Saturday, March 24, 2012


We went to the recycling center this morning.
What started out as one five gallon bucket turned
into three that we took due to cutting the
long pieces of metal
and having to sort the copper and brass and sink decks.
Metal prices have shot up since the last time we were there.
Copper $3.00 a pound. Brass $1.50 a pound.
We had 43 pounds of brass and 12 pounds of copper.
Off that little 5 gallon bucket that Tony brought
home from work we made $100.50 !!!!!!!
All of it was free money that would have otherwise
been thrown away by maintenance workers.

Stopped in a couple thrift stores today. I found
me a couple pieces of fabric, actually two identical
cloth shower curtains that I want to hang over the cement wall
in my laundry room that way I won't have to paint that wall.
I paid $5.98 for both of them but loved the Spring time
colors they had on them.

We also dropped off our one push mower in the lawn mower
shop to get a new blade, tune up and rebuilt carb. It started dying
on us last year not wanting to start. That's gonna
cost about $65. Still cheaper than having to buy a new one.



I cut up almost 2 pounds of beef chuck shoulder
that I got on a mark down for $5.03.
I marinated it in some bbq sauce (.29 cents)
and a half packet of hamburger seasoning (.05 cents).
I got 5 trays of it on the dehydrator.
Total cost to make $5.37.



This next section is for my personal reference to keep
track of neighborhood teenagers. So you can either
read it and view the video or just skip over it.

Troublemaker and another
kid stopped by to supposedly ask to borrow a basketball.
Not buying the story because I told him just last
week that we were not allowing
anyone to borrow anything!! And I stressed that to him.
I think it was just a visit to snoop around some and see
what was in the backyard in daylight. Tony and the boys are working
in the backyard cleaning and is aware that they are at
the gate. I was inside monitoring the cameras on the screen.
I can see angles of them that Tony couldn't see.
And I see them staring too long at the things under our carport.
And I also noticed them prowling the perimeter of the
Suburban looking in the windows. Of course there is no
radio in there at the moment because I took it out
when we got home. It has a removable faceplate.
But tell me that doesn't look suspicious of them walking
around both sides and the back of the truck making glances
inside the windows. I ain't stupid. I am onto them and
it's just a matter of time that I will catch them and have proof.
Troublemaker isn't aware of the cameras. I lied at one time and
told him last year that we did have cameras when we didn't
in hopes that they would leave our place alone.
I think he caught on to my lie as things were still being stolen.
But we do have cameras now, LMAO!
And for Troublemaker to stand right in front of these
cameras today just proved my point of him not knowing.
Troublemaker is the one with the white shirt and necklace.
The coloring of my video sucks because I bumped the cord.
The old printer type cord that connects the DVR to the screen
isn't all that great and makes the screen discolored if bumped.
I know, I still need to find another one, it's on my list.
I documented his and this other teenager on video
just for reference so if I would have any doubts in other videos
of who may be on our property stealing things.
I can now compare height, hair types of clothing worn,
you get the idea.


This afternoon we finally got the Pompass Grass cut down.
That was a chore.

It looks so much nicer and cleaner now.

Still have soooo much more to get done around here.
Next weekend we have plans, weather permitting,
to power wash the house and to take down the
shutters and paint them.


On our way home tonight (we made a trip to Tony's work
to dump off 8 bags of Pompass Grass) Tony tells
me to turn the truck around and go back around the block
of the area of Oakland Park and Maize Rd.
He said something like, "you've got to see this bench
sign that I just saw." So I did. There was two benches
and of course I see the wrong one at first about Uncle Sam
lending money, and I'm thinking, I went around the block to
see that? LOL. Then I glanced at the second bench advertisement,
and I'll be darned, would you believe it was an advertisement
for a web site called GHOST INVESTIGATORS. I just thought it was interesting and different.
Tony knows I get into the paranormal and ghosts.
But to see it advertised on a bench sign?
Here they are on Facebook, Ghost Investigators.
They are based out of Columbus.
I just thought it was cool to see that. About like the time
I ran into the person who runs the website called
Ohio Exploration Society at my brother-in-laws wedding.
He was there taking pictures of the Bryn Du Mansion in Grandview
hopes to catch a few ghosts. He is also connected
to the website called Forgotten Ohio. That is a very interesting
site about abandoned places and they also have a couple books
out that you can find in the library.


Here is the design and colors of the fabric shower
curtains I got today. They are all staying within
the pinks and greens that I like.

I also found two pillow shams for .99 cents each
that look like a chenile fabric.
I was thinking about making a throw rug for in
front of my washer and dryer out of them.

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