Thursday, September 13, 2012



Today I am making crock pot rotisserie chicken.
 I know I have made a lot of chicken lately.
My meals are planned around the
meat deals I can find at the store most of the time
and last week just happened to be chicken.

I am using seasoned chicken leg quarters
found at Kroger.  Gently cut and lift skin of chicken
and insert a couple small pieces of uncooked bacon.
I have apple wood smoked bacon. 
Next tightly wrap each chicken piece in
aluminum foil and place into bottom of
crock pot.  No need to add any water or liquids.
Cook on low for 6 hours depending
on the size of chicken used.

Next I'm making crock pot baked potatoes in another crock.
Wash and dry your potatoes,
prick with fork and rub with olive oil,
sprinkle with salt and wrap
in aluminum foil and place in crock pot.
I'm cutting my 7 potatoes in half
and wrapping each half individually
hoping that they get done in the same
amount of time it takes for the chicken to cook.
Larger baking potatoes takes up to 8 hours.

 Found some ears of corn in the freezer
that I thought would go well with supper.
These were blanched and dipped in
ice water, dried then wrapped in foil
and put in freezer bags. 
I stocked up when corn was on sale
for .10 to .15 cents an ear and froze them all.
This year it's .25 cents an ear so you see
where it saves you money to stock up
with the best buys of food providing you
have a large freezer. 

We got our freezer from
a couple in Powel who was losing their house.
(might I add that this was a huge and beautiful house
where money wasn't an option at the time
of purchase and they furnished it with high dollar items!)
We purchased a living room and end table set
from them off Ebay for $300, a matching leather couch and love seat, and matching marble, iron and glass top end table, coffee table
and sofa table and they ended
up giving us a TON (three truckloads)
of freebies including this freezer which
was 1 1/2 years old.

Anyways I unwrapped the corn,
slathered butter all over it
and salted it before wrapping back
up and putting it in the crock with the potatoes.

And while in the freezer I decided to
bring up a gallon of frozen chocolate milk
so the kids could have it for breakfast tomorrow.
I'll let it sit out to thaw and keep an eye on it.
I found a bunch of chocolate milk marked down
at Kroger back in April of this year 
and put it all in the freezer.  If I find any more
of the white milk marked down I plan to
buy a bunch and put it in the freezer as well
because I have a suspicion that the price of
milk will rise a lot.  I know at one time we
were paying almost $4.00 a gallon when
they had a gas hike.   I think that was 2008.
You begin to notice a pattern with 
food and gas prices.  I plan to be more prepared
this time around with stockpiling 
any mark down items I find.

 This morning for breakfast I made
the kids egg and cheese tortillas.
I'm out of regular bread and are making
do with what I have at hand.
Kids love the breakfast tortillas.
They like to put the Taco Bell mild sauce on them.
We save all our unused condiment packets
from eating out.  Comes in handy also
for when we go places and pack a picnic lunch.
No need to bring whole bottles of condiments
and take up space in the cooler.

As I'm in the kitchen prepping supper
I see Kitty Boo Boo in front of the
security camera monitor. 
Oh my goodness, he's watching the cars
go by trying to catch them, LMAO!
Kitty Boo Boo is looking out for Cat burglars, LOL!


Found a container of 4 stuffed peppers
from July in the freezer.
 I'll have one today and tomorrow for lunch
and pack the other two for Tony's lunch tomorrow.
When making meals I try when and where I can
to make a little extra to put in the freezer.
They make for some great, simple and quick lunches
without the worry.  Plus they are much cheaper, healthier
and more filling than buying frozen entrees at the store.

If you worry about the expense of buying
all those freezer containers like Glad or Zip Lock
my suggestion is to look for them at yard sales
for cheap.  They can run $2 to $3 on up at the store new
while I have found all mine at yards sales for
around .10 cents a bowl with lid or I have gotten
lucky and found a large bag full of them for a buck.
I even go as far as saving plastic butter, sour cream,
and cottage cheese bowls to put freezer meals in.


I tried to lay down and take a nap.
I couldn't fall asleep even though I feel tired.
I've been up 6.5 hours already.
So I got back up and decided to make
some cookie bars.
Right now they are cooling and awaiting the next step.
Hopefully will get them done by the time
the boys get out of school.
Can't afford to buy even the cheap store cookies
at the moment so have to get creative and bake some. 

I got an owie on my forearm :0(
My hubby is all the time trying to scare me.
I'll be so into my ghost shows on tv in the bedroom that he'll
sneak down the hallway from the living room
to the bedroom and bang on the door and yell
really loud to the point I think I do a double flip in the bed
scaring the crap outta me!
He laughs and laughs.
So I tried to get him back the other day.
He was outside by his car the other night
after dark and I snuck out the front door and
around the house so the security light wouldn't come on.
I hid on the side of my Suburban.
As he was walking up the drive way I ran up on him yelling and
beat on the hood to make some noise to scare him.
I didn't scare him and my plan backfired.
I hit my forearm on the hood at the corner of the fender
and it hurt like heck.
Once again he laughed and laughed and said,
"did that Burban bite you?"
I can't win!


Oh goodie another critter awaits me on 
the hood of my truck.
Does this mean good luck is on it's way??? 
I sure could use a little.

 I scooped him up for the boys to see.
He didn't like that too well as he was putting
up his dukes and flopping all over the place
giving me the creeps.  I hope the boys enjoy this
and let him go soon after seeing.
The things we do for kids.


Crock Pot perfection!
I love meals like these that I can put in
the crock, set it and forget it til supper time.
Smells so good in here.

Trying so hard not to turn on the air conditioner
in here.  It's 84 to 85 degrees in the house.
Tomorrow is supposed to be 10 degrees
less than today for a high.
I know hubby will come home and want
to turn it on. 


Just sitting down to eat supper.
Either I was hungry or that food was really good!
I only ate the chicken and potatoes.
Made the potatoes with some butter, salt
and a little parmesan.  The chicken I ate
without the skin.  I think it was the bacon
on the chicken that put it over the top with flavor.
It wasn't over powering though
and would keep people guessing as to what
the secret ingredient was as it was a subtle
hint of bacon but made a difference when
combined with the seasoning on top to give it the wow factor.
The crock pot potatoes were awesome as well.
I will be making this again sometime!

Earlier we went to Kroger to get some pop.
I was so glad to find 2 liters of pop with coupons
on them and the pop was on sale!
That was a relief considering I am watching our funds
at the moment.

Sunkist 10 calorie  $1.00
.55 cents coupon on bottle
made it .45 cents
bought 2 for .90 cents
about the price of one 2 liter of Big K.

A&W 10 calorie
(same as above)
bought 2 for .90 cents

Sun Drop 10 calorie
(same deal as above)
bought 2 for .90 cents

So I paid $2.70 for 6 bottles of pop.
6 bottles of Big K pop would have been $5.40
so I saved half price by checking out other pops!

Oh and don't assume those pop coupons 
double like in the past.  Some pop manufactures
have changed the coupons to say "do not double".
Look on the back in the fine print.
I embarrassed myself by asking the cashier
why my coupons didn't double.
Which resulted in a person in charge to come
over and show me on the back of the coupon
where it says, do not double.
But before all that happened and I was confused
as to why it didn't double, I asked the cashier,
"you still double coupons don't you?"
and her reply was, "no".
She had no clue what I was talking about
and about had me freaked out for a moment
by telling me that.  When I asked
her, "when did Kroger stop doubling coupons?"
she didn't know what to say.
That's when the person in charge of checkouts
came over to handle the situation.
But don't worry!
This cashier didn't know what she was talking
about.  They still double coupons!!!



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