Thursday, September 20, 2012



This morning me and Tony went
to Innis Woods Park and walked around.

After the park we stopped in Harbor Freight.
I wanted to splurge and buy one of those solar powered
motion sensor security lights.
They were regular $25 but with a coupon
they were $17.99.
Before I even install it I have it charging in the sun
and want to see how bright it actually is.
If it's not to my liking I will take it back
if need be.  In all actuality I would like
to have a security light on the end of
the carport and one facing the back yard.
So figured I'd test one out before buying any more.

The guy in front of us at the checkout was purchasing
a driveway sensor.  We asked about it and he
said he loved it and it works really well
and he's buying another one for his home.
This would be something else to consider putting on
the one side of our yard where intruders like
to jump the chain link fence and in the driveway
to detect anyone possibly getting in our vehicles.
We might be considering redoing the gate on
the drive way to make it 6 foot tall instead of
3-4 foot.  And maybe one day continuing the
privacy fence down the side of the yard
where the chain link fence is.  Not at the moment
as the funds are not there for it.
Maybe next Spring.

We keep finding more and more things that have been
damaged or stolen possibly by the kids that
was running around with the bolt cutters
that broke into our shed, the neighbor's garage
and damaged the neighbor's fence.
Tony has recently discovered that his $300
carburetor is missing from the shed.
And today Tony was working on the blue
Trans Am getting it cleaned up
and discovered that the kids with the bolt
cutters cut the hood pins off the car!!
It's just getting sickening anymore
and is stressing me out to no end! 
I nickname our home now Fort Lee
with all the barricades we've put up
to try and keep intruders out.

I also got the solar powered shed light put up.
I got it for only $1.00 at a yard sale.
They go for about $25 at harbor Freight.
Mine didn't come with a mounting
bracket for the solar panel
so I just wedged it into the side lip of the shed
to hold it in place.  It had sun in the spot
I put it in most of the day up until I took the photo.

It's not very bright at the moment
til it gets fully charged.  It will be nice
to see in the shed at night now.


We had open house at school tonight.
Wasn't feeling the greatest but managed.
My cold is better, at least the runny nose part
so that Zicam must of worked for that.
But still have the cough which is
causing my ribs to hurt.
I woke up this morning at 4:45am
with a bad coughing fit.
I have a sore spot in my back from laying
on the floor board of the truck yesterday
and then I have a small flare up in my legs,
back and hips with aching and throbbing pain from
Crohn's which is about normal when women
have that time of the month.
I know, I'm falling apart, what's new.
I just popped some Tylenol soon after getting
home from Open House.  Not going to let it
all get to me.  Tomorrow is my yard saling day
and I'm not missing out on it.  Not very many days
left with weather permitting to do so while
the kids are in school.  And it's not very often
if that, that hubby and I do any yard saling
by ourselves.

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