Saturday, March 17, 2012


Went to the Train Expo from about 11:00am to 1:00pm.

After the train show we stopped by Burger King for lunch.
I saw on their sign that today was free fries day, woo hoo!
We all got some burgers and free fries.
Then we got paged out to Tony's work. Nothing major.
Stopped in Walmart after to see if we could find Tony
a pair of shoes. No luck there.

I spent a little time
in the basement today getting my can bin made.
I had Tony cut up some boards for me and I glued
them all in place with Power Grab.
This was built between two of the walls studs
using two 1" x 4" boards running vertical to
divide the can rows. The I used 6 pieces of wood
trim along the outside of the boards and studs
to hold the cans in place. Another piece of trim
was added to the bottom to keep the cans from rolling out.
It holds about 33 cans.

I didn't get the potato and onion bin done today
so hopefully will work on that tomorrow
along with getting more boards cut up for shelves
to start getting the rest of the toiletries put on them.

The rest of the day we spent outside pretty much
enjoying the beautiful day.

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