Saturday, September 15, 2012



This morning we went to the scrap place
with two small buckets.
One 5 gallon bucket with brass
faucet fixtures, didn't even fill the bucket.
And another what I call wash bucket,
like you use around the house to mop
with, had a few pieces of copper in it.
Then we had 22 pounds of aluminum cans.
Made $63.38 off that little bit of metal.
Plus due to our money situation I scrounged
around and found 4 scrap metal checks
and the check from the insurance company
from getting reimbursed from having our
vehicle towed.  Made a trip to the bank
to deposit them.  That will help a little bit.

Found a large neighborhood sale
and stopped at a few.
Didn't find much but I was very cautious
about what I did buy to make sure
I didn't over spend or buy things that wasn't

Bought these two coffee mugs with warmers
new still in their boxes for $1.00 each.
Might use one for Tony's white elephant Christmas gift exchange at work which they ask that you spend $5.00 for.
Since there seems to be a lot of coffee drinkers there
I thought this might make a great gift for that.

This stacked boxed set was found in a freebie box.
This will be nice to gift some cookies and treats
in for Christmas.

 Tony Hawk Ride for XBox 360 $2.00
I looked all over for this last Christmas
and it was either too expensive or sold out.
Kinda hard top put back as a gift when
the kids were with us.  Oh well it was only $2.00.

And lastly I bought a necklace to put
back for mom for Christmas for $1.00.
I thought it matched the bracelet I bought
last Friday at a yard sale for .50 cents
that had the same silver metal beads
and faux diamonds.
I had a hard time taking pics of it
so did a video instead.
FYI The bracelet is hanging from the necklace
to compare the two.


Just got supper in the oven.
I made meatloaf stuffed with mashed potatoes.
I also am boiling up some carrots on the side.
Will mix those with a little butter and
a tad of maple syrup for a touch of sweetness.

For dessert I made
I used instant French vanilla pudding.
For the chocolate topping I had a partial
tub of cream cheese frosting and added
some cocoa powder to it.
Then topped the dessert with some
peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Earlier we had to stop by Oreilly's Auto Parts.
Tony cars just up and died and we needed 
a new batter cable end which was corroded 
and not making a good connection $2.49.
It works now with the new end thank goodness!
Then I bought a brake light switch for
the Suburban which doesn't have any brake lights $8.49.
Yup I've been driving without any so
people better be paying attention
or their gonna find out what a 
Suburban butt tastes like.
They do work if I'm sitting at a light
and have the brake pedal pressed down hard though.
Just not while gently pressing them down to
come to a stop.
Hopefully these cheap fixes will do the trick.
Now need to Google how to replace
the brake light switch which should be right
above the brake pedal up under the dash.
Everything sounds easy til you start tearing
things apart.  


Supper was good and I'm stuffed!
We ate about half the meatloaf.
I saved the rest for tomorrow where
I'll fry up meatloaf slices in a skillet
then put them on top of a slice of bread
and put gravy over the top.

Christopher's been fighting a cold and runny nose.
Since he got up this morning I've been
giving him Zicam chewable tablets every three hours.
I was able to find more in the mark down
bin at Kroger a couple weeks ago for $3 & $4.

About ready to shoot all of our vehicles
and put them out of their misery.
Tony's car died again.  He thinks maybe
the battery isn't charged to the fullest
because of being unhooked the other night 
or maybe he needs another battery.
I do know of a place that sells used batteries
with a warranty for about $20 to $30
so that's a plus.  It's just that all these little things
are starting to add up real quick.

Tony also got his truck down off jack stands.
It's been like that for about two weeks or so now
working on calipers, brake lines, brakes & steering box.
The other day we went to bleed the brakes and
when I pushed the pedal it went to the floor
with a clunk sound.  Now we're pretty sure
the master cylinder took a crap.
It's shooting brake fluid upwards.
$17.99 to go pull one at the junk yard
or get a new one for $11 more.
I think this time around I'll opt for the new one.
All I keep hearing are cha ching, cha ching, cha ching.
Still need to give the vehicles an oil change
in the near future.
Oh, and I also got a can of SeaFoam for my truck.
It's normally $10.99 a can and was on sale
for $6.99.  I've been using this stuff for 
a couple years now.  You pour it in your gas tank.
My truck has 213,500 miles on it and everyone
once in awhile likes to smoke out the tail pipes.
This seems to help it.
SeaFoam safely frees sticky lifters and piston rings,
removes carbon build-up and oil residue,
reduces pinging and rough idle.
Every once in awhile we might use
some engine restore and use a thicker
oil during oil changes due to the high mileage.

When you don't have money to take vehicles
to a repair shop that costs and arm and leg,
then this is some of the things you do yourself
to keep your vehicles hobbling along.

I think sometime I would like to get a new
starter for my truck.  Someday though
as a new starter is about $65.
It's been cranking and grunting slow upon
start up since we bought the truck a couple years ago.
I just learn not to run accessories like the radio while the
truck is off and to turn off any fan blowers
before turning off the truck because that
makes it extra hard to start. 

No need to buy one of those fancy manuals
at the parts store for $30 to $50.  You can Google or YouTube just
about anything on how to repair cars now a days.

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