Thursday, March 1, 2012



Cat gone wild this morning. And here I was blaming
the kids for throwing their coats and clothes on the floor, lol.
Don't know what the cat's fascination was with this shirt
I had just hung on the bedroom door but he saw it
as a play toy this morning. I was in the kitchen making
me some grub when I kept hearing scuffling in the hall.
He also started jumping up the wall as well at some
empty Aldi shopping bags hanging from the coat rack.
He keeps checking to see if I'm watching what he
is doing so he don't get caught. Just like a kid!
It's funny to hear his nails sliding across
the floor when he thinks he's busted.
I wish I had that much energy first thing in the morning.
Usually he's pretty mellow during the day and gets
wound up right before bed time.



Supper tonight- Reuben Sandwiches with macaroni & cheese.

I used wheat bread instead of rye,
Kroger Swiss cheese slices,
Canned Aldi brand corned beef,
Kroger canned sauerkraut.
with a little brown sugar mixed in to
take away some of the bitiness.

And I didn't have any Thousand Island so
I made my own. I also added in-
about 1 tsp malt vinegar, 1/2 tsp dry onion soup mix
& a dash or two of some hot sauce.

While everything was oh so good to eat, it was oh so bad for me.
Last night I awoke around midnight with a terrible case
of acid reflux that lasted through this evening.
I've had Tums and Kroger brand Zantac 150.
Plus I've had a terrible headache all day.
So you can imagine how my stomach and throat
feels after eating fried food along with
sauerkraut and thousand island dressing.
I see it's going to be another long night
and I should have opted to eat something else.
Buy ya know, it's been a long time since I've
had a reuben sandwich and it looked sooo good.


I waited all day to hear from Tony
about the baking contest. 4:00pm rolls around
and he calls to tell me I WON! Woo Hoo!
Best Sex Cake must really be that good, LOL!
And we neither one knows what the prize is yet!
I was thinking (not saying this is the situation
but it is a possibility)
that maybe they were going to give the person
(a resident that lived there)
that won a deduction off their rent. Well I don't
live there and won so maybe they are wondering
what to give me for a prize now. But the contest
said it was open to residents and employees.
So who knows. Will keep you updated.

At least something is starting
to go right around here. There for awhile it
seemed as though this dark cloud had been hovering
over our head. Not saying that it has completely
gone but there's a little bit of sunshine peeking through now.


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