Friday, September 21, 2012



Yard sales kinda sucked today as I didn't find very many.

I got Tony a new in box car cover for $5.00.
He needed one to cover our blue Trans Am during the Winter. 

I did manage to find one Christmas gift
for Jonathan, A Craftman's Tool Set for $10!
At least that's the name on the wrenches
inside the case.
I thought that was a heck of a deal.
Jonathan's been wanting me to buy him 
a small socket set at the flea market
for about $5.00 that looked really cheap.
Now he will he will have a MUCH larger set
that is more durable.

 We stopped in the a thrift store since
yard sales sucked.
I bought this metal scroll cross with a clock
and are still debating as to whether
or not I want to keep it or give it as a gift.
Cost $2.92.

Oh and I also found a brand new roll
of wedding gift wrap for .90 cents
that looks like lace.


Tony's coworker just picked him up.
He's invited Tony to go the the Delaware County
Fair with him and said he'd even pay or his
food and admission
in to see the bus and pick up truck races this evening at 7pm.
Hoping the coworker will send me pics of it all.
I checked out some videos of the races
from last year (I have never been to one)
and if ya ask me it just looks plain silly
to race buses in a figure 8 track.

Delaware State Fair 2011 bus races.

 I am still amazed they still allow bus racing
after the bus crash at Columbus Motor Speedway
that broke through a concrete barrier
and injured several spectators three years ago.

Columbus Motor Speedway 2009 bus races. 



Here are this week's freebies I received in the mail.

-2 cans of Progresso Recipe Starters
-1 bag of  Purina Cat Chow
-Good Housekeeping magazine

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