Friday, March 16, 2012



Worked on the pantry shelves some more and did 3 loads of
laundry. Today I got most of the boxed items on the shelves.
Boxed items include-
-cookie mixes
-oatmeal mixes
-hot chocolate
-pop tarts
-bread mixes
-candy canes
-taco mixes
-cake mixes

I put the boxed items on the shelves behind the furnace
because those are the only shelves which are wider
that the others. Anything that was a little large for the shelf
I put up thumb tacks on each side of the shelf and ran
twine across the front to keep anything from falling off.
I did this for the cereal and gingerbread house kits.

Wore out already! I also rounded up all the toiletry
items and things of the sort and have them ready
to be put on shelves once I get them put up.
I have a ton of those items. When your hubby works
at a very large apartment complex, and you get to
go through vacant apartments and such, then you
start accumulating a good supply of this stuff.
Ya know what I am really starting to like about this
single wide storage area? Is the fact I can see everything
at once. No wondering what is behind things like
in regular kitchen cabinets where you have to move
things around to find things you are looking for.
If I told someone to go down to the pantry to get something
I bet they could find it really quick without having
to dig through stuff.

I have already came up with a plan "B" for how to
do the can bin. I originally planned it to have chicken
wire or screen over the front to hold the cans in.
Now I'm thinking about putting wood trim along the
sides of each row of cans instead.
Here's an inspirational photo from HERE. This one is metal
but you get the idea of how they have the lip on
the sides for the cans instead of covering the entire front.
Hmmm, I see ramen noodles in those storage areas also.
I'll have to remember that idea.


Tomorrow morning we will be heading to the
Great Train Expo at the Fairgrounds
from about 11am to 2pm or however long our back,
legs and feet can handle all the walking.
Cost is $7.00 for 13 years old and up.
12 and under are free.
And I think parking is $5.00

I'm so thankful the weather has been nice.
I remember in year's past when we went to this
show and walked from the back parking lot
to the front door we froze our butts off!!



When Tony gets off work we are heading over to Bethel Rd.
Kmart to find Tony a pair of tennis shoes and maybe
Jonathan another pair of shoes considering I just weeded
out ones that are too small and the ones he's wearing
have very thin bottoms and blow outs on the sides. Tony told
me that he heard through others that our Kmart will be closing
their doors soon. I wish it wasn't so because that's where
we buy all of our shoes at. This Kmart was not listed
on the list of all Kmarts to close online.
I was thinking about getting some Little Caesars tonight
for $5 a pizza but Tony says they have already closed
that area of Kmart up. BUMMER!

Might stop by Tony's work tonight also. He found one
of those pallets that the groundsmen had and had them
save it for him.

I got pieces of wood trim out of the truck and got it
all marked to be cut for the can bin. I think
my plan "B" will work out perfectly for the sides
of the bin. And for fear of splitting the wood trim
I don't plan to use any screws or nails. Instead
I will use something called Power Grab to install them.
Tony uses this stuff at work and all I need is a little to install
my two 1" x 4" boards and 6-8 pieces of trim.

Power Grab-
This extremely high tack adhesive eliminates the need for nails and screws in many DIY and repair jobs. Bonds wood, plywood, drywall, stainless steel, glass, cork, foam board, ceramics, plaster, stone, brick, concrete, chip board, carpet, PVC, vinyl cove base, polyurethane, and polystyrene foam covings.


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