Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Supper's in the crock on warm.
We'll be having Frito Pie.
I dumped a can of Busch's baked beans,
pork & beans, can of diced tomatoes, 8 sliced up hot dogs, 
onion powder and some brown sugar into
the crock pot.  This will be served over 
corn chips and topped with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.
If it gets too liquidy while warming I can
add a half can of kidney beans pureed in
the food processor to thicken it.

Most recipes say to put your meat and beans in the
bottom of a casserole dish and top with 
corn chips and cheese & then bake.  I did it my way should
there be any leftovers I can use them to make chili.
Chili wouldn't have been good with soggy
corn chips in it.  Always thinking ahead
and how to stretch one meal into the next :0)


Goodies from the garden,
an assortment of 3 different hot peppers
and tomatoes.  Got the finger carrots pulled up.
It seems they took a hit from the drought
and heat from this Summer due to their size :0(

Tony has decided that we all should go see
his coworker play ball at Berliner Park tonight.
I have never been there before.
Sounds like fun trying to get there through
all the traffic.  Spending money at Kroger
for ice, drinks and snacks makes me worry
since we're in a tight money situation right now.


That seemed like a quick ball game that lasted
about an hour.  At least it was nice out.
Camera's date is screwing up again.

This little bee would not leave us alone!
Landed on our chairs, chased us when
we shooed him off, landed on our shirts,
then on my hand!
He was determined to get a drink of my pop.
I got him on my almost empty can 
and put it in the trash can and he didn't
bother us anymore. 

Glad to be back home in time
to watch some new Ghost Hunters
and Paranormal Witness tonight.
I had the DVR set if I didn't make it back in time :0)

I love watching this stuff on tv.
You name it I've probably seen it.
No one will watch them with me
so I get the bedroom to myself, lol.
-Ghost Hunters
-Ghost Hunters International
-Ghost Hunters Academy
-Ghost Lab
-Paranormal Witness
-Haunted Collector
-Haunted Highway
-School Spirits
-Ghost Adventures
-A Haunting
-The Haunted
-My Ghost Story
-UFO Hunters
-Destination Truth-Celebrity Ghost Stories
-Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
-Long Island Medium
-Ghost Whisperer
(not a reality show but just as good)

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