Thursday, March 29, 2012



Going to Walmart this morning. I called mom to see
if she wanted to go to the grocery store with me
and come to find out she was already wanting to go
to Walmart so I guess that's where I'll pick up a
few groceries.

Tonight for supper I wanted to make mini chicken
pot pies. But in order to make them I need some
biscuits. Last week I found some canned chicken
at Kroger marked down. I've never used canned chicken
before and wasn't sure what to use it in.
Tony made a comment about chicken pot pies in
an advertisement for some fast food joint on tv
so that's where I got the idea to use that chicken
in some homemade ones. Everyone loved my mini pot
pies in the past so it's been a keeper recipe.
I think I've made them about 3 other times.
Once with a beef stew mix, once with potatoes and
ham and once with turkey, peas and carrots.

It's really easy to make.
Press biscuits into mini pie tins to form cups (or could use
a muffin tin). Mix up a packet of Pioneer sausage
country gravy in a saucepan (or you could use
cream of chicken soup). Add in a small can
of mixed peas and carrots (or mixed veggies) and your chicken.
Spoon into biscuits and bake.
If you have enough biscuits, you can also take each biscuit,
roll it out and put it over top your pot pies, pinch the edges
together then cut a couple slits on top before baking.
I like to add some shredded cheddar cheese to the tops.



Walmart is ok for some things. I usually don't like to
go there because I can't find any clearance or mark down
deals like I do at Kroger or Meijer. Along with the couple of grocery
items I had to get I also found some good deals that I stocked
up on. At the front of the store was a huge bin full of
medicine items all marked .88 cents each. This was
the Walmart on Morse Rd.

-long sleeve t-shirt
was $13 paid $1.00

.88 cents each for

-2 boxes of tylenol like tablets
-2 boxes Advil like tablets
-2 boxes Tylenol PM like capsules
-Tussin congestion relief liquid
-Mucinex type tablets
-2 packs of shoe insoles, 2 pair in each pack
-bag of cherry cough drops
-Gold Bond like medicated body powder
-Gold Bond like medicated foot powder

These are all things I regularly buy so I was stocking
up some at the .88 cent price.

They also had things like cortisone itch cream, ben gay,
fungal foot cream, asprin, vitamins and minerals,
bandaids, ky like jelly, cough and cold meds,
allergy meds, etc etc.


Tomorrow morning me and mom might hit a few garage sales.
It will be our first garage sale outing of the season.
So far I have only found 3 sales for tomorrow.
The Suburban News and Craigslist are the best places
to find the yard sales. It's better to plan your
trip than to just drive around with gas prices at
almost $4 a gallon. Sometimes you get lucky along
they way and find even more that weren't posted.



I took a nap earlier and got up at 2:00pm.
Now I feel like crap. Stomach is throbbing, I have
diarrhea, still feel so tired and my arms & leg
muscles are shaky feeling like jelly with no energy.

I'm so tired of dealing with this Crohn's Disease
on a daily basis it seems. It's the dealing with
the back and forth, back and forth symptoms.
You can go a week feeling good only to have a week
feeling bad. You can't plan for anything because
you don't know how you are going to feel.
And if you do get out to do things with the symptoms,
you trudge along with family feeling like the
night of the living dead. No one understands what you go through
with the pain and tiredness and bathroom trips you deal with on a day to day
basis unless they've actually experienced it
for themselves. I try to keep up with others and put
on a smile like nothing is wrong but it's a constant struggle.


Have you seen or read about the possible new
Playstation Orbis and XBox 720 gaming systems?
I saw this posted on Facebook by Fox28.

The article they posted said they may make these new
gaming systems to where you cannot use any used,
borrowed or rented games. You have to buy all new
games and register them to the game system in order to
play them. If you would happen to use rented or used
ones it will only allow you a trial play time then
you have to register that game and pay for that game
to use it to it's full extent. Sounds to me like
another marketing scam as a way to make more money.
Not everyone has $60 a game to pay so I don't think
if they sell something like this that it will not
have many buyers.

That is the only way we can have game
systems around here is to be able to buy used games
from the game store, yard sales, Ebay or the flea market.
And the only way we even have an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 2
is because these are things residents have left behind
in apartments after moving out and turning in keys.
We got them all for free!! If it weren't for that
we wouldn't have any at all other than the older
gaming systems like the regular playstation.

PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 both restrict “used” games


I mentioned about buying games at the flea market.
This past weekend we went to the flea market and
the kids and hubby all wanted to know how
it got its name with the word "flea" in it.
So I did a little research and here is how it came about...

From reading I think it started in the 1700 to 1800's when
people came about and sold items at an outdoor market.
These items that ranged from clothing to bedding and furniture
were sometimes infested with fleas.

So yes the phrase flea market actually had something
to do with fleas at one time. I think the name should
be upgraded to the "bed bug market" with all the scare
of bed bugs going around and happening.
So be careful with buying any used furniture at sales.
Carry flashlights and thoroughly try and inspect
all pieces before purchasing for signs of bed bugs,
bed bug droppings, eggs and carcasses. And just because
you don't see any doesn't mean that they couldn't
be there. If it's a hot Summer day I would leave something
outside in the baking sun as long as possible to try to
rid and kill any possible creatures living in these
items. Spray items down with rubbing alcohol also.
It's still not 100% to get rid of these critters but it's worth a try.
Never leave something in a hot car. Bed bugs can escape down
into your seats where it is cooler and you end up
with an infested car as well.

That reminds me of a story where hubby put a bunch of
tree branches and yard waste in my van and it sat in there
a couple days before we could get rid of it.
Once everything was thrown away I kept seeing
spiders in the van. I still have the image in my head
of late one night when it was dark out and glancing
in my rear view interior mirror at the car behind me
with its headlights on. All I saw was a shadow of a spider
starting to descend from the ceiling of the van.
And of course, it being dark, I couldn't tell how close
it was to me. Almost wrecked the van, lol.
Let's just say I pulled off at the nearest exit
available to look for that creepy crawly. I got
goosebumps just writing about it. I hate spiders!!!

Oh yeah I constantly get reminded of that story,
"remember the one time mom almost wrecked the car
because of a spider?"


3:30 - 4:30pm

I figured I'd work on supper a little earlier than normal
due to how I am feeling. Thank goodness it is something easy!

I'm making a double batch of chicken pot pies with no
crust tops. This way we can have some for supper
and the other batch will go into the freezer for another time.

2 packages of country gravy prepared in large pot with 2 cups water
and 2 cups milk to make it creamier. I turned off heat
once cooked through to let it sit and thicken a bit. I then added in a small
can of peas and carrots and a regular sized can of mixed
veggies (not pictured) then 2 cans of drained chicken breasts.

I pressed jumbo biscuits into a greased jumbo muffin pan
to form cups.
Of course I didn't have any cooking spray so resorted
to using my hand in a baggie, dipping it into a butter
bowl and greasing the pan that way.
There was 8 biscuits and only 6 cups in the muffin
tin so I used a couple of mini pie tins as well.

After biscuits are pressed into pan, spoon chicken, veggie
and gravy mix into them. Sprinkle tops with some sharp,
shredded, cheddar cheese. Put into a 350 degree preheated oven
and bake for 15 minutes. Allow to cool some before removing
from pan. Run a sharp knife along edges, then using a
spoon, gently push it down the sides and under pot pies to lift it out of pan.


Mega Millions jackpot climbs to a world record $540 million

We don't usually purchase lottery tickets unless it
hits really big numbers. I just called to remind Tony
to pick up some tickets before he comes home tonight.
Tomorrow will be a madhouse at stores standing in
line for those getting last minute tickets.

To hit this lottery would mean that you would be one
of the richest people in the US. You would have more
money than any actor, singer, president you name it!!
I couldn't even fathom having that kind of money.
I sure hope it goes to someone in need and that
they share the wealth with their family and those
around them who are in need and give to charities.



Tony worked late tonight and didn't get home til almost 6:30pm.
He did remember to pick up some lottery tickets, yeah!
Then we headed out to Groveport to visit his friend.
Between me not feeling well and Tony working overtime
the last two days, it looks like we'll be heading to bed soon.
My body is starting to feel stiff in joints and neck.
My head has been hurting and I am soooo tired.
I just got done mapping out 4 yard sales for tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow it looks like the Westerville area is where we
will be at.


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