Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I am really, really NOT liking our doctor. I know
I have said it numerous times in the past because
of things he's done. We are looking into possibly
getting another doctor's office and are asking other
workers where they go to. One that will see our kids also.
They do not currently have a doctor. They did go to
Northwest Pediatrics but long story short, their doctor
ended up on the news for touching and doing kids
inappropriately and went to jail. This didn't happen
to my kids thank God! Nice, I know. And one of their
other doctors they had acted like they hated their job
and literally ridiculed my children calling them
names in front of their faces.
I told you I can't win with some things. And people
wonder why I have doctor issues. I had assumed
that when we enrolled with our current doctor's office,
OSU Family Practice on Bethel Rd. that the word family
meant that is was for adults and children. So wrong.
That should have been my first warning sign. I asked
the receptionist one day if I could start bringing
my children there and she said they don't see kids.

Tony has run out of some of his prescription meds
for his diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol
and so on. What the bleep de bleep doctor denies
any refills on his medicines that are forever medicines,
something he will take for the rest of his life???
All because the doctor wanted him to come in for
a check up visit first, which he did, but the doctor still did
not send in the request for his prescriptions.

Now Tony isn't feeling well and I am sure it's because
of the medicines he does not have and who knows when
they will come or if the doctor even put in an order for
them through our mail prescription plan.

You know some meds take awhile to get into your system
and other meds you don't want to go off of abruptly.
So yeah it's making sense as to why he doesn't feel well.
These medicines regulate his daily life so he doesn't
end up in the hospital. So anyone looking for a doctor
stay away from OSU Family Practice on Bethel Rd.
You should not ever deny the patient
their medicine (or forget to send in the request)
they've been taking regularly for the past 6 or 7 years
just because they want you to come in for a check up visit.
This is absolute ridiculousness!!! I know the doctor
denied them because the mail order prescription company
sent us a letter saying so!


Tony just called and said the mail order pharmacy just
called him and said they can't get his prescriptions
sent out til the 12th. That's 6 days away and Tony
is already feeling horrible after a couple days
of no medicine. I told him to get hold of the
doctor's office to see if they can call in a prescription
of what he needs over to Kroger that will last him
about 2 weeks. And by doing this our insurance
won't pay anything for our prescriptions and we
will have to pay full price for them. I don't
know what else to do at the moment and this was
the only thing I could think of. Now let's
hope the doctor will approve of my idea til
he can get his regular meds through the mail.
If not then someone's getting their ass chewed
out by me personally for putting him through this!!
He's already feeling sick without his meds!



I've been working on getting fabric cut for my
pantry walls in the basement. I know I am way
ahead of the game but I wanted to check and see
what it would look like ahead of time by putting
the fabric up temporarily with push pins.
All the fabrics are patterned with light pinks,
greens and whites, shabby chic. And of course
the shelves would be covered up, just the backs.
I could not get a good picture of what it would
look like. It looks so much better in person!
The colors and patterns won't show up right.
Not sure right now if I want to do each row
with one print of fabric or break it up with
2 or 3 blocks of different printed fabric.
Kind of like this inspirational photo below
only my fabric is more color coordinated with
one another and not so dramatic. Kind of reminds
me of a quilt looking wall.

Always a good thing to check your work before
going ahead with it. And here's a tip for working
with fabric like this for this kind of project,
get ones that have stripes or checks, it makes
cutting straight lines SOOOOO much easier!

The one fabric on the right looks like polka dots.
It is actually pink and green rosebuds with a light
grayish white stripe.
Wish I had a couple more sheets in the rosebud and
rose stripe fabric because I'd of done the whole
wall in just those two. But because these are thrift
store finds I have to make do with what I can find.



Our doctor said he will call in a months worth
of prescriptions for Tony so I had a good idea
that actually worked. Still pissed that the doctor
put us all through this though.

Was wondering what color to do the regular walls
of the laundry room. I originally was going
to use yellow but with the fabric color change I don't
think that will work. I found some quart paint
cans I had in the basement that I picked up at
various yard sales out of a freebie box.

I kind of like the turquoise color (bottom left) but maybe
a little lighter if I mixed it with some white.
I was kinda wanting to "warm" the laundry room up
with some color and the greenish-blue is on
the cooler side of the color wheel.

Or I also like the thought of a soft pink wall color
to stay with the warmer tones.
Don't think I have pink so would have to see what
Here's an inspirational photo.



Supper tonight-

Chicken Parmigiana, broccoli salad & oreo poke cake

Oreo Pudding Poke Cake

Oreo Poke Cake
I only used one large box of Oreo pudding and 2 cups of milk.
I also did not add crushed up oreos on top because
I don't have any.

-1 box chocolate cake mix, I used devil's food- ($1.25)
-3 eggs (.45 cents)
-1/3 cup oil (free)
-1 cup water (free)
-1 large box oreo pudding ($1.20)
-2 cups milk (.30 cents)

Make and bake cake according to package directions.
Allow to cool then poke holes with the back end of
a wooden spoon into the cake. Prepare oreo pudding
and pour over top of cake allowing it to sink down
into holes. Refrigerate.


If I put free for an ingredient it either means
something was given to me, I got it free with coupons
or it was something leftover and already calculated
in another recipe.


Chicken Parmigiana

-1 jar Kroger green bell pepper & mushroom spaghetti sauce ($1.25)
-1 can Aldi tomato soup (free)
-2 to 3 Tablespoons Kroger Apriva (Splenda) (.10 cents)
-1 Tablespoon chopped dried basil (free)
-2 Tablespoons Dollar Tree jarred chopped garlic (.20 cents)

Stir everything together and simmer on stove
for about 20 to 30 minutes.

-1 pound box of Kroger spaghetti broke into thirds ($1.25)

Boil water and add spaghetti, drain then mix in
spaghetti sauce reserving 1 cup for the top.
Spray a casserole dish with cooking spray.
Pour in the spaghetti and top with shredded cheese.

-4 breaded Extra Value Kroger chicken patties ($1.25)

Top spaghetti with chicken patties. Pour
remaining spaghetti sauce over patties.
and then place
4 cheese slices on top of chicken patties.
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

-4 cheese slices (.48 cents)
-leftover Mexican shredded cheese, about 3/4ths to 1 cup ($1.00)

4 servings with chicken patties along with
leftover spaghetti for lunches.


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