Monday, March 19, 2012



Still working on the basement pantry shelves.
Whew, this seems to be taking awhile.
I'm now about half way there to being finished.
This morning I got 7 shelves installed. Still
need one more to complete the one row of
toiletries. Didn't have any more boards cut to fit
that area.

I'm thinking about adding a second cantry below
the other one I just made. I have more cans that
I need to store and the first cantry isn't large enough.
This one probably will be a little more difficult to do
because if you look closely, the one stud on the right
is warped. I either need boards thinner than a
1" x 4" or need to try and sand the ones down that I have
to allow room for the cans to slide down each section
without getting stuck.

Well it's about 11:00am. Gonna grab me a bite to eat
then lay down and take a nap. I didn't sleep too well
last night and got about 4.5 hours sleep. The eyes
are drooping today. I did get 9 out of 11 things
accomplished yesterday on my to do list. That says a lot
considering everything we went through with work, storms
and a visitor stopping by.



I don't know what possessed me to check Craigslist
for some church sales today but I found out on there
that my most favorite church sale is coming up this
Friday and Saturday! WOO HOO! I love this sale
because they have things at very reasonable prices.
I especially love that they have all their clothing
at .25 cents per plastic grocery bag. I think they tell
you something like 4-7 pieces of clothing per bag
for .25 cents. I'm sure the boys could use some new clothes
for Summer or ones to put back for next Fall/Winter.
(I am always thinking ahead)

GRACE Fellowship Church
3475 Paris Blvd., Westerville 43081

Fri., March 23 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
Sat., March 24 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Tony and the boys actually
went to a yard sale yesterday just up the the street from
here. I opted to stay home and put groceries away instead.
I guess there was an engine hoist he saw and went to check it
out. They had $20 obo on it but it was for smaller engines.
Not built to remove and put in something like a 350.
Bummer because I'd of offered $15 on it.

Well it's almost time to head out to the bus stop.
Then I might come home and install more shelves
in the basement. Trying my damndest to get this done.
Might have Tony cut me up some chicken wire for my
potato and onion bins tonight or at least tell me
where some wire cutters are. If I could get those
things done today then I would only have 2.5 more rows
of shelving to do. But those boards still need to be cut
and I don't know if I can get Tony to do it for me tonight
because he's wanting to go to the parts store and
get brakes, rotors and calipers for the front end
of his truck and start putting them on tonight.


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