Thursday, March 8, 2012



It felt so nice out this morning around 6:30am
at 61 degrees. Now it's yucky and rainy
with the temps dropping to 50 degrees today.

I noticed yesterday when walking to the bus stop
that all my daylilies are starting to come up.

Already working on what to have for supper.
Thinking about some baked cornflake chicken wings.
I'm using cornflakes, 1/2 packet of onion soup mix
and 1 packet of Amazing poultry seasoning
in the food processor to make my own shake and bake mix.



Mom took us out to lunch at McDonalds today.
Then we stopped in Kroger so she could get some
pop and I needed another bottle of ibuprofen
and some eggs. I got an extra dozen eggs because
I want to make some pickled eggs. Every time we go through
a jar of hot banana pepper slices I save the juice
the peppers were in and add it to the pickled egg mixture.
I save all kinds of juices from banana peppers, pickle
juice and canned fruit juice after draining.
Freeze them in ice cube trays. Once frozen pop out
of trays and store in a zip bag in the freezer.
Take out what you need for recipes.
For example replace water in cakes with the fruit juice or
add pickle or banana pepper juice to pickled eggs, and so on.

When I paid for my items at Kroger
I got 2 catalinas with my receipt.
One for a free box of allegra and another
for free Starkist Tuna! Plus just the other day
I got a coupon in the mail for a free
Sauve Professionals Keratin Infusion.
Gotta love those free coupons.


For supper tonight along with the chicken wings
I'm having corn on the cob. I have lots of corn on the cobs
in the freezer from 5-2010! As long as you prepare your
veggies properly and your freezer is really cold,
you can keep veggies in there for quite some time
without them going bad. It's meat you have to worry about
using up after so many months in the freezer as those
can go bad. Check out this beautiful corn after almost
2 years in the freezer. Looks just as nice as the day
I bought it from the store!!

I stocked up on a ton of corn
on the cob when they went on sale for .10 cents an ear.
An to be able to enjoy the cheap price of this corn
all year round instead of when it's in season,
I froze it. HERE are instructions for freezing corn
on the cob. The only thing I did different was to wrap
each ear in aluminum foil and put them all in
gallon zip bags.

Crock Pot Corn on the Cob-

I unwrapped the frozen corn and gave them a quick rinse
to thaw the outside some. Then, with my hands,
I slathered butter on them all the way around.
Next I sprinkled each ear with a little garlic powder,
salt and Mrs. Dash.

I rewrapped all the corn back
up on the aluminum foil and then placed it in the
crock pot with about a half inch of water in the bottom.
Cook on low for 4-5 hours.

I just realized all my pictures were dated a day before.
Hopefully I have that fixed now.
Don't know how that changed on it's own.



Well I've got my dishes put away, more loaded in the dishwasher,
chicken all put together and in the oven,
and turned the crock pot off with the corn in it.
It's starting to smell yummy in here.
Time to sit and chill a bit before Tony gets home.
Oh cool, there's an hour show on TV called
My Ghost Story on Bio HD. So guess that's what I'll
do for the next 45 minutes.



Supper turned out pretty good. I'm stuffed!
I also served a side of ham & potato soup
I had found in the freezer.


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