Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Early in the AM and I'm already planning for supper.
Trying to figure out something I can make with
the leftover chicken from yesterday.
The only tweaks I have to this recipe
is I'll be using shredded sharp cheddar cheese
in the quesadillas
and ranch dressing instead of sour cream to dip them in.

My next project was the chicken broth.
I poured the liquids from the crockpot chicken
into a bowl and stuck in the fridge overnight
to allow the fat to come to the top and harden.
Now this morning all I had to do was spoon off
the fat, label the bowl and stick it in the freezer.
I have visions of homemade chicken noodle soup
with this :0)


Having lunch a little early, lol.
A tuna fish sandwich sounded good so that's what I had.
Kitties got a treat also of "tuna fish juice".

Honey Boo Boo is a straw thief!
When your back is turned he will
take the straw out of your cup and run off with it.
I found four straws on the living room floor this morning!

Mail Call. 
These are freebie items I received in the mail
in the past week.

-Horse magazine
-Good Housekeeping magazine
-Cosmopolitan magazine
-Downy UNstoppables


This shadow casting on my ceiling
looked weird as I've never seen it do that before.
It looked like tire tracks across the ceiling.
I'm easily entertained by the littlest things, lol.


Now with two cats in the house we face the problem
of odors from the litter boxes, we have two,
and change them more than once a week.
I think the cats are having a pooping competition around here
to see who can poop the most.
I am now only feeding them about 1/2 cup
of food to each of them, maybe a little more.
Before I would leave a large food bowl out
for them to snack on for a few days.
Each morning I am greeted at the bedroom doorway
with cats underfoot that are meowing
wanting their breakfast.
But anyways I have been trying to figure out
what to do about litter odor.  We have a small
house so the odor travels much easier.
I've tried clumping litter and scented litter
only to find the one cat didn't seem to like
it and would use the potty outside his box
so we went back to regular clay litter.
Would rather have the smell than a mess
on the carpet!
So have been racking my brain as to how
to get rid of the odor.  Scented air sprays only
mask the smell temporarily, like not even
30 minutes, then you are greeted with
the scent of floral poo as it starts to dissipate.
So I have come up with the idea of wanting
to try charcoal.  The kind you use in grills.
Charcoal, actually the carbon in them, absorbs odors in the air.
I could set a couple bowls out throughout
the house out of reach from the cats like
let's say on top of a dresser or on the top shelf
of closets.  As it is nearing Fall I would think
stores would be marking down Summertime
items like this to make way for Fall,
Halloween and Thanksgiving items.
So are hoping to find a marked down 
bag of charcoal somewhere.

Man, don't this recipe look good??!!

It's called Loaded Potato & Buffalo Chicken Casserole.
That'll have to be made another week
as I need a few ingredients for it like cheese
and green onions.  Green onions can usually be found
at Kroger marked down.
And if once I make this recipe and it turns out
really good I might keep it in mind for 
a potluck food for Tony's work when he
requests something.  
Gotta make something good to brew
up the business, lol.

 Sometime this weekend I would like to
try to make Rostisserie Chicken in the crock pot
with some of the Kroger marked down
seasoned chicken leg quarters I picked up last weekend.



For those that know me and live in
my neighborhood...or are new neighbors,
ha ha, you know who you are...
I tell you all the time about teenagers who
are hooligans, druggies and thieves.
I know to look for suspicious activity
and listen to my gut now.
I'm sitting here watching tv and eating supper
when I noticed these three teens,
all in the age group of about 17 years old
just standing/hanging out across the street from our home.
Why does this video I took look suspicious to me?
Two don't live on this street and I know
that the white boy lives 2 streets South of here.
He doesn't visit this side of the neighborhood often.
The skinny white boy's name is Jeremiah
aka alias Jehr-Bear.  You can often find him
without a shirt on and he has long blonde & wavy hair.
He is a doper as well.
He will steal things.  He was witnessed by my
neighbor hopping our gate and stealing one
of my kids bicycles but the cops
wouldn't do anything with just having
witnesses to say he did it.
He has damaged our neighbors home by breaking
their outdoor lights and shooting BB's through
their windows.  He is a Troublemaker
with a capital "T"!
And the other reason they caught my attention
was some people may think they are catching
up on some friendly chat out on the sidewalk.
Don't assume anything!!
This is there way of scoping out your house!!
They had a whole neighborhood to look
around at and I saw all three of them 
staring hard at our house!
Makes me nervous like a lion getting
ready to pounce on it's prey.
It's a recurring event to look out for
to make you very cautious!
Dogs and cameras don't mean anything to them.
Most my neighbors have dogs and
I have cameras.  They still strike.
My crappy video (sorry grabbed the camera
quickly and was trying to discreetly video them)
will also help if they do decided to make
an uninvited visit to our home during the night
and the security cameras pick them up.
It will help me identify them by the clothing they 
are wearing. 
I'll be reviewing the cameras tomorrow for any activity.


Tony and Jonathan was outside working
on replacing a brake line on the truck
that broke off due to rust.  I'm just thankful
that happened in our driveway and not out
on the road!  In the mail I got a 20% off total
purchase at Napa so I gave that to Tony
to buy his brake line with.  Every little bit helps.
While the boys were busy I decided to hop
in the shower.  I get out and dressed and checked
on the boys to see what they were doing.  
Tony says come here, hee hee.
So I goes outside and around his truck to see
what he's pointing at.  
He then says, I dare them to get in the shed now!
If they try they will have to make noise doing it.
We have our windows open at night.
Oh my goodness it sucks having to live like this.
He's got the riding mower, a wagon and
the basketball pole top in front of the shed.

I was thinking about getting some solar powered
motion security lights for the back yard and driveway.
They are $17.99 at Harbor Freight with 
a coupon from the paper.  Originally $24.99.
Sucks I can't afford them right now.


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