Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Still have the sniffles, cough and congestion.
I don't do the coughing thing very well
because I have weak bladder muscles.
I'm just falling apart, lol.
Still up and moving about though which is good.
Keeping a supply of napkins at hand,
in pockets and my purse.
Don't have tissues but have a stocked supply
of napkins from fast food places that I have saved. 

Got the kids off to the bus stop.
The bus was 15 minutes late today
and 20 minutes late yesterday causing
the kids to be late for school.
The kids tell me it's because the bus has
a new stop this week which is not even
in the are for our school.  Try like near
Upper Arlington area near my hubby's work.
Doesn't make sense to me to have this
additional stop so far away causing
the kids to be late for school almost every day this week. 

It was brrr out there at the bus stop this morning
in the 40's.  Fall starts this weekend.
Time doesn't "Fall" back til November 4th I think.


Went fishing and still did not have any luck.
I don't know if it's because of the low water levels,
air temperature or what.  I fished in my favorite
fishing hole where I usually pull out carp and

Now I'm trying to get a game plan as to how to
remove the break light switch on the 1999 Suburban.
It's in a heck of a tight spot!

Ok let's start with the view of the brake pedal, floor board
and up underneath the lower portion of the dash.
Next we will follow the brake pedal bar up
to the underside of the dash.

Ok now look at the above photo.
That middle section is your steering column,
that thing behind the welded on bracket with bolts
on each side.  Behind that steering column just peeking
out on the upper left side is a white plastic
piece which is the brake light switch. 
Look between that left bolt and the steering column.

Here is a better picture under the dash where my eyes
cannot see and I had to use the camera
to get an idea of where it was at.
The big black piece of metal is your brake bar.
The copper colored piece is your push rod
and you can see where the brake light switch
clamps around it.  There is a retainer clip
on the left hand side of that brake light switch
I have to figure out how to remove.
Attached to the top of the switch is
your electrical connector that will need unplugged.
Then switch out the switch with a new one,
attach the retainer clip, plug in the new one.


It took me about 2.5 hours give or take as
I took many rest breaks in there
to replace the brake light switch.
Small hands required and this is the reason
I did it instead of having Tony do it. 
You have to twist your body and hands into
such tight spaces that I thought a couple times
I became a permanent fixture to the truck
because I had my fingers get stuck
between a couple pieces of metal parts
and had to literally pull them out
and hurt my nuckles.  I also had to remove any rings
it was that tight that it had no allowance for
the smallest of rings to be on your fingers!
Tony said he felt guilty because I did it
instead of him.  It was either I did it or he was going
to take the steering column apart to get to it.
That sounded way too difficult.  I Googled some
of how to repair it. All I could find was diagrams,
nothing about how to get the freaking clip off
which was a pain in the butt along with
unhooking the wires from the switch. 
For the clip I kept wedging and prying a flat
head screw driver under it til it popped of
and flew somewhere up under the dash.
Tony was my hero and found it for me
because that is a part you can't lose
as you will be reusing it.
As for removing the wiring I managed to get a small screwdriver
in the side of the switch so it would release the wires.
A lot of times it was like doing this
blind folded and only could go by feel
because of where the switch was located behind everything. 
Oh, and don't forget the fact that I had to lay on my back
with my head up underneath the dash somehow.
Not a very comfortable position even with the seat back
as far as it would go.  I should of had Tony take pictures
but that would have been too embarrassing with my legs
sometimes up in the air on the seat or
I had brought over a little table and set it beside the doorway
of the truck to support them on.
And the fact that I had to hold a mini flashlight
in my mouth most of the time as my hands were
both needed up under the dash.
I got my atta girl for the day
and are so proud that I was able to accomplish
such a job!  It would be a tough decision
as to whether or not I would want to replace
another brake light switch or the fuel pump
again on the truck.  After this go round with
the brake light switch I think I remembered
telling Tony I'd rather do another fuel pump!

I got to looking at the old brake lights switch
to see what may have been wrong with it.
I think the burnt spot inside on the metal
part may have been the problem.

Well gonna chill for a bit then work on supper.
First I need to get the feeling back in my arms and hands, lol.
I'm going to make grilled cheese sandwiches 
out of Texas garlic toast and a block of Swiss cheese.
Will serve this with a chicken & broccoli,
cheddar and potato soup.


Now that's a grilled cheese sandwich!
It actually stretched further but it was as long as
I could stretch it while holding it in one hand and
getting a picture with the other, lol.

For those of you who watch Lizard Lick Towing...
I just read tonight on their blog that 
We've all been on edge awaiting the new show
to see if they would and was so happy to find out
before then.
Read about it in their blog


Have y'all heard about a Woolly Worm predicting the weather?
The woolly worm is a fuzzy caterpillar with black and brown bands. The Woolly Worm has 13 alternating black and
brown stripes.  According to legend each of those bands
corresponds to one of the 13 weeks of Winter
from December to March.  
The longer the brown band is with less black, the milder the Winter.
The shorter the brown band is with more black,
 the harsher the Winter.

Well people have been finding all black Woolly Worms
in Lancaster, Ohio!!
Not good!! 
I haven't seen one this year so I guess
we will have to wait and see what the weather
has in store for us this Winter.

Oh and before I head off to bed,
I saw Christmas decorations and trees
in a store today!!!  What is it like
about 95 days til Christmas?
This is crazy!!

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