Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Been a long weekend.  
Got the kids and hubby off to work and school
then got all the bills done.


Got supper going in the crock.
Having beef pot roast with gravy,
potatoes and carrots.
-Beef Chuck Shoulder Pot Roast Boneless 
marked down to $5.40 was $9.75
-2 Amazing Taste Burger Seasoning packets .20 cents
-Carrots .50 cents
-Potatoes $1.00
I added about 2 cups water to bottom of
crock with the seasoning packets
then put in veggies and then the roast on top.
Sprinkled roast with onion powder,
garlic powder and salt.


Roast and veggies are done and the house
is smellin' good. 


Here we go again with trying to get
prescription refills for my husband.
Three months ago the doctor denied the
request for refills from our prescription mail
order company and told him to make an appointment
to come in first before getting his life medicines,
ones he has to take all the time for the rest
of his life.  He did go in for an appointment
and finally got his prescriptions after that
and he was totally out of them for a couple weeks
thanks to our doctor.
What I don't understand is when you turn your
prescriptions in to the mail order prescription company
they want the doctor to write them up as 
90 day supplies for a year.  So what is the sense
of this if before they send your prescriptions
they have to call your doctor first to confirm it every time.
We didn't have to do this when we were
getting his meds at kroger.
Doesn't make sense and that's where all
the problems are starting.

Our doctor is a bleep de bleep.  It's only been three months
since getting the last 90 day supply and a checkup for
Tony's prescriptions.
I got online and submitted a request to have them
refilled since the 90 days are up and he was running low.
The prescription company submitted the request
to the doctor and told us that the doctor's office
did not respond.  It's now a week or two later,
totally out of life prescriptions, and the prescription
company called Tony today to tell him that they 
finally got hold of our doctor's office and
the doctor denied the request again.
They must of faxed over the request and now
are trying to contact the doctor once again
demanding to know why it was denied.
I wish we could just go back to going to
Kroger pharmacy and get our prescriptions
and could prevent playing these games
that this doctor of ours wants to play.
In the meantime of not having medication
my husband feels the affects of not having them.
He has to take 5 prescriptions a day for the
rest of his life.  This is absolute BS getting
the run around every freaking time
we need to refill his meds. 
People with type 2 diabetes should see
their doctor about every 6 months,
NOT every 3 months unless there are problems,
which he does not have. 
I don't know why this doctor is doing this to us.
Sounds to me like a money hungry doctor
trying to get his patients in there as much
as possible to make a little extra dough.
When I had my toe injury I thought it was
ridiculous for him to want to see me
every one and two weeks for about two months.
That was a total of about 4-8 times in two months.  Crazy!
I should of just camped out there.
Heck my digestive doctor had me going about
8 months before seeing him again for a check up.
Something just doesn't sound right with
our family doctor and I don't know where 
else to go that's convenient with a more
understandable doctor that actually cares
about his patients and not about how
much money he's making. 


Just got done helping Tony take off old calipers
and put new ones on his truck.  My body was aching pretty
good earlier til the tylenol kicked in and
took the edge off.  Legs are throbbing now
after helping bleed the brakes on the truck.
I'm sure I'll feel that tomorrow.
Anyways all that is left to do is put on a few
lines, a bolt to the steering box and put
the tires back on the truck.  That will
be done tomorrow though as we are
running out of daylight and it's humid as heck outside.
I washed my hair last night to be able to color
it today.  I didn't use conditioner or any gel on
it and with this humidity my hair
looks like a fluff ball! 
It's almost 8:30pm and I'm debating about
coloring my hair this evening or waiting til tomorrow
as I'm tired.  Tomorrow sounds good, lol.


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