Sunday, March 25, 2012



Went down the flea market this morning on the South end.
I found two pairs of new suede mittens for .50 cents a pair.

And I bought 7 plastic popcorn containers .50 cents for all.
These will make great, cheap gifts. Add in a pouch
of microwave popcorn, boxed candy like in the theaters
that are now sold in stores, a dvd or a gift certificate
to rent a movie.

And lastly Jonathan got a Mongoose trick bicycle
for $15. I talked the person down from $20.
I can't see paying $100 for a new bicycle only to have
them stolen. Yard sales and thrift store are your
best route to find cheap ones. I prefer ones that are
$20 or less.

Well, it's time to do some cleaning and laundry.
Not looking forward to it. Maybe I'll get my
fabric hung up on the walls of the laundry room while I
am down there.



Got a couple loads of laundry going and one load hung up.
I started going through things in the basement and weeding
stuff out. I think I got about 6 boxes of stuff loaded
in the truck ready to go out. I would like to see if
the church can use some of these items that I have to
give away for free rather than some thrift store making
money off of it.

Tony took the boys bike riding around the neighborhood.
I happened upon a bunch of marigold and zinnia seeds while
in the basement and went outside and raked out a couple
flower beds and threw down those seeds in them and since
the ground is a little mushy I just trampled them with
my feet into the ground. I know, the lazy gardeners way
of doing things, lol.
Neighbors plant marigolds in their flower beds each year
and I ask if I can dead head them and keep the seeds.
And that is how I come about all my free flower seeds to
plant in our yard.
Last year (or was it the year before) our backyard neighbor
decided to dump a bunch of large rocks into our yard.
When I questioned him about it he said it was a flower bed
and it was also to prevent people from driving through
the grassy alley and coming up through our yards. There's
probably no way I can pick these large rocks up and move them
because they looked tacky. So I kept trying to put some of
my flower seeds in them hoping to grow some flowers.
Every darn time they would sprout up (now mind you this is
in OUR YARD) the neighbor behind us would spray weed killer
on them all. Let me tell ya, I know people are going through
hard times and all and I feel sorry for them, but I was kind of
glad his house this year got foreclosed upon and he had to move.
He was not the nicest of neighbors! Anyways he's also a truck
driver who is out on the road most of the time so he's got
a place to live. It's weird, we have five people on our street
that are either truck drivers (3) or train drivers (2) that are rarely even home.
Plus our one neighbor is rarely home because she stays with
her daughter 90% of the time. Plus we have four
houses sitting empty from foreclosures. You wouldn't
think I would have problems in the neighborhood with so
many houses sitting with non one in them but we do.



I am making fruit roll ups. We've all decided that this year
we would try to eat healthier and exercise more.
I don't mean jumping jacks and sit ups. More like
bicycle riding, walks, hiking, more playing outside
with the basketball and hoop, throwing football and
yard work. I've pretty much weaned the kids off of
game systems because they don't play it as much as they
used to. Now if I can get them off the computer I'd be
doing good. But I have seen that they are playing outside
more so that's good. Weather providing I think this Summer
we are going to go for morning and evening walks.

Fruit Roll Ups

1 can of pineapple, drained
(I saved the pineapple juice and put it in the freezer.
You can mix it with jello and cakes)
partial packet of a small sugar-free jello, orange flavored

Put everything in food processor and blend away til it
looks like applesauce. Put on tray in dehydrator
for several hours. This is a much healthier snack
than chips and cookies. And it's a great way for kids
to eat fruits they would otherwise turn their noses up to.

I got the idea for a pineapple orange after I just
recently purchase some Seagrams Bahama Mama
which is orange and pineapple flavored.
I'm not much of a drinker so this wine cooler
was a special treat for me.


This was pretty interesting to find out.
Click on it to watch the video which aired on
CBS News today.

Columbus, Ohio: Test market of the U.S.A.



Supper tonight-

Cube steaks cooked in the crock pot with mushroom gravy.

In a small skillet I sauted up some onions
and mushroom to serve on the side.

I removed the steaks from the crock
and put the gravy in a saucepan with
some cut up velveeta cubes and some
of my powdered cream of beef mix.
(flour, powdered milk and beef boullion)

Cut up and boiled potatoes with skins
for mashed potatoes.



I know I have posted this before but I wanted to share it
with everyone again since I have been talking about how
to find storage in a small home. Our home was built in
1958. I'm not sure if walk in closets had been invented
then or was something only the rich had. I see the closets
in these older homes which are tiny and wondered if
people didn't have that many clothes back then or what.
And then you wondered how both a husband and wife
shared just one tiny closet. Our bedroom is small also
so it wasn't like you could fit huge dressers in there.
But anyways, I wanted to show y'all once again how I
addressed the closet situation in our home to make it
bigger. First of all I raised the main bar higher
by attaching it to 2" x 4" board that I screwed into
the walls. Now the second bar I used a shower curtain rod.
I notched out a little section of two 2" x 4" boards
and screwed them on each side of the closet. The notched
part held the shower curtain bar in place.
Now I have two closet bars in one tiny closet.
Pants are all hung up top while shirts are on the bottom.
The left side of the closet is mine while the right is my hubbys.

There was a shelf in the closet at one time.
I put that shelf on top of the bottom rod but lifted
it up a little on each side with screws so it wasn't resting
completely on the rod. I store shoes and boots on this shelf
hidden out of site behind clothes.

As for the sliding closet doors, they are stored in the
basement. I can't stand sliding doors that come off
track and closets I can't see into.
I'm not worried about the closet being open like
that because who's going to really come into my bedroom
other than family? I have all the bedroom closets without doors
because it's so much easier to see what is in there.



Sitting here watching Family Guy. Peter takes the whole
family out. As they are driving along the highway
a big overhead green sign says, Columbus, Ohio
Amusement park next exit. I just figured I'd post
it since it had to do with Columbus.
Hey, someone want to fill me in as to when we got an amusement park?
The only ones I know of are Kings Island in Cinci
and Cedar Point up in Sandusky .


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