Sunday, March 18, 2012



I started my day off with a stiff neck and back from sleeping wrong.
I took a few ibuprofen which helped some but still feeling it.
This is what happens when I sleep in.

This morning I made up a list of things I needed to get done today.
It's now almost 3:30pm and I've only accomplished 4 things
out of 11. Might of had something to do with my oldest son
stopping by out of the blue this morning wanting a hair cut
then we had two emergency pages out for maintenance at work to do.
While there I found some more scrap wood trim pieces.
I was thinking about making another can bin and making
one area of that bin to store ramen noodle packs. I never
know where to store those things. They don't stack the greatest
in the cupboard always wanting to fall over if you bump them.

Oh yeah, while at hubby's work I found a 40 pint GE dehumidifier
sitting next to a dumpster with the instruction manual!
Woo Hoo! I really need one of these for the basement.
Trying to afford one like this would cost probably
$100 to $200, something I don't have. So this was a blessing to find one for FREE!

We stopped in Kroger to get some things for this week.
I see they are remodeling the Kroger on Henderson Rd.
Just when you learn and know where everything is they go
and rearrange the store. It's a marketing strategy to make
you wander through the store more and hopefully buy more things.
I did notice that some areas had things marked down 50% off
because of the remodel. Hmmm, gonna have to watch this
over the next 6 weeks (how long their sign said the remodel would take)
to see what else might be marked down. Today their
foreign food isle had everything 50% off and some freezer
items like frozen pizzas were 50% off.

Before heading home we stopped in Menards to get wood
for the pantry shelves. Should've picked up more wood
the last time I was there. It was $1.99 a board but this
week it's $2.59 a board. That sucked.

I got most of my meals planned out for the week.
-tuna and noodles
-potato & ham soup
-reuben casserole
-something with chicken patties, not sure yet

Well I'm off here to get a little supper in my belly
at almost 4:00pm. Then gonna try and see how much more
of my list I can get accomplished today.



Well did everyone have a fun evening with the tornado warnings,
lots of lightning, rain and hail? I know we did. Sure didn't
expect all this, this evening. I think I got more videos than I did
pictures tonight so that is what I will share with y'all.
Tony got an emergency call around 7:15pm(?) for water backing up
in some parking lots. So we all went out to check it out.
Lots of ponding water on the roadways driving there, a few
I didn't see til driving full speed through it.
Got to work and found sewer drains clogged with tree debris
and mulch that was washing out from the flower beds.
Tony worked real hard out in pouring rain and hail
to clear these drains as it was causing water to
back up and get real close to some apartments front doors.
It was getting dark and I had adjusted the truck with high
beams over the man holes he was working at. And of course
about that time very large hail started raining down.
It sounded horrible in the truck!! The video doesn't even
compare to what we heard. It was so loud!! I thought
the windows were going to break! You can see in a couple
photos where most of the hail we were picking up was about
quarter size! I think we all ended up soaked, clothes, hair...
I turned the heat on full blast on the ride home and had
kids taking their shoes off to try and dry their feet.
Once home they got a warm shower and I gave everyone
a vitamin C hard candy to suck on for a little extra boost
against any colds that may come from all this.
So without further ado, I give you our story in photos
and videos of how our evening went..........

This video is where it just started to hail.

Now this video is something I don't think
anyone of us will forget. The hail was soooo LOUD!
Turn up your speakers to hear what we went through.
You can hear me about yelling over top the sound
of it pounding on the roof.

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