Monday, March 12, 2012



Oh yeah, Monday is starting off like a Monday.
I am so glad that I get things ready the night before.
Like laying clothes out, lunch money counted out and
put into envelopes, work lunch made, coffee ready to
go in coffee pot that just needs turned on and so on.
Yeah I set the clocks ahead an hour, yeah I set the alarm
to the appropriate hour to wake up in the morning,
no I did not turn the alarm on. AHHHH! I was exhausted
last night when I went to bed. I had been up and down
the basement stairs a million times with laundry in tow.
Most of the laundry was already on hangers so I had
a week's worth of clothes to hang up in the closets
for 4 people. Then I had a large laundry basket full
of rags, towels, socks and undies that I went through,
sorted out, folded up and matched up all socks. After that
I went to bed and don't remember much after my head hitting
the pillow. So this morning I roll over only to have Tony say to
me, it's 6:36am. You should've seen how fast I jumped up
and got Christopher and myself ready in FOUR MINUTES!
I leave the house at 6:40am to pick up another kid
and then head to the bus stop. And even the bus was a little
early this morning. No one was standing at the bus stop
when the bus arrived. They were all still walking down
the street. Should've seen kids running from all different
directions to get to the bus. Now it's 7:45am and I still feel
half asleep. I'm used to getting up about a half hour before
everyone else just so I have time to wake up and be a little
bit more functional in the morning. Well at least I have
an hour and twenty minutes from the time I get back from one bus stop
before going out to the next one.
Just saw the weather for the week on the news and it's
going to be nice. After today at 62 degrees it's supposed to be
from 70 to 75 degrees this week with rain. I'll take it!!
Well I'm off here to get a glass of pop to get the caffeine
kicking in this morning.



I didn't tell ya about how Tony's prescriptions turned
out from where he had to go back to the doctors and tell
them they forgot to order more refills for him for
our prescription mail order service. Just another
one of those times where you want to bang your head
against the wall. This doctor Sucks with a capital "S"!

He went back to the doctor's office and gave them a list
of all his medicines that needed refilled.
I don't know why they ask you to bring a list of
all your meds into the office. Shouldn't they
already be listed in your medical file??
They are the ones prescribing them!

Anyways, He was told they would call them in.
The mail order pharmacy called him to say
that it would be a week before he would get them
so he had to go back to the doctor's AGAIN to see if
they would call in a prescription to the local
pharmacy just so he could have some of his pills
now while waiting for the mail order to come.

Well we got A prescription in the mail this weekend,
ONE PRESCRIPTION!!! AND it wasn't even for the one
he was out of! AND it wasn't the right MG's dosage.

So now he's going to have to go back to the doctors
for a FOURTH time to get this straightened out again!
How the hell hard is it to call in
all his medicines I had written out on a list
for him to take to their office???!!!



I could write a book about this morning alone!

So 8:19 rolls around. We've got 1 minute before
heading out to the bus stop. I turn around and my son
has decided he needs to use the restroom before school
and totally undressed himself to do so. AHHHHH!
Rushing to get him dressed once again in a matter
of seconds and rushed out the door. Why do some
kids feel the need to totally undress to do their
business all the way down to their socks???!!!

So we get out to the bus stop and of course the
bus came about 5 minutes earlier than normal.
I'm not even sure we had time to put the umbrellas
up before the bus got there it was that early.
The other two girls that ride this same bus
is still walking to the bus stop about a block away.
I can see them clear down the street. I tell the bus
driver,who is a newer bus driver from the one we used to have,
who acts like she hates her job. The other driver would always
smile at me and give me a wave every morning.
Not this driver. I tell her to wait a minute for
these girls and she just slumps in the seat, puts her elbow
on the steering wheel and folded up hand to rest on her
chin in disgust. The kids get on the bus and I give her a
wave as she goes down the street. No wave back, not even a smile.
Sh*t if I can make it through a crappy morning so can she!!



I put a small fan in the window by my computer area
to get a little fresh air in here.
I usually put the blinds back down over the fan
and open them up enough to allow air to flow through.
I have to do this to keep the cat out of the window sill.
First of all even though he wants and tries to get
in this window there is very little of a space for
him to even sit or stand on it causing him to jump
off knocking over my printer and whatever else I have
laying around like paperwork.
Well he was insistent this morning trying
to get up in that darn window. He made it up there
but seconds later lost balance and had to jump
to the nearest dining room chair. Well of course
in this chair is the bag of clear Christmas bulbs
I wanted to do a project with. He smashed and broke about
half of them, GRRRRRR!!! He didn't get hurt
but it just made me mad he wouldn't stay away
from the window after being told no several times.



