Sunday, September 23, 2012



Went down to the flea market this morning
in search of a cheap leaf blower.
Didn't find one but found a couple other deals.

6 boxes of Wheat Thins .50 cents each.
These usually run $2.50 to $3.00 a box regularly. 
So it was like getting six boxes for the price of one.

Jonathan found a small toolbox with
deep well sockets, regular sockets,
2 spark plug sockets,
swivel socket, extension and wratchet
for .25 cents!

Tony spotted a Stanley tool box for $4.00
that he wanted for work.
I offered $3 and the seller accepted.

Jonathan has been wanting a real bow.
Seller had $5 but took $3.00 for it.
Really good deal!
I saw another person selling another
bow similar to this and they wanted $20.

Found two Firebird cars at the last table
before we left.  .50 cents each.

My problem with going to the flea market is
that I usually find the biggest or heaviest item
to buy as soon as I get there.
I saw this changing table for $5.00.
I thought it was a pretty good deal
considering I've been seeing them at yard
sales for about $15 to $20+.
I still hesitated though and started to walk away.
The guy yells to me saying he'd take $3.00
that he didn't want to have to pack
it back up in his truck and take it home.
I said ok to $3 and lugged it back to our truck.

I know, what in the world do I want a changing
table for?  Well I've been wanting one to make
a rolling office out of.  One that I can put wheels
on and be able to roll in and out of my coat closet.
I want to make something similar to the one below.
I'll remove the second shelf to be able
to put in hanging files.
Then I'd cut out some holes in the top to set
cups in to hold office supplies like scissors,
pencils, pens.  Then use the other side of
the top shelf to put my printer and paper on.

I hate laundry day.  I plan on getting
a bunch of blankets washed up also considering
the cooler weather is moving in.
And providing it's not raining outside
I'm going to hang all blankets and comforters
outside to dry to save a little money and 
make it go much quicker than using a dryer.


Went to Meijer to do some grocery shopping
for this week.  Spent $38 on groceries.

This week's menu so far-

1.  Tuna and noodle casserole

2.  Crockpot Lettuce Wraps
(I'm gonna add rice to the meat mix
to stretch it even further)

3.  Chicken Mac

4.  Lil Smokies wrapped in biscuits

5.  Lasagna Roll Ups

6.  Potato soup


1.  Doughnuts

2.  Chocolate Chip Waffles

3.  Sausage & Egg Burritos

1.  Toffee Cracker Cookies

2.  Celery & Peanut Butter

3.  Apples Slices with caramel dip 


Whelp two more loads of clothing laundry left
in the washer and dryer.  
This week I'll work on getting the blankets
washed and line dried.  Didn't have the time to do it today.

Back to normal tomorrow.  Vacation time is over with.
Time to batten down the pocket book
and watch the pennies again. 
Got another month and a week before
Tony gets another bonus then comes 
all the holidays, then another two months after
that til tax time.  Always counting the days it seems.

Back in January of this year I opened up 
a saving's account.  The bank puts $25 out of each
paycheck into the savings and the rest into the checking.
I know it's not much but I did that so 
come holiday time we'd have a little money
set aside for some expenses we may have with the holidays
like food for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner and gifts.


We have a frost advisory tonight.
Freeze warnings to the counties East of us.
40 degrees for a low overnight.
Brr in the morning.
Got the kids pants and long sleeve shirts
laid out for school tomorrow.
Still have not turned the furnace on.
I crack open a few windows
during the day and before the sun sets
I close up everything to hold any heat in overnight.

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