Saturday, March 10, 2012



Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

1 tube of cinnamon rolls
-I used Kroger Orange Danish Rolls

and bacon
-I used Kroger Fully Cooked Bacon

Unroll rolls and add bacon slices and
roll back up. Bake as directed on can.

Squeeze orange icing on top. Any leftover bacon
I chopped up and sprinkled over the tops of the rolls.



Getting ready to head out this morning and go pick up
Tony's "new-used" truck that's in Groveport.
I can't wait to see how much gas this thing will use.
I warned him that they say gas will go up
to $4.00 a gallon this Spring.
Yesterday morning I got gas for about $3.45 at Speedway.
Yesterday evening gas jumped up almost .45 cents
to $3.89!! How is it that gas can jump up that fast in a day's time
but it takes a week or more to come down that same amount.
I don't understand that part.


Got home around 11:30-11:45am.

So here's Big Bubba in all it's glory, LOL!
It's a NO rust truck! All the body work has been done.
So glad it's all said and done.

Got to the place to pick up the truck
and the guy started having second thoughts about
selling it and almost gave us back our deposit!
I would have been pissed with everything we've
gone through.
He said he went to look at some used 2 wheel drive
trucks to replace this one he was selling us and they were expensive.
Well yeah they are ridiculously high priced.
Why do you think we jumped all over this one for $1800
with 150,000 miles on it.
All the other Dodge trucks we looked at had 200,000 to
300,000 miles on them and were rust buckets with
rust holes all the way through the body. Used car lots
wanted around $3,000 $3,500 for their Dodge trucks.
And most of those were only 2 wheel drives. And we've been
all over from Groveport, Grove City, South End, West Side, NW Side,
to the North end to know that. I don't buy the first thing
I see and like to browse around to find the best deal!
I pretty much could tell you where all the car lots are
in Columbus.

Then after we got home and were all standing around the truck
this person walks down the street. We all glanced at one
another and said, boy that sure matches the description
of the person in the security video that stole the radio
out of our truck. Not too many short people running around
our neighborhood with a black hooded jacket over their head
that is waist to knee length and wearing khaki pants.
I'm going to say this person is about my height because
as I watched the video over and over again they had
the same stride as I did when I came around the truck.
You can see us turning around to check him out and get a better
look at him. I also noticed that his appearance again is
around the same time as before. Before it was at noon exactly.
Today he walked by at 11:52am.

I made these today for lunch- Pita Pocket Pizzas.
They turned out very yummy. Either that or I was hungry, lol.
I cut each pita in half then spooned some tomato soup
into the insides, then placed about 5 pepperonis in
each one then filled with shredded Italian cheese.
I stood them upright in a 9x9 casserole dish and
baked 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Well I'm off here. It's 1:15pm and would like to head
to Menards to find some wood for my basement shelves
so I can get that project finished in the near future.



Back from Menards. That sure is a busy place today.
I got a couple 10' 1 x 4's for $1.90 each.
Too tired to work on that project at the moment.
I was up around 6:15am this morning and I'm just
now starting to feel the effect from it. (yawn)
I think it's time for nap.



Getting ready to eat supper. It's a cheater night with
ordering pizza. I don't feel like cooking today.
You'll have that every now and then. I feel like I've
been a cooking fool this week and needed a break from it.

I've been getting an early start on my laundry
and I started working on getting some of those
canning jars filled up with things that I can
store on the shelves. I already went through
and put all my decorating sprinkles in some.
That took up about 6-7 large jars, some were canning jars,
while others were reused spaghetti or salsa glass jars.
I save all my jars and Tony wonders why. He'll see
why when I get done with my shelves. I find that guys
don't visualize things too well. You have to show
them things after you make them, lol. Many times I've
had to literally draw out pictures of how I wanted
to make things just so he would know how to help
with things like cutting wood and so on.

Anyways I had 20 containers of Betty Crocker decorative
sprinkles I had gotten during after Christmas
sales at 90% off and combined them all down to 6-7 jars
to take up less space. Now all I need is some tape
so I can make labels to put on the jars. Finding tape
around here is like looking for a needle in a haystack!
I need to keep a secret mommy stash of supplies from
screwdrivers, scissors, tape, glue and so on.
Do you think everyone would put things back where
they belong when done, no!


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