I just got done installing 4 more shelves. I was too tired
to get to the last of the shelves that were cut yesterday.
But anyway, here they are. I had to start on the shelving
to the right of the furnace because these shelves wouldn't
fit in the rows on the other side.
The first two rows will hold all toiletry items
from soaps, deodorant, hair care, perfumes, colognes &
lotions. Then the row to the right will be first aid and OTC medicines.

Nothing is painted yet. I've decided to move forward with
the shelves now and get things in place then
worry about the painting later on. Right now
I need to get things on shelves so I can work
on other parts of the basement. I can't be held
up with fru fru stuff even though it's nice when
I need to be moving along a little faster.
So use your imagination at the moment.

I think when it's all said and done I would like to do
some kind of lettering across this main wooden beam that says
General Store. Because that's exactly what this area
reminds me of. Have you ever seen what an old general
store looks like? Check out a few photos below of some
that are looking similar to my storage area, lol.

and my little general store, lol.

We could be trapped in the basement for weeks and
have everything we need to survive including
bottled water. That's when I get done with everything.



I got to thinking about the things I need to store
on my pantry storage shelves Then it dawned on me that
I would need a place to store potatoes and onions.
We go through a lot of those and every once in awhile
I like to stock up on them when they go on sale.
I have no place for a storage bin in my kitchen and
would prefer they don't take up counter space or cupboard
space as I have none to spare. We've been hanging
the bags in the basement stairwell where it is dark. But that
gets in the way when your trucking loads of
laundry up and down stairs and things get knocked off and bounce all the
way down the steps for you to trip over and twist an ankle.
So I was thinking about creating my own onion and potato
bins in one of the pantry rows. Add a shelf then I could
attach some chicken wire to the front to store them in.
The basement is a perfect place to store them since it's
dark and I'm going to say stays in the mid 50's down there
all year long. They would keep so much longer that way.

My next thought was how to put a bunch of cans on the shelves.
Either I could just build a bunch of shelves for all the soups,
veggies, fruits and so on.
But of course my mind never stops thinking and I thought
of this next idea. How about adding about 3 vertical rows between
the studs to hold cans sideways. Add cans into top
and they come out the bottom. I know, what the heck am I
talking about. Sounds like my hubby, lol. And that's where
I told y'all about how I draw out my plans for things
so hubby better understands what I want to do so
he can help me with it. So here is my drawing for it.
You can enlarge it by clicking next to the photo, not
on the photo itself. Yes clicking on the photo will
pull up another screen with it but if you click beside the
photo anywhere it will go to another page
that you can click on and enlarge even further.
I think I could make two of these areas between on row of studs.
This is just an enlarged version of the bottom
of one of the rows.

Ok, it looks good on paper. Let's see if I can actually
make it and get it to work, lol. Another day though.
I was testing to see if the 1" x 4" boards would work.



For supper I made homemade sloppy joes with some deer burger.
Instead of putting on a bun I used wheat pita bread and
filled them with the sloppy joe mixture.

I also made dessert which needs time to set in the fridge.
So we probably won't have that til tomorrow night.
It's a Boston Cream Pie Pudding Poke Cake.

Made with a yellow cake mix. Poke lots of holes on top
and spread and fill them in with vanilla pudding.

Top with some chocolate frosting. Ok I didn't have enough chocolate
frosting leftover in the fridge like I thought. More like
1/4 of a tub. I put that in a bowl and mixed in some
powdered sugar, milk and cocoa til thickened. Then
nuked it just enough to (not too soupy, about 20 seconds)
and then poured on top of cake. It spread out on it's own
with no need to spread it with a spatula.



It's amazing how fast stuff hits ya.
Jonathan had bronchitis last week then had
a go round of diarrhea which is making it's rounds.
Tony had it this weekend,
Christopher started getting it yesterday and today,
and now this evening it has finally made it to me.
When you have Crohn's Disease you never know if you
are sick with another illness or it's the Crohn's Disease
acting up. All I know i feel like crap and my stomach
feels in an uproar with being inflamed and throbbing.
Going to go lay clothes out for everyone for tomorrow
and make sure the alarm is turned on! Then I think
I'm going to go lay down for the night and watch
a little tv and go to sleep. Hopefully it clears
up by Wednesday morning to go to Bible study.
If not it will be two weeks I have missed of it.
Oh well, I have my book to read to keep up with it.


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