Monday, September 10, 2012



Got the wedge pillow all put together and
the batting sewed around it by hand.
Now all I have to do is make a pillow case for it.

Before & After

Got 4 chicken leg quarters in the crock pot.
They were $3.01 for a little over 4.5 pounds worth.
They seem to be the cheapest chicken I can find
and use all the time.  You can get a lot of meat off them.
I try to avoid buying chicken breasts, wings
or drumsticks which are the most expensive
unless I can find them marked down which
isn't too often. 
My recipe calls for canned chicken which is
more expensive than buying packages of chicken. 
Sure it is more convenient to open a can
of cooked chicken but you are paying
lots more for that convenience when you
figure out how much it costs per pound.

I can probably get two meals out of the
4 chicken leg quarters once I remove the skins
and cut up the chicken.  Plus I can save any
chicken stock in the freezer to make soups
or boil pasta in to give it more flavor. 
Might make a chicken burrito sometime this week.

I haven't gotten around to making salsa just yet
with my garden tomatoes.  I had found myself
with a large amount of tomatoes sitting on my
counter that I couldn't get to before going bad
so I washed them all up and put into freezer bags
and froze them all.  I ended up with about
4-5 bags of tomatoes.  
If you prefer skinless tomatoes you will need
to blanch them first by adding your tomatoes
to a pot of boiling water for about a minute
then plunge into ice water and peel the skins off
and put into freezer bags.

I try not to let things go to waste.
When purchasing bananas and I find that
we don't eat them as fast as I'd like and I put
the bananas, peel and all, into a freezer bag
and freeze them.  These bananas will some
day go into banana bread.  

One time awhile ago I ran across some 
paper bags filled with bananas at Save-A-Lot.
For .25 cents a bag I ended up with a ton
of bananas and had to find a way to preserve them.
I peeled them all, mushed them in a food processor
and added a little lemon juice.  I then put 1 cup of the pureed
bananas into individual zip freezer bags.  When I wanted
to make banana bread I already had the correct amount
in each bag to use.


Today I was thinking about making some
black bottom cupcakes out of a lone
Devil's Food cake mix I have.
Got to thinking, wonder if there is a way
to extend this cake mix to actually make
more than what is said on the box.
Well wouldn't you know there is a recipe
out there to do just that!

This would be great to use for when you have
to bake cupcakes for a school treat and you need
about 30 cupcakes and the box only makes 24.

For a chocolate cake mix with the cake mix
extender I will add a heaping tablespoon of
cocoa to keep the rich chocolate flavor.

And did you know to cut down on fat with making
cakes or brownies you can add applesauce in place of the oil
in the same amount.  
A cup of oil has 1927 calories all from fat.
A cup of applesauce has 105 calories.

I have some natural applesauce in jars I found
discounted that I might use for my cupcakes.

I changed my mind.  Instead of cupcakes
I decided to make some homemade fruit leather
aka fruit roll ups with a jar of applesauce
with about 1/4 packet of raspberry jello mixed in.
Cheaper and much healthier for you 
than the ones you buy from the store.
You can use unsweetened applesauce
and sugar-free jello.

Jar of applesauce marked down .59 cents
and the jello was free.


Just got back from going with my step-dad to 
get a set of used tires.
I guess he had stopped by a used tire store
earlier this morning
and found a matching set of tires and
wanted me to check them out before getting them.
I'm glad I went because red flags with this
place I had never been to before started
popping up everywhere. 
Ok, I did get them to come down off $80
for a set installed to $70 installed and that
was about as far as it went with that place.
I talk price first then look at the merchandise.
I saw about 3-4 matching sets.  Didn't like any of them.
Tread was too worn, screws in the tires!
Then I noticed that while some tires looked
good the tread was very worn on one side.
I got told by the owner that that was normal!
Red flag number 1.  No that is NOT normal.
Ok so we look at another set but I see a screw in it.
They say they can plug it.  I said ok, what kind of
warranty do you offer?  Oh, we don't have a warranty
and neither does anyone else.  Excuse me, yes those
other places offer at least a 30 day warranty!
And there went red flag number 2.
So since I was so chit chatty with the owner I 
asked him how long he's been in business.
I got the reply, "oh a long time.  We've been here
almost 6 months now."
Uh, 6 months is not long to be in business.
And red flag number 3 pops up when they consider
6 months to be a looong time.
And when asked if they take a debit or credit card
and they tell me they only accept cash.
Well this is year 2012 and most businesses
take all sorts of credit cards.  Why just cash?
And red flag number four went up.
And I guess they told my step-dad on his
first visit that he had dry rotted tires on his vehicle when he
didn't and I don't like liars to gain business.
I told my step-dad we needed to leave.
So we went up the road to another tire place
I have not been to before.
Their tires were much better with beefier tread
and not worn down.
When I told the owner of the next place about
the guy telling me at the last place
that is was normal for tires to be worn 
down on the inside he just laughed and said, uh no!
I was only able to get them down $5.00.
But $5.00 is $5.00!  It was $80 for 
a matching set, installed, and took the old tires.
Still a little higher than I would have liked
because the last set I was able to get
him was something like $65.


Working on getting supper all put together.
For the sauce over the biscuits I tried to stretch it out.
I added 1 can of cream of chicken soup
in a pot and added 1 can of milk
and about 1.3 cups of 
dry cream soup mix. 
I use this to extend a can of canned cream soups.
I kept stirring everything while it cooked
then poured in some mashed potato flakes
to thicken everything.  I turned off the heat
and will let it sit to see if it thickens too much
and to add water if needed.
I will then add in chopped chicken,
peas and carrots.
Serve over top split open grands biscuits.

Here's all the chicken I got from 4 chicken
leg quarters.

While at it in the kitchen I decided to
make breakfast for tomorrow, baked french toast.
I will bake this along side the biscuits.
Was thinking about maybe adding some
fruit between the pieces of bread or
maybe some chopped up bacon.
Ok, so I'm hungry and my mind wanders when I'm hungry.

I cut pieces of white bread into 4's
and placed them inside a mini loaf pan.
I then mixed up some eggs, milk
and cinnamon flavored syrup and poured
it over top all of them and then drizzled
some melted butter over everything.
Then took a sugar-cinnamon grinder seasoning
and sprinkled that on top.
Right now they are sitting and soaking up
the milk and egg mixture til I get ready
to bake the biscuits for supper.
Once the French toast is baked I'll 
remove them from the pans and put in the
fridge til tomorrow morning when
I'll use the microwave to warm them up.


Hubby was telling me earlier on his way home from work
(he had to work late, mandatory overtime due
to some big wigs coming tomorrow)
that gas is now $4.00 a gallon.
(clutching my heart)
He did manage to find a few gas stations with
$3.68 per gallon.  I got some gas tonight
in my Burban for $3.65 at Turkey Hill
with a Kroger Plus Card.

Well I'm off to bed to watch some Lizard Lick.

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