Friday, March 30, 2012



Yesterday at Tony's work they did a lottery pool.
They all pitched in $2 towards it, except for my
hubby who said he didn't have $2 on him.
Oh heck no! I see too many stories on the news
where a work place hits the lottery and someone didn't
get in on it that day. So this morning I gave him
$2. (normally we don't have cash on us but I had a little
in my purse for yard sales) I told him to give it to
whoever is running the lottery pool and tell them
you want in on it and have them get an extra two
sets of numbers.

I had Tony get 10 sets of numbers yesterday for ourselves.
So I'm going to guess that between our numbers and work's
numbers we should have about 40 to 50 sets of numbers
for the lottery.


This next frugal hint may sound a little gross.
I had a pimple earlier this week. Not your typical one.
One that kind of hangs out under your skin and doesn't
break the surface and leaves a round, reddish and swollen
area on your face. Almost feeling like there's a little
marble hidden under your skin or looks like an insect bite.
I took a cup and added
a little ground oatmeal, vinegar, lemon juice and a
pinch of salt and mixed it all together. I kept
dabbing that on my face several times throughout the day for about 3 days.
It's now Friday morning and it's almost gone.
While this concoction will draw out the yucky stuff
in that pimple you still want to use a moisturizer
on top of it as it starts to heal because it will dry out
your skin in that area.
I tried a couple of things in the medicine cabinet first
that's supposed to clear up pimples and they did not
work. So that's when I researched on Google of things
people used that were homemade. Of course I didn't have
all the ingredients they were using but the ones
I did have I just mixed them all together hoping for the best.
And I could see a difference each day.
It was so much better than looking like you had cooties
or had been sucker punched!



Mega Million lottery just went up this morning by $100 million
to $640,000,000!!!!!

Can you imagine how much this will go up to
if no one hits it???

Tony bought two sets of numbers this morning with the
$2 I gave him and he's turning it in with the rest
of the pool of numbers from work.

Me and mom went to a couple yard sales this morning.
At one sale I got 4 Playstation 2 games,
a pair of baseball gloves and
a pair of fuzzy sock type booties all for $4.00.
At the other sale I got some kind of plastic drawer bin
for my crafts for $2. I talked the lady down from $3.

After some sales we went to White Castle for a cheap lunch.
The cashier lady there was very nice and gave us each free drinks
because she thought we waited in line too long.
There was only one lady in front of us!
That shaved $3.00 off our bill.
I didn't think the wait was very long. She must
never go to McDonalds, lol, and wait sometimes
to get the food there.

I stopped in Menards today as well and bought a couple
1/2"? pvc pipes to hang my fabric shower curtains from
in my laundry room. I paid half price because I had
a rebate coupon from another time I shopped there.
So both pvc pipes were like $2.50/2.


Still feeling bad today even though I am up and moving around
trying to do things. Body's a little stiff and achy,
still have diarrhea, tired and my stomach are is throbbing to no end.
Trying to catch a break here! Ibuprofen helps lots when it kicks in.

Tonight we went over to my honey's work. A resident left behind
some cleaning supplies when they moved out so I snatched them
up and brought them home.

Stopped in Menards again before coming home. The sky turned
ugly after we parked and were walking to the front door.
I had my camera with me and got a few pictures to show
you what we saw. I think the news said there might have
been a possible tornado touch down in New Albany.
Which would makes sense when you see these photos around
Morse Rd heading straight East in the direction of New
Albany. While walking around Menards we heard what we
thought was tornado sirens. It was very hard to hear them
in there. I called mom from the store to get an update
as to what was going on. We made it home before the rain started.
Oh, I went into Menards because I got the idea to get some
screw in hooks to mount to the joists in the ceiling and
run the pvc through them to hang the fabric from.
We'll see how I feel this weekend or if the boys run
me ragged with things to do to see if I can get it put up.
I still have about 2 more rows to build and cut shelves for.
Like I said I just haven't been feeling good for the past week.

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