with trips running to the bathroom out of a deep sleep
having to get sick
because it wakes me up coming up the back of my throat
causing me to gag, cough and eventually get sick.
Feels like hot lava scorching the heck 
out of my throat.  It's been this way all day since
getting sick last night.
I took an acid reflux pill not long ago.
Wasn't sure if I could take it with my prescription
medicine.  At this point I don't care as the
burning in my throat is very bothersome.
Along with food getting "stuck" in my throat
also making me sick a couple times today. 

Trying to feel better any way possible.
Tomorrow morning after getting the kids
off to school me and Tony might go fishing
up in Delaware.
It's gonna be brrr tomorrow morning with a low of
42 degrees, in the 30's on the outskirts of Columbus.
I try stay moving because I know if I do nothing
but lay down and sleep when like this
it seems to make it worse.  But sometimes
sleep is best for when I get Crohn's flare ups.


Heading to bed.
nighty night.




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