Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Well I've changed my mind about posting. Not going to let things
get to me so bad or let the devil take me down with him and
prevent me from carrying on my day to day life.

I think I'm going to keep Christopher home from school today.
Yesterday someone came up and punched him in the side
in gym class and now there's a small bruise on his hip/side
that he is complaining about. Plus his feet are hurting pretty
good to the point he's walking around on his tippy toes.
I don't know if that is a result of gym class or breaking
in his new shoes he just got this past weekend or a mixture
of the two. So today I'm going to give him Tylenol
and have him soak his feet in some epsom salt water.
And if that don't work I'll try giving him a hot bath to soak in.



Well I have managed to scrape up enough of the rose stripe
fabric and the rosebud fabric to do 9 pantry shelf walls.
2 panels are still on the walls in the basement. The 9th panel
will have to be pieced together with scraps of the rose bud fabric.
I have one other wall area behind the furnace that I will
need to use a different coordinating fabric for.

See this metal pipe in the laundry room which I think is
the main drain, well I'm trying to figure out how to pretty
that thing up also. Some ideas I have are painting it,
mod podging it with fabric or making a faux cardboard
wrap to put around it and painting or decorating it.

Make a faux wrap around cardboard drain cover
similar to this wooden/drywall one for support poles.
Don't have the money to make one from wood and don't
want to have to go through all that trouble so
that's why I was thinking about making one out of
cardboard or something else I could find at ReStore.


I've been trying to figure out a method of getting the fabric
on the walls of the pantry. I thought about hot glue, mod podge
(which could be expensive), homemade mod podge (but are reading that
it could yellow and look old or maybe get moldy over time).
I finally found what I think I was looking for, for getting
the fabric on the wall so that it looked nice.
It's a method using liquid starch. I don't know how
much a 64 oz container of this stuff is at Kroger but I priced
it at Walmart online for $2.97. LOTS cheaper than if you
were to purchase Mod Podge to do this kind of project
at $7.49 for 8 ounces or $10 for 16 ounces.
Plus I have read that it is easily removable and won't
damage walls.


Here's a tip of mine for skillets.
Recently I got a couple new skillets with
the non stick coating on them. I am trying
really hard to keep them nice and not all
scratched up. I got to thinking that even though
I don't use metal utensils that will scratch them
that they could also become scratched when stacking
them upon one another when storing them in the cupboard
or stove drawer. To resolve this I have put
extra pot holders to use by placing one
in each skillet before stacking other skillets
or pans on top.



I just finished doing two walls of the back of the pantry
with fabric. I coated the fabric with liquid starch
using a sponge brush, pinning the fabric first at the top
and smoothing it out with something that had a flat edge.
I didn't have one of those putty or wallpaper thingies
so I looked around and used an extra wall faceplate
of all things to smooth out the wrinkles or any bubbles.
Then I used a regular steak knife to push the edges
under any boards and lastly used a sharp box knife
for trimming off any edges. I am so glad that I decided
to paint the back wall with white first because with using
this thin sheet fabric, everything behind it will show
through if you don't have a solid white color behind it.
It also helps to make the fabric appear brighter.
I still have so much more painting, covering the back
walls with fabric and lots and lots of boards to cut
for shelves and painting those boards.

For those of you who don't know, this room is my laundry
and soon to be pantry room. The wall I am doing is the backside
of our rec room and was never finished and only had the studs
showing on the laundry room side. I'm using 1" x 4" boards
cut to fit in between the studs for the pantry shelves.
I plan to repeat the fabric pattern of the mini rose buds
and stripes throughout most of the wall. I was experimenting
with the pink gingham and didn't like it. I only had it pinned
to the wall next to the other ones to see what it looked like
and it was not put up with the liquid starch.

While I only have two rows done with the fabric, I wanted
to let everyone know that the liquid starch DOES WORK
for putting fabric on the walls.

And this is the fabric I used-
bed sheets I bought from the thrift store.
I pre-cut everything before putting them
on the wall with the starch. And like I've mentioned
before it helps to get fabric with stripes or checks/gingham
on them for this type of project because it makes
cutting straight lines sooo much easier. You can't see it
on the rose bud fabric, but it has very light gray
stripes running through it.

I got a long ways to go so will keep you posted
to let you know how it all turns out.
This is the before. There is still 5 more rows
to paint and add fabric to that is to the right
of the furnace unseen in the picture.
Some color, softness and warmth
is what I'm looking for when doing this laundry
room which looks so dreary. Anything to jazz up
a typical basement laundry room.


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