Friday, March 23, 2012



The church sale was ok. I picked up some clothing along
with a few other items. I spent $6 and after getting
home realized they overcharged me by .50 cents.
Oh well, still sooooo much cheaper than buying new!

Here was my bargains-

Bag #1
.25 cents for all.
3 sweaters and 2 pairs of pants.

Bag #2
.25 cents for all

3 sweaters (one brand new with price tag of $17 on it!)
and a pair of shorts.

Bag #3
.25 cents for all

T-shirt, 2 pairs of pants and a button sweater.

Bag #4
.25 cents for all

1 t-shirt, 2 longs sleeve shirts, 2 pants, 1 pair of shorts

Bag #5
.25 cents for all

4 short sleeved shirts and a pair of pants.

9 Christmas wicker baskets.
$1.00 for all.
Thought these would be great to fill with cookies for gifts.

one fitted sheet and one Dukes of Hazzard flat sheet
.10 cents each
(I priced the 1982 Dukes of Hazzard flat sheet on Ebay going for $40!!)

Panasonic 5.9 GHZ cordless phone $2.00
(boys threw our phone. Although it works
it's difficult to see the caller ID)

2 candles .10 cents each
1 candle .50 cents
1 wooden box organizer .10 cents

3 strands of icicle garland
.25 cents for all


Tonight we'll probably head over to Walmart and
get a new basketball net. Then come home
and start cutting up a 5 gallon bucket of scrap metal
Tony got from work. He has all his coworkers
save any scrap metal from jobs for him.

If it's not raining tomorrow morning we'll
take the scrap metal over to the recycling center and then
head to the flea market on the South end. I think it opened
last weekend but we couldn't go due to having
the on call pager.



Look, a kitty bathtub, lol.
Only kidding, it's a toy mini skateboarding bowl.



Went out earlier this evening and bought another basketball net.
No clue as to why one would steal the one we have when they
only cost $1.99 at Walmart. Tony made it a little harder
to steal this time around by adding zip ties all around
the rim and net and he also raised the basketball pole
up. They'll need a step stool and a knife to get it off.

Got all the metal cut up and ready to scrap tomorrow.
I have no guess as to what I think we'll get from it
as I haven't really seen how much there is.
I'll get a photo tomorrow of what we are recycling.
Then let y'all know how much it is worth.
If there's a will there's a way to find
some pocket money for free.

My Crohn's started flaring back up tonight.
Wish I knew why it comes and goes like it does
even on medication. It's got me literally running to
the bathroom and my belly is throbbing and
inflamed to the point it throbs even more
if I talk because of using stomach muscles.
I was just telling everyone how well I was doing.

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